How to Get Shiny Kirlia in Pokemon Go?

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Have you ever come across the tricky and captivating Kirlia during your Pokémon Go adventures? Kirlia Shiny Pokémon Go is famous for its ability to understand its trainers and its graceful moves. It has stolen the hearts of many with its psychic and fairy powers. With its unique white color, this rare creature brings a bit of sparkle to any Pokémon collection. However, catching Shiny Kirlia Pokemon Go can be tough. Don’t worry if you’ve been tirelessly searching for this elusive Shiny Kirlia without any luck. In this guide, we will show you how to get Kirlia Shiny Pokemon Go. Let’s start this journey together and discover the secrets to catching this dazzling sensation!

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Part 1: Everything about Shiny Kirlia in Pokemon Go

Kirlia is a Psychic and Fairy-type Pokémon found in the Hoenn region. This has a Max CP of 1093 and is boosted by Windy and Cloudy weather.

Weather Effects

When Cloudy/Windy
Award +25% Stardust
+20% damage for moves

Shiny Kirlia is a rare find, with only a 10% chance of encountering one. To increase your chances, trainers can participate in the Spotlight Hour, where a boosted rate of spawns in the wild. During this hour, there’s also a special bonus for participants.

Kirlia evolves from Ralts at Level 20 and evolves into Gardevoir at Level 30, regardless of gender. If you use a Dawn Stone on a male Kirlia, it evolves into Gallade, a Psychic/Fighting-type Pokémon.

  • Kirlia doesn’t do well against Ghost, Poison, and Steel-type moves, but it takes less damage from Psychic, Dragon, and Fighting-type moves.

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Part 2: How to Catch Shiny Kirlia in Pokemon Go?

Your best bet is to join events or Community days that focus on Kirlia, Ralts, or Gardevoir. The chances of finding a Shiny Kirlia are higher during these events.

Another trick is to use Incense or Lure Modules near water areas like lakes or rivers. Kirlia likes to hang out in these places. So if you use Incense or Lure Modules, it can attract more and more Pokémon. This increases your chances of finding a Shiny Kirlia.

Lastly, you can try participating in Raid Battles that feature Kirlia or its evolutions. These battles are tough but cooperative. And if you win, there’s a chance you’ll get a Shiny Kirlia as a reward. While it’s not as easy as during events or using Incense and Lure Modules, Raid Battles are still a good way to find a Shiny Kirlia.

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Part 3: Find Shiny Kirlia Pokemon Go with iWhere iPhone Location Changer

If you’re still in search of Shiny Kirlia, consider utilizing advanced GPS manipulation software now accessible. This tool allows you to alter your location in Pokémon GO to any location worldwide. Doesn’t that raise the probability of encountering a Shiny Kirlia?

With iWhere iPhone Location Changer, you can make your phone think you’re anywhere in the world, which is useful for games like Pokémon Go. This means you can easily track down that elusive Shiny Kirlia by teleporting to different locations. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to play without anyone knowing you’re using it. You can use it to protect your privacy by preventing family or friends from tracking you through apps like Find My or Life 360. What’s more, iWhere comes with engaging features like a multi-stop and joystick modes, helps you automatically plan a route through multiple Shiny kirlia locations, or freely change any location using the joystick.

Key Features:

  • 4 types of modes are provided to trick Phone’s GPS with one click (One-Stop Mode, Multi-Stop Mode, Joystick Mode, and Modify Mode).
  • Keeps all your routes saved in a history or GPX file so you can easily revisit it while spoofing.
  • Your moving speed can be customized within 1 m/s to 50 m/s.
  • Trick AR games like Pokémon Go and dating apps like Bumble without getting caught.

Step 1:  Connect Your Device

Firstly, connect your iOS device to your computer and open iWhere to click “Start”.

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Step 2: Change Your Location

Click on the “Multi-stop Mode” button located on the left side of the screen to change your iOS device’s location.

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Step 3: Explore the Map

iWhere will display a map showing your current location. You can adjust the size of the map using the zoom buttons and explore different areas by dragging the map.

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Step 4: Set Your Destination

Enter locations where the Shiny Kirlia can appear in the left column. Once you’ve selected your desired location, click on the “Confirm Modify” button to finalize the change.

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  • Are there any specific locations or biomes where Shiny Kirlia is more likely to appear in the game?

When it comes to finding Shiny Kirlia in Pokémon Go, there isn’t a specific location that guarantees its appearance. However, there are a few things you can keep in mind to boost your chances:

  • Nests: Keep an eye on nest locations where Kirlia spawns more frequently. While Shiny Pokémon aren’t guaranteed, these spots can increase your odds.
  • Events: During events in the game, like themed events or holiday celebrations, Shiny rates for certain Pokémon might go up. Stay updated on in-game news to know when these events happen.
  • Community Days: These monthly events spotlight a specific Pokémon and ramp up Shiny rates for it. If Kirlia is featured during one of these days, your chances of finding a Shiny skyrocket.
  • Raids: While not as common, Shiny Pokémon can appear in raids. However, the odds are usually lower compared to other methods.

Remember, finding a Shiny Kirlia is still a matter of luck. So, stay patient, stay engaged with community events, and you might just stumble upon one!

  • Can you hatch a Shiny Kirlia from an egg in Pokemon Go?

Yes! In Pokémon Go, you have the chance to hatch a Shiny Kirlia from an egg. The likelihood of getting a Shiny Kirlia from an egg is pretty much the same as getting any other Shiny Pokémon from an egg, which is roughly 1 in 20. If you’re looking to up your odds of getting that Shiny Kirlia, you might want to consider using an Incubator that boosts the hatch rate of Pokémon eggs. Also, using a Lucky Egg can double the amount of Candy you receive from hatching eggs, which could be handy!


In this guide, we showed you how to get Kirlia Shiny Pokemon Go. Trying to catch a rare shiny Kirlia in Pokémon Go is an exciting journey with many obstacles and fun moments. Whether you’re searching during special events, using Incense near water, or battling in Raids, it’s important to keep trying. And for those who want some help, iWhere iPhone Location Changer is a location spoofing tool. With its easy-to-use features and ability to change your device location, iWhere makes playing Pokemon Go more fun. It helps you find hard-to-catch Pokémon like shiny Kirlia. Enjoy your adventure, and try out iWhere to make your Pokémon Go experience even better today!

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