Top 10 Fake GPS Location Joystick Apps for iPhone/Android in 2024

by Aria Ford

Updated on 2024-06-13


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Manipulating your digital presence has become an intriguing facet of our virtual experiences. Whether you’re looking to explore new places from the comfort of your home or add an extra layer of privacy to your online activities, fake GPS location joystick apps have emerged as fascinating tools for many users worldwide.

Today’s post will explore the top 10 best fake GPS location joystick apps for iPhone and Android that you must try in 2024.

Part 1: What Is A Fake GPS Location Joystick App?

A fake GPS location joystick app is any tool that enables you to change your GPS location on your smartphone without notifying. These apps use advanced technologies to alter your device’s GPS and provide a fake location of your choice, allowing you to access apps or content that are not available in your current region. Plus, their virtual joystick interface allows you to easily navigate through the map and select any location you desire using your computer cursor or keyboard.

Part 2: The Best Fake GPS Location Joystick App You Must Try?  

1. iWhere iPhone Location Changer (Best Choice For iPhone Users)

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 1 | fake gps location joystick apps

When it comes to fake GPS location joystick app for iPhone, the iWhere iPhone Location Changer is one of the choices that tops the list because of its advanced, yet simple-to-use location spoofing features. This GPS location joystick app is compatible with all iPhones running any iOS version, and it enables users with any experience level to change their location on different platforms, including Find My app, Google Maps, dating apps, social media apps, and lots more.

Also, you can use iWhere iPhone Location Changers to spoof your location while playing popular location-based AR games like Pokemon Go. And the best part?  Its joystick feature can easily be controlled using your computer keyboard or cursor. Plus, it supports customizable speed from 1 m/s to 50 m/s, enabling you to change location with different speeds.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly integrated joystick interface.
  • Besides Joystick Mode, iWhere also supports other location-changing modes like Modify Location Mode, One-stop Mode, and Multi-stop Mode.
  • Simulate your location on popular dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, and many others.
  • Import/export GPX files to collect and save your favorite routes while faking location.


  • Rooting is not required.
  • It supports all iPhone models (including the latest iPhone 15.
  • Flexible joystick for playing any type of location based AR games, including Pokemon Go.

Con: No one has mentioned its disadvantages.

How to use iWhere Fake GPS Joystick Mode

Step 1: Launch the iWhere iPhone Location Changer and click on the “Start” button.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer Start | fake gps location joystick apps

Step 2: Select “Joystick” as the preferred mode.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 | fake gps location joystick apps

Step 3: There are two modes to control the joystick.  This includes,  “Mouse Mode” and “Free Mode”.

  • Select “Mouse Mode” if you wish to use your computer’s cursor to control the joystick.

Mouse Mode | fake gps location joystick apps

  • Select “Free Mode” if you want to use your keyboard.

Mouse Mode | fake gps location joystick apps

Step 4: Feel free to move around the map, determine the destination, and finally click “Start Move”.

2. TuTu App(Android & iOS)

TuTu App | fake gps location joystick apps

Tutu App is a third-party app store that provides a platform for users to download and install various apps, including fake GPS location joystick apps for both Android and iPhone. It offers a wide range of apps, games, and utilities that are not available on official app stores.

Key Features

  • Supports a wide range of apps.
  • It can modify game values like gold coins, diamonds, health, etc.
  • Jailbreak is not required.
  • Excellent compatibility with android and iOS devices.


  • It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Fake Android and iOS location with excellent stability.
  • Reliable customer service.

Con: It’s only compatible with Android devices.

3. iPogo (iOS/Android)

compatible with Android | fake gps location joystick apps

iPogo is a popular fake GPS location joystick app for iOS and Android devices. This app is specifically designed for spoofing in Pokémon GO, and it offers you extensive features like joystick control, auto-walking, the ability to create custom routes, and lots more that allow you to teleport to raids, skip animations, auto-catch, and much more.

Also, iPogo does not require jailbreaking. Plus, it supports more features like Spawn Booster to get more Pokemon on your screen and Release on Catch to automatically remove garbage Pokemon from your list when you find new rare ones.

Key Features

  • Enables you to easily teleport to battles with less powerful players to be able to prove your strength and win unique features.
  • Fake GPS location from Android or iPhone Joystick without jailbreaking.
  • Excellent auto walk/relax tool to automatically catch Pokemon.
  • Easily locate regions with rare Pokemons within minutes.


  • Offers a free version.
  • Powerful features for enhancing in-game experience on Pokemon Go.
  • It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Con: Many users have reported situations of getting banned after using this app.

4. Fake GPS Location (Android)

Fake GPS Location | fake gps location joystick apps

Fake GPS Location is a reliable choice for Android users when it comes to the best fake GPS joystick app to fake your GPS location and simulate movement on your device. It boasts an excellent joystick interface that enables you to easily navigate and set your desired location while playing location-based AR games, using location-based apps, or performing other operations that require location spoofing via joystick.

The best part about using this GPS location joystick app is that it’s 100% free and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to navigate your way around its interface. All you just need is to set it up and it’ll fake your location instantly.

Key Features

  • Its flexible joystick makes it an excellent choice for playing location-based games like Pokemon Go.
  • It’s easy to operate.
  • It allows location faking on any app or platform on Android.
  • It’s compatible with all Android devices running any Android OS.


  • Straightforward user interface.
  • It does not require rooting or jailbreak.
  • It’s 100% free.

Con: It’s been long since this app was updated. So, you might encounter issue while using it.

5. PoGoskill (Android &iOS)

Fake GPS Location | fake gps location joystick apps

PogoSkill is another efficient fake GPS location joystick app for Android and iOS devices on our list. It allows you to easily change your GPS location in games like Pokemon Go and many others without having to jailbreak your device.

Although PogoSkill does not support the latest iOS, it enables you to quickly simulate movement, set routes, and auto-walk virtually to access content in restricted regions on your device (iOS 16 or earlier and Android OS 14 or earlier). Also, this app is safe and easy to use. Plus, it supports many advanced features like multi-device control and cooldown timer.

Key Features

  • It allows you to manually save your favorite locations and routes for easy one-click access whenever you want to revisit.
  • Supports import/export GPS files for custom routes.
  • Built-in Zoom In/Out tool on the map to help enhance route planning.
  • Easily adjust your moving speed from the map when walking, cycling, or driving.


  • Change your phone GPS location without any problem.
  • Allows you to save favorite spots.
  • Easily adjust moving speed.

Con: It’s not compatible with the latest iOS version and iPhone models.

6. Tenorshare iAnyGo (Android/iOS)

Tenorshare iAnyGo | fake gps location joystick apps

Next on our list is Tenorshare iAnyGo. This is an iOS/Android fake GPS location joystick app that enables you to change your GPS location on Android or iPhone via a simple and user-friendly interface within a few clicks.  You can use this app for various purposes, including testing location-based apps, playing location-based games, etc.

What’s more, besides GPS joystick control, Tenorshare iAnyGo also offers helpful features like multi-spot movement, single-spot movement, and 360-degree direction to enhance your location spoofing experience when performing any activity.

Key Features

  • Easily change location movement in real-time using automatic movement.
  • Supports three different controls for faking location, including joystick control, multi-spot control, and one-spot control.
  • Facilitates location spoofing on popular location-based apps like Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
  • Flexible GPX control makes it easy to control your movement in any direction when playing games.


  • Efficient location changing system.
  • It does not require installation of the app on your iOS device.
  • Spoof your location to anywhere around the world without walking.

Con: Expensive pricing plans.

7. Fake GPS Location And Joystick (Android)

Fake GPS Location And Joystick | fake gps location joystick apps

Developed by Ninja Toolkit in 2017, Fake GPS Location And Joystick is an Android GPS location Joystick app that allows you to spoof location on different apps quickly and easily. You can use this app to spoof locations on Pokemon GO, social media apps, and lots more.

Besides, Fake GPS Location And Joystick supports a multi-functional joystick. All you just need is to long-press the joystick icon, and it’ll continuously fake your next location without notifying you.

Key Features

  • It’s free to use.
  • Change your location to any region around the world within a few taps.
  • It allows you to load a CSV file containing latitudes and longitudes and change your location to those coordinates one by one.
  • Built-in search feature to easily browse the best places to fake your location.


  • Great customer support.
  • Straightforward and intuitive user interface.
  • Change Android GPS location instantly.

Con: Too many annoying ads.

8. iToolab AnyGo (Android/iOS)

iToolab AnyGo | fake gps location joystick apps

iToolab’s AnyGo is an exceptional GPS location changer app for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to spoof your GPS location, simulate movement, and control multiple devices simultaneously.

With iToolab AnyGo, you can get access to three movement modes, 2-spot movement, multi-spot movement, and jump teleport movement, providing you with a realistic and customizable experience. Plus, it supports features like customizable speed and import/export GPX route files to enable a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Key Features

  • Supports popular social apps, AR games and dating apps.
  • Easy to use joystick control.
  • Simultaneously fake location on up to 15 mobile devices without getting detected.
  • Supports the latest iOS and Android models (iOS 15 and Android 14).


  • It keeps a historical record of location.
  • It supports a wide range of applications.
  • Intuitive user interface.

Con: Some users complain about its compatibility with older Mac versions.

9. FlyGPS(Android)

FlyGPS | fake gps location joystick apps

Fly GPS, is an application designed to spoof the GPS location on Android devices. Notably, this fake GPS location joystick has gained attention from Pokémon GO players for its ability to alter GPS locations simulate movement, and you can use it for other different purposes, including accessing geo-restricted content and performing other location-based activities on your Android phone. Also, it’s 100% free to use.

Key Features

  • Quickly teleport your current location to a different place.
  • Easily choose the spoof location.
  • Utilize the GPS joystick feature for easy movement in the selected location.
  • Effectively works with the updated version of Pokémon Go.


  • It does not require rooting or jailbreak.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Offers multiple options to create routes to fake locations.

Con: Too many annoying ads.

10. Fake GPS Location Spoofer 2023

Fake GPS Location Spoofer | fake gps location joystick apps

The “Fake GPS Location Spoofer 2023” app by Hope Factory Apps is a tool that allows users to spoof their phone’s GPS coordinates easily. It offers features such as instantly changing GPS location, moving location using a GPS joystick, creating routes, setting movement speed, and lots more. It’s very effective for faking location worldwide and can switch between map and satellite views. It also has a clean user interface with fast startup.

Key Features:

  • Instantly change GPS location
  • Move location using GPS joystick
  • Create routes & set movement speed
  • Search for any location worldwide


  • Saves location history when faking location.
  • Supports the import and export of GPX files.
  • Easy set up process.

Con: It’s easily detected by Pokemon Go.


Q1: Is faking GPS location illegal?

Faking GPS location is usually considered a violation on many apps and websites. However, there are some platforms that accept the use of fake GPS app to spoofing location.

Q2: Can fake GPS location be detected?

It depends on the GPS location spoofing app you’re using. There are several Fake GPS location apps that do not live up to their claims. However, GPS location faking apps like iWhere iPhone Location Changer, iPoGo and the others mentioned in the above post are trusted apps for faking GPS location without being detected.

Q3: Are fake GPS location Joystick Apps safe?

Not all GPS location joystick apps are safe. But popular tools like the iWhere iPhone Location Changer, Tenorshare iAnyGo, Fake GPS Location (Android) and many others are 100% safe and secured to use.


When looking for the best fake GPS location joystick apps for iPhone and Android, it is essential to consider factors such as ease of use, features, reliability, and user feedback. The apps above provide you with the ability to spoof your GPS location for various purposes, including privacy protection, gaming, and location-based services. Each app offers unique features and functionalities, catering to different user preferences and needs.

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