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When it comes to the best VR games, Pokemon Go is one of a kind. This popular RPG game (role-playing video game) allows gamers to explore the world around them using their mobile devices. But while playing this game, you might sometimes get bored in your current location and want to find the best place to spoof your location just to find a more powerful Pokemon.

Fortunately, there are several unique locations where you can find the hottest Pokemon in the game. This article reveals the ten best spoofing location for Pokemon Go in 2024.

1. What are the hottest Pokemon in Pokemon Go right now?

There are quite several hot Pokemon in the Pokemon Go world. However, we’ve listed five of the hottest ones you can look out for.

Female Lopunny

With its alluring appearance and captivating moves, Female Lopunny is one of the Pokémon that is a true stunner. And its Mega Evolution form takes its allure to a whole new level, making it a top choice for players seeking both beauty and power.

Female Gradevoir

Female Gardevoir is a  Pokémon that exudes an air of mystery and enchantment. Its elegant design and psychic abilities make it a captivating choice for players.

Female Milotic

Female Milotic is a Water-type Pokémon known for its stunning appearance and graceful movements. Besides, its long, flowing fins and shimmering scales make it a sight to behold.

Female Primarina

Female Primarina is a Pokémon that radiates both beauty and power. As the final evolution of Popplio, this Water/Fairy-type Pokémon captivates with its enchanting singing voice and elegant appearance. Its unique combination of Water and Fairy moves makes it a formidable opponent in battles, while its graceful movements make it a joy to watch.

Male Greninja

While the other Pokémon on this list are females, we can’t forget about the dashing Male Greninja. This Pokemon possesses many unique qualities. From its beautiful and strong body to its thick thighs and lots more Greninja is one of the  hottest male Pokemon in Pokemon Go that can’t be excluded from the list.

The above Pokemon are not only visually stunning but also possess impressive battle capabilities.

2. Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go In 2024 – Top 10!

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player, you should know the rarity of Pokemon varies depending on your location. However, the best spoofing locations for Pokemon Go listed are where many top players find the most powerful Pokemon in the game.  Let’s dive in to discover them!

Pier 39, San Francisco, United States (Coordinates: 37.809326, -122.409981)

Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Topping the list is Pier 39 – a popular tourist spot in San Francisco known for its water-type Pokemon.

Pier 39 is located near the water, offering you a higher chance of finding rare water Pokemon. Besides, it is filled with many Pokestops, which makes it an ideal place to stock up on supplies while catching powerful water Pokemon.

Disneyland, Anaheim, United States (Coordinates: 33.812511, -117.918976)

San Francisco For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Next on the list is Disneyland in Anaheim. Although this area is known to be a  magical place for Disney fans, it is also a great spoofing location for Pokemon Go players. In this park, you can find a variety of Pokemon. And what makes it more interesting to explore is the unique Disney-themed experience you get while capturing Pokemon.

Big Ben, London, United Kingdom (Coordinates: 51.510357, -0.116773)

Big Ben For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Big Ben in London is one of the best spoofing locations for Pokemon Go in the United Kingdom. This gym location is an exciting spot for not just battles, but also unique Pokemon. And the city itself is filled with landmarks and historical sites, providing plenty of Pokestops and opportunities to encounter Pokemon. Honestly, exploring London while playing Pokemon Go adds an extra layer of adventure to the game.

Zaragoza, Spain: (Coordinates: 41.662211, -0.894182)

Zaragoza For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Zaragoza is another top-notch spot when it comes to finding shiny Pokemon. Many big players on Reddit recommend this location for its higher shiny rate and fast-filling raids.  And best of all, a player was able to catch 60 rare Pokemon within a month, including a legendary creature known as Mewtwo. This is one of the best spoofing locations you don’t want to sleep on!

Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia (Coordinates: -33.865143, 151.209900)

Circular Quay For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Another popular spoofing location for Pokemon Go is Circular Quay. This is where many tourists spend their time because of its stunning views and vibrant atmosphere.

Circular Quay offers a variety of Pokemon, especially near the water areas. With its proximity to ferries, buses, and trains, you have a chance to discover special Pokemon while enjoying the beauty of the harbor.

Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand (-36.9024092617, 174.807806966)

Aotea Square For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Aotea Square in Auckland, New Zealand is not only a vibrant public space but also a hotspot for Pokémon players. This bustling square is known for hosting cultural events and gatherings, making it an unpredictable and exciting spoofing location for Pokémon Go. While exploring the lively atmosphere, you can also discover Pokémon inspired by the rich Maori culture and the natural beauty of New Zealand.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy (Coordinates: 41.890251, 12.492373)

The Colosseum For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

The Colosseum in Rome is not only a historical marvel but also a Pokemon Go hotspot. Many players love to explore this iconic landmark, as it provides a unique backdrop for Pokemon hunting.  You can find many Pokemon, including Squirtle, Oddish, and Pikachu.

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (Coordinates: 35.685001, 139.710007)

Shibuya For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Shibuya in Tokyo is a bustling district known for its vibrant energy and trendy atmosphere. This area is famous for its busy streets, shopping centers, and iconic landmarks, making it an exciting place to explore while catching Pokemon. It’s an excellent spot where you can access a wide variety of Pokemon and numerous Pokestops. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA (Coordinates: 40.779434, 73.963402)

Metropolitan Museum of Art For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Who would have thought that one of the world’s most renowned art museums could also be a spoofing location for Pokémon Go? The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers a fascinating twist for Pokémon Go players. As you marvel at the incredible art exhibits and cultural treasures, keep an eye out for Pokémon inspired by famous works of art. You might encounter Pokémon that reflect the artistic themes and styles found within the museum’s galleries. It’s a creative and unexpected way to combine your love for art and Pokémon.

State Library Of Victoria, AU: (Coordinates: 37.813239, 144.962703)

State Library Of Victoria For Pokemon Go | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

The State Library of Victoria is also a great Pokemon Go spoofing location. Here, You can stumble upon rare Pokémon hiding among the shelves or encounter them in the library’s beautiful reading rooms. It’s a unique and unexpected setting that adds an extra layer of excitement to your Pokémon Go adventures.

3. Safely Spoof Pokemon Go Location Around The World

Now you know the best Spoofing location for Pokemon Go, you might be wondering how you can quickly spoof your location around the world in Pokemon Go. Well, all you need is the iWhere iPhone Location Changer to get.

Yes, iWhere iPhone Location Changer is an industry-leading location Spoofing software for iPhone that allows users at all levels to change location on iPhone within a few clicks. It supports features like multiple location spoofing modes (including one-stop mode, multi-stop mode, and joystick mode),  customizable speed, and lots more.

Besides, iWhere Location Changer supports importing and exporting GPX files. And it is not limited to just changing location while playing AR games. It can also be used to change location on social media apps.

Key Features

  • Enjoy flexibility with different spoofing modes, including the convenient one-stop mode, multi-stop mode for diverse routes, and joystick mode for precise control over your virtual location.
  • Break through geographical restrictions seamlessly while playing augmented reality games such as Pokémon GO and Monster Hunter Now, all without the need to physically move.
  • Tailor your iPhone’s movement speed to your preferences, ranging from a leisurely 1m/s to an exhilarating 50m/s.
  • Easily spoof your location on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram without alerting anyone.

Step 1: Launch iWhere iPhone Location Changer and click on the “Start” button. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer

Launch iWhere iPhone Location Changer | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Step 2: Once the software establishes a connection with your iPhone, click on “Modify Location.”

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 1 | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Step 3: Navigate to the top-left side of the Map that shows up on your screen and type the “Destination”  you want to transport to in the “Search Bar”. Then, click on “Confirm Modify” to spoof your location on Pokemon Go.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 | Best Spoofing Location For Pokemon Go

Bonus: Best Coordinates For Rare Pokemon Go & Raid Pokemon

To help you understand the best locations where you can find different categories of Pokemon, we narrowed down the list to best coordinates for rare Pokemon Go and the best coordinates for Pokemon Go raid. Let’s check them it out below:

Best Coordinates For Rare Pokemon Go

  • Chancay, Peru Coordinates: 37.809326, -122.409981
  • Pier 39, USA Coordinates: 37.808600, -122.409800
  • Consolacao, Sao Paulo, Brazil Coordinates: -23.551200, -46.658400
  • Porto Alegre, Brazil Coordinates: -30.031016, -51.234585
  • New York, USA Coordinates: 40.755205, -73.982997

Best Coordinates For Pokemon Go Raid

  • Tokyo, Japan coordinates:35.669590, 139.699690
  • Indaial, Brazil coordinates:-26.89319, -49.22981
  • Zaragoza, Spain coordinates:41.6616, -0.8946

Hot FAQs

What Is The Best Coordinates for Pokemon Go Spoofing?

The best coordinates for Pokemon Go spoofing are: Chancay, Peru Coordinates: 37.809326, -122.409981, Pier 39, USA Coordinates: 37.808600, -122.409800, Consolacao, Sao Paulo, Brazil Coordinates: -23.551200, -46.658400, and other coordinates that was mentioned on this page.

Which Country Is Best For Pokemon Go?

 There is not specific country that is the best for Pokemon Go. However, United States is one of the popular choices among many Pokemon Go players.

Can You Still Spoof Pokemon Go In 2025?

Yes, of course. You can Spoof Pokemon Go location in 2025. You just need a location spoofing software like the iWhere iPhone Location Changer.


When it comes to spoofing location for Pokemon Go, there are lots of options for you to choose from. However, it can be quite overwhelming to know which location has the best Pokemon.

The article on this page has covered a list of the best Pokemon Go spoofing locations you can always check to find rare Pokemon. And if you need a reliable tool to achieve your objective, the iWhere iPhone Location Changer app is the most reliable option, as it boasts 100% accuracy in spoofing locations on AR games. It also offers many helpful features to simplify the process.

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