Ghostbusters World GPS Spoofing: A Guide to Using Fake GPS

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Updated on 2024-06-05


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Tired of encountering the same old ghosts in Ghostbusters World? Well, you can break free from the local ghost monotony and expand your supernatural trophy case with a core element of the game: Dimensional Doors. From spooky specters to fiery fiends to earthbound ghosts and elusive phantom fish — the variety and density of ghosts compared to usual patrols are more in these concentrated dens.

Ghostbusters World | fake gps ghostbusters world

But here’s the catch: Dimensional Doors pop up randomly — and more often in dense areas, bodies of water, and notable landmarks of the real world. So, it is challenging to track them down in your neighborhood.

However, that’s where a little strategic “location bending” (aka GPS spoofing) can help. With location spoofing software, you can master the art of hopping between these otherworldly hotspots whenever and wherever you please. So, you will be able to easily boost your Containment Unit’s paranormal pedigree and become the ultimate spectral collector.

Part 1: Where to Catch Ghosts in the Ghostbusters World?

Busting ghosts in Ghostbusters World isn’t about aimless wandering. You can maximize your spectral encounters and fill your contaminants unit with awesome catches by understanding the in-game mechanics. If you are new to Ghostbusters, you might not be aware that the best place to hunt down elusive phantoms is the Dimensional Doors.

Here’s what you know about the Dimensional Doors:

Dimensional Doors are temporary, glowing rifts that appear as swirling portals on your map — sometimes green, sometimes tinged with different colors based on their ghostly residents.

You will see the Dimensional Doors on your in-game map when you physically get close enough. When a Door appears, it turns green — which means that you are in range to start busting!

Dimensional Doors | fake gps ghostbusters world

These Doors offer a much higher chance of encountering rare and powerful ghosts compared to what you usually encounter in your neighborhood.

Types of Dimensional Doors

There are three main types of Dimensional Doors, each meaning a slightly different ghostly resident:

  • Water Doors: These attract spectral denizens of the deep and other slippery phantoms. They move fast and so you have to wrangle them quickly.
  • Earth Doors: Expect encounters with rock-based ghouls and those pesky spirits who like to pass through walls.
  • Fire Doors: Fiery fiends and scorching apparitions get attracted here.

Part 2: Fake GPS in Ghostbusters World to Get More Ghosts

As mentioned, Dimensional Doors appear randomly. But their appearance is more pronounced around notable landmarks, points of interests, and restaurants. If you do not find them more in your local area — you will have to expand your ghost-hunting horizons beyond your immediate neighborhood.

That’s where the strategic use of a fake GPS (or a location spoofing software) comes in! One location spoof specifically designed for this purpose is — iWhere iPhone Location Changer.

The iWhere iPhone Location Changer allows you to change the virtual location of your device, so the Ghostbusters World. You can use this software constantly explore coastal areas, and popular landmarks in a different city, country, or continent altogether. Besides, it’s equipped with the most powerful GPS technology to make teleportation seamless.

Also, iWhere features multiple modes of movement with different speeds (like cycling, driving, or walking) that allows you to teleport in a different city like you’re physically present there. And it supports advanced features to avoid getting detected by Ghostbusters anti-cheat system.

Key Features of iWhere for Ghostbusters World

  • Targeted Teleportation: You can instantly jump to any location you choose — the Dimensional Door hotspots – watery coastlines, bustling cities with a single click.
  • Flexible Movement Modes:Multi-Stop Mode: Create custom routes with multiple stops, perfect for hopping between known Doors or points of interest.Joystick Mode: You can move freely using virtual controls (keys or joystick), ideal for fine-tuning your position in hotspot areas.
  • Customizable Speeds: Simulate walking, cycling, or driving to make it like a natural in-game presence.
  • Strategic Route Planning:GPX Import/Export: Share successful routes with other Ghostbusters or use community-made paths to find prime Door locations quickly. Historical Records: You can easily revisit those ghost-rich areas you’ve explored before.

Use iWhere and Find Dimensional Doors Quickly in iWhere

Step 1: Open iWhere iPhone Location Changer. Link your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) to your computer.

Find Dimensional Doors | fake gps ghostbusters world

Step 2: Select “Multi-Stop Mode” on the iWhere interface.

Multi-Stop Mode | fake gps ghostbusters world

Step 3: Plot Your Door Hunting Route. Mark points on the map: Cities, water-rich areas, landmarks, or known Door hotspots. Search by name or click directly on the map to add your stops. Adjust your speed (walking, cycling, driving) as needed.

plot Your Door Hunting Route | fake gps ghostbusters world

Step 4: Hit “Start Move” and watch your in-game location travel along your custom route.

Start Move | fake gps ghostbusters world

Part 3: How to Catch Ghosts in the Ghostbusters World?

Busting ghosts is all about the right gear and right moves. Here’s how to capture ghosts easily:

Gear Up:

  • Proton Pack: Your trusty particle thrower — your primary weapon for weakening ghosts and wrangling them into a trap.
  • Traps: These allow you to hold the captured ghost and transport them back to your Containment Unit.

Catch Ghosts | fake gps ghostbusters world

The Battle Basics

  • Target Acquired: When you encounter a ghost on your map and hit the “Blast” button to start the encounter.
  • Catch ‘Em!: Use your proton stream to blast the ghost and weaken it. Ensure to aim carefully and watch your proton pack’s temperature gauge (tap the “VENT” button if the proton stream overheats!)
  • Wrangle and Weaken: Once the ghost’s health is low enough, your attack will automatically allow you to switch to the capture stream. Use this to pull the ghost around.
  • Spring the Trap: Select the “TRAP” button and toss it at the right moment! You will have to time your throw so the ghost is directly over the trap when you’re pulling it in.
  • Hold ‘Em Down: Keep that ghost over the trap until the timer runs out.


Understanding Dimensional Doors is the first step to expand your paranormal capture portfolio. And this guide will allow you to do that perfectly. Remember, Doors are unpredictable. Still, the hot spots I talked about earlier — urban centers, bodies of water, and universities, or notable landmarks increase your chances of finding those elusive ghosts easily.

If those hotspots are not present in your neighborhood or you want to increase the scanning radius, you can iWhere iPhone Location Changer. As indicated above, iWhere allows you to explore distant cities, scout out water areas, travel to the finest restaurants of the world easily — unlocking a whole new world of spectral encounters for you!

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