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If you’re a fan of AR games, you’ve probably come across Ingress. Niantic Labs upgraded the game to Ingress Prime in 2018, and its popularity remains strong. The game is known for its captivating nature, drawing players in with its engaging gameplay that heavily depends on GPS location. However, sometimes players want to access restricted areas or explore “portals” without leaving their homes. This is where GPS spoofing becomes useful. But what tools should you use?

No need to worry—our faction is here to guide you! In this guide, we’ll show you how to use fake GPS for Ingress Prime 2024 on both iOS and Android and introduce you to a top-notch app for Ingress GPS spoofing. Let’s get started!

Part 1: Can I Use Fake GPS on Ingress Prime?

Well, the game’s terms of service do prohibit it. But yes, you can use fake GPS on Ingress Prime. The game is designed around real-world locations. It revolves around fighting for your respective factions and looking for portals in landmarks or monuments of the physical world. Then you complete the missions and search for the EM or exotic matters. Now doing it all requires visiting various places. But not all of us have the luxury or time to do so. This is why many people lean towards fake GPS on Ingress Prime. With this, you can fulfill any mission with ease. And the fun part? You can kick back in bed and get everything done without a worry in the world.

fake gps ingress prime 1 | fake gps ingress prime

Benefits of Ingress GPS Spoof Location:

Now you may ask: “Why bother spoofing if it’s against the terms of service?” You see, we manipulate the location to get some amazing benefits.

  • If you spoof the location then you gain the freedom to explore any destination you desire.
  • Spoofing allows you to find new portals worldwide and participate in missions.
  • Niantic organizes special events all around the globe. If you want to gain access to those features without physically being there then ingress prime fake gps is the way you go.
  • Alternating the Ingress fake GPS 2021 can help you find portals in rural areas too.
  • It is great for those who live in a landlocked country. This way you can find unique XM too.
  • Some players may spoof their GPS to protect their real-world identity or location.

Part 2: How to Use Fake GPS on Ingress Prime in iOS?

Spoofing Ingress Prime on iOS may sound a little tricky. But you can do it simply by using iWhere iPhone Location Changer. This app made alternating GPS easy and fun. They have been in the market for almost 10 years and the popularity is evident in the huge fanbase of 1,500,000+ customers over 180+ countries. iWhere is experienced in changing the GPS location of AR games, you can use it to change the character’s position in the game, get more opportunities to level up, catch more Jurassic dinosaurs or Pokemon, or build friendships with other portal players.

poofing ingress prime | fake gps ingress prime

Key Features:

  • This app allows importing or exporting GPX files too so you can customize the device location and map out your favorite routes.
  • People can easily play GPS-based games without traveling within 1 click.
  • It has four modes to customize your routes. They are- One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, Joystick Mode, Customize Speeds.
  • You can adjust your moving speed (1 m/s to 50 m/s) through this app.
  • iWhere can hide your location from the apps that have access location permissions. Thus protect your identity and privacy.
  • You can simulate your location on dating apps too to make more matches.

Supported Devices:

  • All versions of iPhone, including iPhone 15
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad (All models)
  • iPod Touch 1-7

Price: $9.99/Month; $39.00/Year; $49.99/Lifetime

Steps to use iWhere iPhone Location Changer

You can change your iPhone location with iWhere in 4 effortless steps.

Step 1: Download and install iWhere iPhone Location Changer, then connect your iOS device to it. Click the Start button to link to your iOS device.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 1 | fake gps ingress prime

Step 2: On the left, you will see the “Modify Location” button. Click it to simulate the location of the iOS device.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 | fake gps ingress prime

Step 3: The new window will display a map and your location. You can check out the locations before selecting your destination.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 3 | fake gps ingress prime

Step 4: Search for the destination you want in the left navigation bar. Or you can select it from the map too. After that, click the “Confirm Modify” button to complete the location modification.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 4 | fake gps ingress prime

Now you can play your favorite Ingress prime while visiting new places every day!

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 5 | fake gps ingress prime

Part 3: How to Use Fake GPS on Ingress Prime in Android?

Android users have more app options than iOS users. Also, it’s incredibly user-friendly. Simply follow these basic steps to manipulate your Ingress location GPS without any hassle while ensuring safely spoof your Ingress location.

Step 1: First, you have to enable the Developer Options. Go to the settings of your device. Then navigate to “About Phone”. Tap on the “MIUI Version” many times to unlock Developer Options.

enable the developer options | fake gps ingress prime

Step 2: Download and install any Fake GPS Location app from the Google Play Store. Check if it’s compatible with your phone.

fake gps location app | fake gps ingress prime

Step 3: After that, open the Ingress Prime fake GPS for Android and set your location by entering coordinates or selecting from the map. Try to adjust the accuracy. After the configuration, you can activate your desired location and play Ingress Prime.

ingress Prime fake GPS Android | fake gps ingress prime

Part 4: Risk of Spoofing Location on Ingress Prime You Should Know

Playing Ingress Prime with the Ingress GPS spoof can be all fun and games. But nothing comes without risks. Please be aware of the potential risk factors before you use any spoofing apps.

  • Niantic Labs actually monitors players who use any sort of medium to fake GPS on the Ingress. They issue some warning if detected.
  • The first warning is a temporary ban for a week.
  • If they detect it again then they follow with a 30-day ban as a second warning.
  • The final stage is permanently banned from the game.

However, using it safely may help you avoid the risks regarding spoofing location.

risks regarding spoofing location | fake gps ingress prime

Bonus: How to Fake GPS on Ingress Prime without Being Blocked?

As we said earlier, if you use it safely then you can avoid the risks associated with spoofing. But there are some things you should note before you even begin spoofing. Ingress Prime doesn’t have a lot of restrictions. But preparing beforehand may help you avoid any kind of ban soon. Follow these guidelines to minimize the risk of facing permanent bans:

  • Limit your use of location spoofing to avoid drawing attention to your account. Do not use it many times a day. Frequent changes in location, especially over large distances, can raise suspicion and trigger the system to flag your account.
  • Use reliable apps to alternate your location on Ingress Prime. Using unreliable apps can result in your account being permanently suspended.
  • Maintain a realistic speed of movement. The ideal limit is below 30 km/h. Unnatural speeds can easily be detected by the system.
  • When switching between locations that are 10-20 km apart try waiting for some minutes.  Abrupt changes from one distant location to another within seconds can appear suspicious to the system and increase the likelihood of detection. For example, if you are altering your location to 15 km away then wait for at least 10 minutes to do so.


Q1. Can you spoof Ingress Prime using a VPN?

Unfortunately, you can’t use a VPN to spoof Ingress Prime. A VPN might help you with changing the location but you can’t interact with distant portals. Also downloading the spoofing app requires a rooted device. But it’s against the rules and not supported by most VPN services. This is why we advise using professional tools like iWhere iPhone Location Changer for spoofing. They offer specialized expertise and reliability for manipulating locations in Ingress Prime. And you can get additional benefits too as a bonus point!

Q2. How does Ingress Prime prevent fake GPS users?

There is no exact method that Niantic uses to prevent fake GPS use in Ingress Prime. However, there are some common techniques they may follow:

  • They likely verify the distance between your in-game actions. Say you interact with portals that are geographically impossible to reach in a short time frame. This situation can trigger them.
  • Capturing portals in unrealistic times could trigger a red flag.
  • Ingress Prime can identify spoofing by cross-referencing GPS data with accelerometer and gyroscope data. Say you’ve been running through west but suddenly you are 80 miles south then you might get flagged.
  • Niantic’s servers might compare your location data with other signals like your IP address.

Q3. Can you play Ingress Prime solo or do you need to join a team?

In Ingress Prime, players choose one of two factions, the Enlightened or the Resistance, and compete to control portals, which are real-world locations that have been augmented with virtual objects. Players can use their mobile devices to interact with portals, hack them to gain resources, and deploy resonators to defend them. They can also team up with other players to create fields, which are areas of control that can grant bonuses to the faction that controls them.

Ingress Prime can be played solo or with others. Solo players can complete missions, hack portals, and deploy resonators on their own. They can also join a faction and participate in team events. However, some missions and events require players to team up with others in order to complete them.

Overall, Ingress Prime is a complex and challenging game that can be enjoyed by both solo players and teams. It is a great way to explore your surroundings and meet new people.


Using an Ingress GPS spoof has its perks and also some minor drawbacks. Utilizing reputable tools such as iWhere iPhone Location Changer or reliable Android spoofing apps can enhance your gameplay experience while minimizing the likelihood of detection. Remember to play smart and play fair.  May your adventures be both thrilling and rewarding!

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