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Updated on 2024-02-02


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Evolution in digital space has single-handedly revolutionized online romance. Facebook dating is now a very common way to find potential long-term partners, casual flings or serious relationships leading to marriages. People can find mutual connections quickly on social networks like Facebook.

Online dating websites offer highly customizable features and Facebook is not an exception. For instance, users have the option to be matched with people with similar preferences and geographically nearby. However, there are many people who have problems finding partners on Facebook within their location. Facebook dating location mismatch is a common challenge.

This article will guide you to fix location mismatch on Facebook dating. It makes it simple to find profiles of people with similar preferences nearby.

Part 1: What Exactly Is Location Mismatch on Facebook Dating?

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms with millions of users. Since its inception, Facebook dating has gained a lot of attention, especially among users who are excited about online matchmaking. Even though online matchmaking on Facebook has become viral lately, Facebook Dating location mismatch is still a serious challenge to many both professionals and newbies.

How Facebook Dating Works

  • Users have to create their online profile separate from their usual Facebook account. Users can add videos, recent photos and audios.
  • Users can list down shared values, traits or preferences they are looking for in potential dates. They can also add the type of dates they are seeking, for example, height, lifestyle, hairstyle just to mention a few.

With Facebook search algorithm, users are able to discover matches or friendships based on mutual preferences, beliefs and even location.

What Causes Facebook Dating Location Mismatch?

  • Facebook Dating matches you based on your distance preference. If Facebook Dating finds that your proposed date location doesn’t match your current primary location, it will notify you to update your date location or alert you that your location mismatch.
  • Facebook location mismatch can also be experienced if you’re in rural settings or extremely remote locations. Facebook usually limits its search capability in such areas, meaning that you will most likely browse through profiles of men and women from distant locations if you’re in such places.  

How Location Apps Work with Facebook Dating

Just as mentioned earlier, Facebook dating enables users to connect with people sharing common values. If you want to move to another country or region to develop a new relationship, but your current location has not been able to change, it is difficult to find a good relationship with Facebook location matching status. That is why location app like iWhere come in. This app utilize very advanced technology to virtually establish the location coordinates of a person.

You can utilize these location apps to solve Facebook dating location mismatch, and find people from all over the world. The apps provide beneficial location-insights for people looking for love or dates nearby or want to facilitate face-to-face meetings in another country. For example, you are a person who lives in Moscow, Russia, and you want to meet someone in Sydney, Australia ahead of time. Then you can use iWhere to locate virtually to Sydney, and through Facebook Dating matches, meet local residents of Sydney as if you lived near them. Another benefit of using the app is that they can be easily verified by Facebook profiles without being blocked or prompted for location mismatches. With this added layer of security, users enjoy a great dating experience.

Part 2: What to Do If You’re Getting Mismatches while Facebook Dating

Fakebook dating location mismatch can sometimes be annoying. You will waste your valuable time scanning through thousands of profiles without getting the right matches.

Facebook utilizes users’ location data to connect people with same interests online. If you are getting mismatches, it means that your location settings are not configured properly. Just go to your profile settings and add the right location details and Facebook will narrow down your search for matches nearby. Updating or editing your dating location details is a great way to fix the Facebook dating location mismatch. Here’s how to change it:

  • Launch Facebook App, then click Menu
  • Then click on Dating

Getting Mismatches while Facebook Dating | Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

  • Tap Profile option and then Edit
  • Go to Dating Location and start adding the correct details

Launch Facebook App | Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

  • You can also include information such as lifestyle, height, hairstyle, education and many more

By addition the correct location settings, Facebook search engine will display for you some of the best matches in your locality. The main disadvantage of this method is that you may still get mismatches if you will travel to a new location and want to make friends with people at the destination in advance. This is because your own primary position has not changed to the destination. This means you will be limited to a number of matches unless you update the location settings all over again.  

If you are still not getting quality matches within your proximity even after updating your dating location settings, you may consider deleting your dating profile altogether and creating a new one. To completely delete the account, follow these steps:

  • Open the Facebook app, and then tap on Menu
  • Then, choose Dating option
  • Tap on Settings and Privacy located at the top right
  • Go to Settings option, and then select Personal and Account Information and Account ownership and control
  • Click on Deactivation and deletion, then choose delete your account to complete the process

Deactivation and deletion | Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

However, this method comes with various flaws. Once you have deleted your profile, you’ll lose valuable data like pictures, videos, conversations, matches, pokes, likes and dating answers. Also, it can take up to 7 days to be allowed to create a new dating profile.

Part 3: Best Way to Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

Make friends with people from other regions, you can get more interesting new information and learn about other regional cultures. With the help of iWhere iPhone Location Changer you can update your GPS location stress free, meaning that you can find matches nearby with just one click! Meanwhile, you can effectively change your geographical location in seconds and match people in every corner of the world.

That is not all, this tool makes it easier for you to stop sharing your exact location with people on Facebook, Instagram or your entire social network circle if you want to. If you’re an AR video games enthusiast, this is definitely the right tool for you.

Key Features

  • The tool lets you fake or change your current GPS location to a completely different location with a few clicks.
  • The tool lets you to stop sharing your exact location with other people on various social websites without notification.
  • The tool is compatible with AR video games, you can capture Pokemon at home and level up by fighting Pokemon around the world.
  • The tool features three movement modes, i.e., JoyStick, One-Stop and Multi-Stop Modes
  • Users can personalize and save their phone’s speed and route, easily import or export GPX files.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use iWhere iPhone Location Changer

With iWhere iPhone Location Changer, you can fix Facebook dating location mismatch with ease. As a reliable spoofer and location changer tool, you can use it to set or update your moving routes. Here’s how to use this tool:

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone and Computer

  • Download and install the iWhere iPhone Location Changer. Select the “Start” option. Then, connect iPhone and computer using a USB cable.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer | Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

  • A new window will pop up on your iPhone. Choose “Trust” to complete the connection.

Step 2: Select Modify Location

  • Based on your personal preferences, you can opt for Modify Location, Multi-stop, One-stop or Joystick mode. If you want to meet someone from another country on Facebook Dating, we recommend that you choose “Modify Location” to change the current location of your device with one click.

Select Modify Location | Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

  • A new map showing your current location is displayed. On this map, zoom out, zoom in and drag to know other locations.

current location | Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

  • On the search bar, type any location you want to fake then tap “Confirm Modify”. This will instantly change your GPS location on Facebook Dating.

Confirm Modify | Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

  • Alternatively, choose any location on map by tapping on it. Then, tap on “Confirm Modify” to change your current GPS location.

Confirm Modify 2 | Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

  • If you want to save or manage the locations you checked out earlier for future reference, this tool lets you do so. Just go to “Manage History” to accomplish this.

save or manage the locations | Fix Facebook Dating Location Mismatch

Part 4: Common Questions about iWhere iPhone Location Changer

Can I trust the location on a Facebook date event?

When it comes to online dating, safety is paramount. Meeting someone in person for the first time can be nerve-wracking, and ensuring the accuracy of the provided information is crucial.

To ensure your safety, consider the following tips when meeting someone from a Facebook date event:

  • Communicate: Before the date, engage in a conversation with the person to clarify the exact location and any other details that may seem unclear.  
  • Research: Look up the location online to verify its legitimacy and check for any red flags.  
  • Share Information: Share your plans with a trusted friend or family member, including the date, time, and location of the meeting.   
  • Meet in a Public Place: Choose a well-lit and populated area for the first meeting, preferably a place you’re familiar with.   
  • Trust Your Instincts: If something feels off or the person’s behavior seems suspicious, don’t hesitate to leave the situation and seek help if necessary.

Remember, online dating requires a certain level of caution and common sense.  By being vigilant and taking necessary precautions, you can enhance your safety and enjoy a more positive dating experience.

Is iWhere iPhone Location Changer a Great Product?

If you are looking for a way to fix location mismatch on Facebook dating then using iWhere iPhone Location Changer is definitely a great option. This product is entirely safe, and all users’ data are protected and never shared with other parties. Users who want to change their GPS location while Facebook dating are assured of safety, as well as great user experience. The company has a robust Privacy Policy, available on the official website. Therefore, you are rest assured your personal or sensitive information won’t be used illegally.

My iPhone can’t Connect? Why?

Some users may find it difficult to connect their iPhones and computers to successfully use this product. First, you need to make sure that the USB ports of your computer are perfectly working, and the USB cable is also not faulty. It is always recommended to use original USB cable to establish connection. It is also imperative to make sure that your iTunes and iOS version are up-to-date.


Facebook Dating is definitely a great and convenient way people around the world can socialize, chat, mingle and developing friendship and romance at the comfort of their homes. Just like other popular dating platforms, users can engage with people who share common principles, values, beliefs and many more. But this type of dating has its own shortcomings, for example, meeting potential people around you can be hard.

Maybe your true love is on the other side of the world. Or when you meet someone you can talk to and suddenly remind you of the location mismatch problem, it’s really disappointing. But with the unparalleled iWhere iPhone Location Changer iPhone Location Changer, which lets you customize your location, lets you easily update and virtual location, solves all the location challenges in Facebook, and lets you find the right person in Facebook Dating.

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