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The Walking Dead Our World has taken the internet by storm with its location-based AR gaming genre. It uses GPS and AR technology to turn real-world locations into the world of the Walking Dead. You can find resources and complete quests following real locations mimicked through a map inside the game.

In general, you have to go outside of your house to play the game properly. However, with The Walking Dead Our World fake GPS trick you won’t have to bother about going out at all. Here, we share a complete guide to help you fake your GPS and play the game on your device without moving out of your home. Let’s get started.

Part 1: The Walking Dead Our World – Game Introduction

The Walking Dead Our World is a geo-location-based game where you as a player discover the wonders of the Walking Dead world. It uses advanced GPS algorithms and combines them with the power of AR to give you an immersive experience of playing the game in the real world.

You can go to different locations in real life to explore quests, missions, and rewards inside the game. Different locations will reveal new zombies that you have to kill and free the location from those zombies. You also get to meet a lot of players in the game. The whole game relies on the use of GPS for tracking players, finding other players for interaction, finding quests and completing them.

walking dead our world | the walking dead our world fake gps

Can I Use Fake GPS on The Walking Dead Our World?

Before you go ahead and play use a tool to spoof your location, make sure you are choosing the right tool. Because using the wrong one can easily get you banned from the game. Yet a lot of people prefer spoofing location because it just makes playing the game more fun while giving you the convenience of staying at home. Here are some benefits of the Fake Walking Dead Our World GPS trick:

  • You don’t have to go out of your home to play the game.
  • Fake GPS location allows you to jump into different areas of the map to explore more locations.
  • With fake GPS you can go beyond your surroundings, and find more zombies to kill.
  • There is a chance to meet many people when you get to explore more.
  • This way is much safer than going out on the streets to play the game.

Part 2: What You Cannot Do While Faking GPS?

When you are faking your GPS to play the game from home, consider some crucial factors. These factors help you avoid the restrictions or bans you may get on your game account after you attempt spoofing location. Along with choosing a quality spoofing software, make sure to follow these tricks.

1. Avoid disabling the app while simulating the GPS

Never disable the app you use for spoofing your location while the GPS is being simulated. This will trigger the game algorithm about the quick switch of location and help the algorithm detect a potential use of third-party software to spoof location. As the game notices such activity, it will immediately ban your Walking Dead Our World account, and you will lose all your progress. So, make sure that the spoofing app is always active while you are simulating the GPS for the game.

2. Avoid jailbreaking your device

While jailbreaking comes with a lot of opportunities for manipulating system files, they don’t work all the time. Especially, nowadays a lot of game developers implement a detection system in their game files, to see if there has been any kind of tweaks done on the OS of your smartphone or not. Don’t go for spoofing apps that require you to jailbreak your phone, because the game will easily detect that and restrict you from playing it.

3. Don’t increase the speed too fast

Increasing the speed of changing location can make your movement a bit suspicious to the game. They can easily figure out if it’s possible to move around in locations at such speed or not. If they find out that your movement speed is inhuman, then you will get caught for using tools to spoof your location. Hence, you will be either restricted from playing the game, or they will ban your account entirely. So, avoid moving too fast around the map to avoid suspicion from the game system.

Part 3: How to Spoof The Walking Dead with Fake GPS on iOS?

Struggling to find reliable software to spoof your location for the Walking Dead Our World game? Don’t worry, because we have the perfect tool for you. The iWhere iPhone Location Changer is one of the best tools you can find out there for iOS devices that help you change your location without getting you banned. It allows you to explore the Walking Dead world thoroughly with plenty of unique features packed into it. In addition to playing an important role in AR games, iWhere can also change your location in social software such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc., so that you can get more followers and business contacts in more regions.

Key Features:

  • Faking your location within the game to explore the expansive world of The Walking Dead is straightforward. You can also adjust your speed from 1m/s to 50m/s, ensuring a realistic pace during gameplay.
  • The app offers a variety of modes to suit the needs of the Walking Dead game, like One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode and Joystick Mode.
  • It also allows you to save your favorite spots on the map, so you can easily return to them with a single click.
  • The app supports the import and export of GPX files for easy location settings.

Steps to use iWhere iPhone Location Changer for spoofing location

Step 1: Open iWhere iPhone location changer software on your computer, then click on the “Start” button. Immediately plug in your iPhone where you want to play the Walking Dead Our World game.

iwhere iphone location changer | the walking dead our world fake gps

Step 2: After connecting the phone, you will get a screen with three different connection modes. Choose the “Multi-stop Mode” for the game.

iwhere iphone location changer multi-stop Mode | the walking dead our world fake gps

Step 3: Then, you will get a search bar where you have to type the name of the location that you want to go in. It’s usually on the top-left corner of the map.

You can add more locations to keep yourself moving following different path points. Click on the “Start Move” button to keep moving constantly.

add more locations | the walking dead our world fake gps

Step 4: That’s it, you are done with changing the location of your iOS device. Now you can easily play the Walking Dead Our World game without moving at all.

Part 4: How to Spoof The Walking Dead with Fake GPS on Android?

Now, if you want to spoof your location on an Android device you can do that with similar location-mocking apps. A trusted and effective app would be the “FakeGPS” app. It’s a perfect app to change the location of an Android device without using a VPN. The app is trusted and comes from a developer called Lexa. Check out how you can use the app to spoof your location on an Android device.

Steps to change location on Android device

Step 1: Download the FakeGPS location changer app from the Play Store. Make sure it’s from the developer Lexa.

changer app from the play store | the walking dead our world fake gps

Step 2: Enable the “Developer Mode” option in your phone, if it’s not already enabled. To do that, go to your phone settings, tap on the “About Phone”. There you will find the “Build number” Tap on it several times to unlock the developer mode.

developer mode | the walking dead our world fake gps

Step 3: Go to the Developer options, and tap on “Select Mock location app”. From, there you have to select the “FakeGPS” app.

developer mode | the walking dead our world fake gps

Step 4: Open the app, and choose the location by moving the cursor or using the search bar on the top. Then, tap on the green “Play” icon to start the location change process on your Android.

developer mode | the walking dead our world fake gps


Q1. How does the game detect if a player is using a fake GPS?

The game has plenty of ways to detect whether a player is using a fake GPS or not. One is to check the movement history of the player, if they find too much inconsistency in the speed then they will flag the profile for using fake GPS. Another way is to detect the IP address of the player, to find out whether it’s constantly changing or not. This is why, VPN’s will not work, as the basic principle of VPN is to change or hide your IP address.

Q2. Does The Walking Dead: Our World drain a lot of battery due to GPS usage?

In short, the answer is yes, playing The Walking Dead: Our World does drain a lot of battery because of the GPS usage. Also, you will be constantly using the AR functionality on your phone is also a pretty battery-consuming feature on a phone. If you are playing the game for extended periods, it can drain out a lot of your battery very quickly.

Q3. Are there any privacy concerns associated with using GPS in The Walking Dead: Our World?

Since the Walking Dead, Our World game utilizes GPS functionality on a phone to access and track the location of a player, it surely raises some privacy concerns. The game will constantly have your whereabouts and it will know your common addresses like home location or workplace location which are your data.

However, it’s not the only game or app that has such privacy concerns. There are plenty of apps that you may already be using to access this information. A similar GEO-based game like Pokemon Go also has the same privacy concerns for you.

To save yourself from such concerns you can take some precautions. Such as disabling the location services of the game when you are not playing it. Along with that, when you employ a GPS spoofer app, your movement will have encrypted traffic which will eventually complicate the location tracking efforts anyway.


Now that you have complete knowledge of The Walking Dead Our World Fake GPS trick, you can easily play the game from the comfort of your home. Just make sure to choose a reliable software like iWhere iPhone location changer, because going for the wrong software will have serious consequences to your game account.

Along with reliability, the software comes with some pretty handy features to give you the flexibility of changing your movement speed with fake GPS. It’s very easy to use, as you can change your location with a single click on your PC. So, when you are determined to play the Walking Dead Our World on your iPhone, iWhere iPhone location changer can be your best solution for that.

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