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Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokemon, has been a fan favorite since its debut in Nintendo’s Pokemon series. In Pokemon Go, Snorlax has been known for its substantial HP and strong attacks, making it an effective defender in Gyms and a formidable opponent in PvP battles. Fighting-type moves are particularly effective against Snorlax, dealing increased damage. Conversely, Ghost-type moves inflict reduced damage against it.

This article will delve into everything you need to know about Snorlax in Pokemon Go, from its best moveset to where to find it, and even how to counter it in battles.

Part 1: Quick Overview About Snorlax Pokemon Go

About Snorlax Pokemon Go | snorlax pokemon go

Snorlax stands is a rare Pokémon character that originates from the Kanto region, and it’s usually evolved from “Munchlax” when fed 50 candies. With a maximum Combat Power (CP) of 3225, this Pokemon can be a very tough contender in battles. Its skills are affected by fog and partly cloudy weather.

Best Moveset Attack Defense Stamina Catch CP Range Boosted Catch CP Max CP Costs of Evolution
Lick & Hyper Beam (12.58 DPS (damage per second) and 554.0 TDO (total damage output) 190 169 330 1760-1843 2201-2304 Level 50 50 Candy

Tips: If acquiring Snorlax with its optimal moveset proves challenging, opting for Lick/Skull Bash serves as a commendable alternative. Despite a slight decrease of approximately 1.5% in both DPS (Damage Per Second) and TDO (Total Damage Output), these moves remain a practical substitution for Snorlax’s most formidable combination, Lick/Hyper Beam.

Part 2: What are the best counters for battling against Snorlax in Pokemon Go?

sizable event | snorlax pokemon go

According to the latest Pokemon report, Snorlax will appear in the three-star raid of Sizeable Surprises Event, you must be fully prepared to defeat it. When it comes to battling Snorlax, a few Pokemon stand out as particularly effective counters:


against Snorlax | snorlax pokemon go

One of the best counters for Snorlax is Terrakion. Terrakion is a Rock & Fighting Pokémon with powerful attacks that can deal significant damage to Snorlax. Besides, Terrakion’s Sacred Sword moves are super effective against Snorlax’s Normal-type moves.


pheromosa | snorlax pokemon go

Another good counter for Snorlax is Pheromosa. Pheromosa is also a Bug & Fighting-type Pokémon with powerful attacks. Its main action, Foucus Blast, is 99% effective at damage.


lucario | snorlax pokemon go

You can also use Lucario Pokemon to battle against Snorlax. This is another Fighting-type Pokémon that is known for its Aura Sphere attack, which can deal 95% significant damage to Snorlax. Plus, its Steel-type moves are resistant to Snorlax’s Normal-type moves.


conkeldurr | snorlax pokemon go

With a Drain Punch that both damages Snorlax and heals itself, Conkeldurr’s Dynamic Punch moves prove beneficial in a face-off against Snorlax. This Pokemon is just as huge as Snorlax, and it boasts very strong abilities that makes it a good match for facing Snorlax.

Part 3: Where & How Can You Find Snorlax Pokemon Go?

Although it’s considered as a very rare Pokemon, Players have reported higher spawn rates for Snorlax near schools, universities, libraries, stadiums, businesses, and other areas where people might gather or walk. It also appears frequently on quiet, residential, suburban streets and near places that sell food, like bakeries, although this has not been officially confirmed.

To enhance your chances of catching the Snorlax Pokemon, we recommend using the methods explained below.

find snorlax pokemon go | snorlax pokemon go

Method 1: Spoof  Location With iWhere Flexible GPS Muti-stop Mode

One of the smart techniques to find Snorlax in its region is to spoof your location with the iWhere iPhone Location Changer. With the iWhere iPhone Location Changer, you get access to a wide array of features that allows you to modify your location to regions where you can easily catch Snorlax Pokemon. All you just need is to install the app, connect it to your device, and it will teleport you to the spot where Snorlax is likely to appear.

Besides, the iWhere iPhone Location Changer supports different location spoofing modes, including one-stop mode, multi-stop mode, joystick mode. Plus, it allows you to import and export GPX files of your favorite location, customize moving speed (within 1 m/s to 50 m/s), save location history, and do lots more without compromising your game experience.

Key Features

  • Modify your iPhone location in just one click without rooting or jailbreaking.
  • Thanks to its flexible GPS joystick, you can easily move around any region in the Pokemon Go game without having to leave your comfort zone.
  • Autosave location you’ve visited so you can easily revisit the spots whenever you want.
  • The iWhere powerful location spoofing technology also allows you to protect your online privacy and bypass geographic restrictions.

Step 1: Install iWhere iPhone Location Changer and launch the app. Click “Start”.

Step 2: Choose a mode to spoof your location on Pokemon Go. For this operation, you should choose “Multi-stop Mode”.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer  | snorlax pokemon go

Step 3: Once you select the “Multi-stop” mode, click on its icon at the top-right corner.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 1  | snorlax pokemon go

Step 4: Now, enter the regions where you want to find the “Snorlax” Pokemon on the map. Ensure that you click on “Use This Spot” after selecting any region.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2  | snorlax pokemon go

Step 4: Once you select the regions, iWhere will create a route that your Pokemon character can follow within those regions. Now, click on “Start Move” to start finding Snorlax Pokemon without moving from your location.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 3  | snorlax pokemon go

Method 2: Evolve Munchlax

evolve munchlax  | snorlax pokemon go

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a Munchlax, you can evolve it into the iconic Snorlax. However, to be able to evolve Munchlax into Snorlax, you’ll need to 50 Candy, which can be obtained through various means such as Snorlax Candy, Rare Candy, or a combination of both.

To accumulate Snorlax Candy, you have multiple avenues. Catching Snorlax directly or hatching Munchlax from Eggs provides opportunities to obtain Candy. The amount of Candy received may vary depending on the type of Egg from which Munchlax hatches. While not always available to hatch, Snorlax occasionally appears during events, so it’s advisable to capitalize on these occurrences.

Additionally, walking with either Munchlax or Snorlax as your Buddy Pokémon allows you to collect more Snorlax Candy. Every 5 kilometers walked grants you one Candy, providing a steady means of Candy accumulation over time.

  • Munchlax can be hatched from 7km Eggs, which can be obtained from Gifts sent by friends.

Method 3: Use Incense & Lure

use incense  | snorlax pokemon go

If you’re looking to find a Snorlax in the wild, your best bet is to use Incense and Lure modules to attract Pokémon to your location. Snorlax is a rare spawn in the wild, so using these items can increase your chances of encountering one.

Additionally, during special events like Greedy Gluttons, which celebrates the hungriest species of Pokémon Go, Snorlax is more likely to appear in the wild. So keep an eye out for these events and be sure to use Incense and Lure modules to increase your chances of finding a Snorlax.

Method 4: Participate in Event-themed Field Research tasks

ask the community | snorlax pokemon go

Field research involves completing quests or objectives given by NPCs (non-playable characters) or game mechanics. You can invite friends from the community to work together to review walkthroughs, gain more experience points and capture Snorlax’s joy. In addition, Onix, Wailmer, Tynamo, Wimpod, Cutiefly and other Pokemon will be rewarded.


Q1. What are some good team compositions that include Snorlax for PvP tournaments?

One popular team composition that includes Snorlax is the “Snorlax-Giratina-Cresselia” team. This team is known for its ability to control the battlefield and force opponents to make mistakes. Snorlax can use Body Slam to lower the opponent’s attack stat, while Giratina-Cresselia can use Shadow Ball and Moonblast to deal heavy damage.

Another effective team composition that includes Snorlax is the “Snorlax-Togekiss-Metagross” team. This team is known for its ability to take down opponents quickly and efficiently. Snorlax can use Earthquake to deal heavy damage, while Togekiss can use Air Slash and Dazzling Gleam to deal with pesky Fairy-type Pokémon. Metagross can use Meteor Mash and Earthquake to deal with Steel-type Pokémon.

Q2. Are there any specific strategies or tactics to use when battling with Snorlax in PvP?

One of the key strategies for using Snorlax in PvP is to take advantage of its bulk. Snorlax has a high HP stat and access to the move Body Slam, which can heal it for a significant amount of HP. This allows Snorlax to take hits from opponents and stay in the battle longer.

Another important strategy for using Snorlax in PvP is to use its powerful moves to deal damage to opponents. Snorlax has access to a variety of moves, including Earthquake, Superpower, and Hyper Beam. These moves can all deal significant damage to opponents, and they can be used to take down even the most powerful Pokémon.


That’s a wrap on today’s Pokemon Go guide. By now, you should already have an idea about what the Snorlax Pokemon on Pokemon Go looks like, the characteristics it possesses, and how to find it. We recommend using the I iWhere iPhone Location Change for your geo-based games. It gives you the chance to explore more opportunities in regions that you can’t access.

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