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Struggling to capture a Shiny Vulpix in Pokémon Go despite your best efforts? In the world of Pokémon Go, players eagerly seek out elusive creatures like Shiny Vulpix, a rare variant of the familiar fox-like Pokémon. Renowned for its shimmering fur, Shiny Vulpix is highly coveted by players worldwide. However, capturing it can prove challenging, especially if you’re not in an area where Shiny Vulpix sightings are common. Even seasoned players may find Pokémon Go’s criteria for spawning Shiny Vulpix confusing.

But fear not, for you’ve arrived at the right destination. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll demystify the process of acquiring a Shiny Vulpix in Pokémon Go. So, prepare yourself for an adventure as we embark on the journey to capture Shiny Vulpix together!

catch shiny vulpix on pokémon go | shiny vulpix

Part 1: Where Can You Get Shiny Vulpix in Pokemon Go?

Finding a Vulpix Shiny Pokémon Go can be tricky since it’s not one of those Pokémon that show up a lot. Normally, the chance of finding Shiny Vulprix in Pokémon Go is about 1 in 475. You can increase your chances by looking for places where Vulpix is more likely to appear. Pokémon GO players are reporting higher Vulpix spawn rates nearcities, residential areas, beaches. And on sunny days its high spawning weather, there’s a chance to get more Vulpix.

catch shiny vulpix on pokémon go | shiny vulpix

You can also get live coordinates of Shiny Vulpix on the dedicated Pokemon locations website, then search for the area of the coordinates on Google Chrome, and use GPS location change software to reach the area.

shiny vulpix live coordinates | shiny vulpix

Don’t give up even though it’s rare! Keep searching as you might stumble upon that Shiny Vulpix you’ve been dreaming of!

Tips: Shiny Vulpix Spotlight Hour and Bonus Guide in Pokemon Go

On March 19, 2024, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, Vulpix Spotlight Hour will start in Pokémon Go. You’ll see more Pokémon Go Vulpix Shiny around than usual during this spotlight hour. Also, you’ll get double the Catch XP.

shiny vulpix spotlight hour | shiny vulpix

Vulpix, a fire-type Pokémon is strong against Fire, Ice, Bug, Grass, Fairy, and Steel-type attacks. However, this can be weak against Rock, Ground, and Water-type moves. If you evolve Vulpix into Ninetales, it becomes powerful, and you only need 50 Candy to do that. So, it’s a great chance to catch lots of Vulpix and level up quickly!

Never fight a battle that you are not prepared for. What should we do to prepare for the moment in the spotlight?

1. Make sure to gather plenty of Poké Balls to avoid running out during the Spotlight Hour.

2. Check your Storage Space to prevent it from filling up while catching Pokémon during the event.

3. Take advantage of in-game resources such as Lucky Eggs (which temporarily boost XP earned), Star Pieces (which temporarily boost Stardust earned), and Incense (which temporarily boost wild spawn rates).

Bonus: Pokemon Spotlight times in March 2024.

Date Spotlight Hour Pokemon Event Bonus Shiny Available
March 5 6 pm-7pm Pawmi 2x Evolve XP ×
March 12 6 pm-7pm Nidoran(Female) 2x Catch Stardust
March 19 6 pm-7pm Vulpix, Poliwag, Snorunt, Hippotas 2x Catch XP
March 26 6 pm-7pm Hoppip 2x Catch XP

Part 2: How to Catch Shiny Vulpix in Pokemon Go?

It’s best to go to busy places like cities to catch Pokémon Shiny Vulpix. Look for PokéStops and use a lure to attract Vulpix. Use incense to bring Pokémon to you if there are no Poké Stops nearby.

You might encounter many regular Vulpix before finding a shiny one. But keep interacting with all of them! Use special berries to help catch a Shiny Vulpix when you finally spot it. Even though regular Razz Berry helps, Golden Razz Berry works best. Try using Pinap Berry or Silver Pinap Berry if you want more candies to evolve it.

using pinap berry | shiny vulpix

Also, you can use Ultra Balls for a better chance of catching it. You can evolve Pokémon Go Vulpix Shiny into Shiny Ninetales after catching it. Ninetales is stronger for battles in the Ultra League even though Vulpix can be used in the Great League battles. Catching a Shiny Vulpix adds a rare Pokémon to your collection!

shiny ninetales | shiny vulpix

Part 3: Find Shiny Vulpix via iWhere iPhone Location Changer

Want to add a Pokémon Go Shiny Vulpix to your collection? Sometimes, it may appear in an area that isn’t accessible from your current location. In such cases, using iWhere iPhone Location Changer can be beneficial. This tool enhances your gaming experience with AR games like Pokémon Go by allowing you to change your iPhone’s location to where Shiny Vulpix can be found. Unlike other location spoofing apps, iWhere offers various modes, making it easier to locate rare Pokémon like Shiny Vulpix, Mewtwo, Pikachu, etc. Additionally, the app allows you to customize your speed from 1 m/s to 50 m/s and supports the import/export of location settings using GPX files. It also provides great ways to trick your location: One-Stop, Multi-Stop, Joystick, and Modify-Location modes.

Key Features:

  • Adjust how fast your iPhone moves to match what you like, from slow at 1 m/s to fast at 50 m/s.
  • Quickly fake your actual location on Social Apps like Facebook and Instagram without anyone knowing.
  • Play Pokémon GO and Monster Hunter without needing to move, even if you’re in a different place.
  • You can mark your favorite spots on the map and easily go back to them with a single click when you’re playing any AR game.

The steps to find Shiny Vulpix Pokemon Go with iWhere 

Step 1: Open the iWhere iPhone Location Changer and press the “Start” button. Then, plug your iPhone device into your computer using a cable.

iwhere iphone location changer 1 | shiny vulpix

Step 2: When the software connects to your iPhone, click “Multi-stop Mode”.

iwhere iphone location changer 2 | shiny vulpix

Step 3: Go to the top-left corner of the map on your screen, the type where you want to go in the “Search Bar”. You can also enter multiple path points and then click “Start Move” to change your location in Pokémon Go.

iwhere iphone location changer 3 | shiny vulpix


Q: Can shiny Vulpix evolve into shiny Ninetales?

Yes, Shiny Vulpix can evolve. Pokémon Go Shiny Vulpix is a special Vulpix that looks white with blue eyes instead of orange with brown eyes. Finding one in the wild is rare compared to regular Vulpix. When Pokemon Shiny Vulpix grows up, it turns into Shiny Ninetales, which is strong and majestic. Ninetales each tail supposedly has its special power. People say Ninetales can live for more than 1000 years. Collectors and trainers love Shiny Vulpix and Shiny Ninetales since they’re rare and attractive. They’re also popular for battles.

Q: Are Shiny Vulpix more valuable in trades?

A Shiny Vulpix is more valuable than a regular one when it comes to trading. Why? Because its rareness and attractive look make people want it more. While trading, you can get good stuff in exchange for a Shiny Vulpix such as several regular Vulpix, rare items, or strong Pokémon.


In this guide, we explained how you can get a Pokémon Go Vulpix Shiny. Catching a Pokémon Shiny Vulpix Go can be hard, but the excitement of finally finding one makes it worthwhile. You can improve your chances by searching in places like parks, joining events like the Vulpix Spotlight Hour, or using tools like iWhere iPhone Location Changer. Keep trying, and you’ll succeed! If you want to make Pokémon Go easier and find rare creatures like Shiny Vulpix more easily, iWhere iPhone Location Changer can help. It’s easy to use and fits smoothly with your game.

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