Rapid Advancement: Accelerating Leveling in Monster Hunter

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Updated on 2024-05-30


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Many new players initially view Monster Hunter Now as a straightforward action game — come in, slay some monsters, and watch the rewards roll in. However, seasoned veterans of the Monster Hunter series know that beneath the surface lies a world of strategy, mastering, and skill.

If you are looking for shortcuts to progress quickly in Monster Hunter Now, this is not the guide for you. Here, we’ve shared all that you have to know about progressing quicker in Monster Hunter Now — that is master strategies, learn what to do, and also some surprises!

Quick Answer: Does Monster Hunter Now have a Hunter Rank Limit?

Yes, Monster Hunter Now uses a Hunter Rank (HR) progression system with limits. But these aren’t permanent caps— like the other Monster Hunter titles — you will encounter progression “gates.” However, it will require special quests to unlock.

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How Hunter Rank Unlocking Works

  • Gain HR: You’ll begin at Hunter Rank 1, facing early-game monsters and progressing through basic quests. Your initial “limit” will be around HR 5 or 6. Up until that point, progression is fairly straightforward.
  • Urgent Quests: At specific HR milestones (like HR 6, HR 10, etc.) you’ll encounter “Urgent Quests.” These are tougher challenges designed to test your skills (like Rathalos and Diablos). However, successfully completing an Urgent Quest allows you to unlock the next tier of Hunter Rank progression.


monster hunter now hunter rank | monster hunter now level up

Increasing your Hunter Rank is the key to experiencing all Monster Hunter Now has to offer. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll unlock as your progress:

  • New Quests: Early-game hunts focus on Great Jagras and Kulu-Ya-Ku. Later, you will face formidable beasts like Rathalos (fiery flying wyvern) or Diablos (burrowing desert tyrant), each offering unique rewards.
  • Monsters: High HRs allow you to hunt Elder Dragons and powerful variations for crafting endgame equipment.
  • Armor & Weapons: You will have to start with basic bone and leather sets. However, you will progress to Rathalos armor with fire resistance.
  • Features:
    • The Guiding Lands: A special endgame area will be unlocked after completing the main story, which features a vast ecosystem and unique monsters.
    • Special Events: You can participate in some time-limited quests with unique challenges that are tied to specific HRs.

Part 1: How to Level Up Fast in Monster Hunter Now

Now that you understand the importance of Hunter Rank and the rewards it unlocks, let’s dive into the methods that will lets you conquer high-level monsters and climb those ranks quickly:

Method 1:  Find the Monster’s Weakness & Slay the Monster.

Knowledge is power in Monster Hunter Now. Understanding the monster’s unique vulnerabilities ensures quick victories, maximizes rewards, and lets you level up swiftly. Here’s what you have to know:

Decoding Damage: Visual Cues

Visual effects of your attack during combat reveals a wealth of information. For instance:

  • White means standard damage. Translate as you are not exploiting any weaknesses — analyze and adjust your tactics.
  • Yellow means increased damage. This shows when you hit a weak spot on the monster, or you’re using the right element for the fight.
  • Red means significantly increased damage. You are hitting a weak spot while using an element the monster is vulnerable to.
  • Vertical Red means you’ve landed a powerful blow!

Arming Yourself Strategically

Choosing the right weapon is another crucial knowledge; in fact, it is just as important as knowing where to strike. Here are some tips:

  • Elemental Weapons:  Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice, Dragon – you will have to learn the monster’s elemental weakness and choose your weapon accordingly. Note that these in-game Hunter points are your best friend for uncovering the vulnerabilities of monsters.

arming yourself strategically | monster hunter now level up

  • Status Effects: Weapons imbued with Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, or Blast can cripple a monster or at least create openings for devastating attacks.

Example: Barroth’s Achilles Heel

Achilles Heel | monster hunter now level up

The Barroth, the mud-caked brute, is weak to Poison. So, here’s how to capitalize on this:

  • Weak Spot: Barroth’s weak spot is its front legs, aim for it. Consistent attacks here will break its defenses and expose even softer targets.
  • Elemental Advantage: Use a Poison-element weapon, like the Bloom Knife, is ideal. Like I mentioned, if the visuals showcase yellow  it means damage numbers mean you’re hitting the weak spot. If it is red, it shows that you are causing significant damage and also triggering Poison buildup.
  • Status Exploitation: Even if you do not have a Poison weapon, hitting the Barroth’s front legs can cripple it. And once it’s toppled, you can unleash your most powerful (preferably Poison) attacks on its underbelly to take it down.

Method 2: Actively complete Story Quests

Story quests are not just stepping stones to higher ranks. Yes, they do unlock new content, but understand that story quests offer much more than just progression gates. For instance, early on in the game, you will receive “Assigned Quests” which require you to hunt specific monsters like fiery Anjanath. You might think that it is all about defeating a specific monster. But that’s not the case — it introduces the new biome to you (like forest or desert).

Actively complete Story Quests | monster hunter now level up

Here’s why prioritizing story quests is crucial for fast leveling and overall success:

  • Resource Hubs: Like I said, story quests introduce you to new biomes teeming with valuable materials. The knowledge will become essential as you will have to craft better gear for the upcoming tougher challenges.
  • Monster Tutorials: Each story-focused monster encounter is a masterclass in itself. You can learn the monster’s spells, patterns, and weaknesses.
  • Skill Development: Story quests increase the difficulty gradually. So, you can hone your combat skills, master control, and get ready to face upcoming behemoths!
  • Unlocking Key Features: Certain areas, game modes, and even crafting options will remain locked until you complete specific story quests.

Method 3: Participate in Special Quests

Special quests in Monster Hunter Now is where your preparation will shine. These time-limited events come with unique challenges but give exclusive rewards. Importantly, special quests are significant opportunities for accelerated growth in MHN. There are different types of special quests, like:

  • Challenge Quests: Usually, tougher monsters or unusual conditions.
  • Seasonal Events: Features on holidays and milestones with unique hunts.
  • Collaboration Quests: these come with unique rewards and you get the chance to fight unique monsters or one-time characters.

Helpful Tip: How to Modify Your Location in MHN

Monster Hunter Now’s world is dynamic. Resources, monsters, and even events are tied to specific biomes that change over time. As a result, sometimes the materials or quest you need are unavailable until the in-game environment shifts. How do you like the idea of controlling your location? Well, iWhere iPhone Location Changer allows you to do just that!

iWhere is a powerful iPhone Location Changer designed specifically for players who want to take their Monster Hunter Now experience to the next level. You can instantly access resource-rich biomes or event locations that would otherwise take hours and create efficient farming routes using iWhere’s Multi-Stop Mode. By setting up stops, you can gather essential materials effortlessly while you focus on other tasks or even step away from the game.What’s more, iWhere’s advanced movement simulation features, including speed adjustments and natural-looking patterns, let you avoid detection by Monster Hunter Now’s anti-cheat systems.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly switch between locations with just one click.
  • Customize your movement speeds from 1m/s to 50m/s according to your preferences.
  • Enjoy precise exploration using Joystick Mode.
  • Easily import or export GPX files for sharing routes with friends or optimizing farm paths to maximize efficiency.

Here’s How to Use iWhere to Spoof Your Location in MHN:

Step 1:Open the iWhere iPhone Location Changer on your computer and click Start.

Actively complete Story Quests | monster hunter now level up

Step 2: On the main interface, click the Modify Location button within the iWhere interface.

modify location | monster hunter now level up

Step 3: Use the search bar to pinpoint a specific location. Press Enter confirm. Open your Monster Hunter Now app, and your character will instantly teleport to the desired location.

specific location | monster hunter now level up


Monster Hunter Now is fun for sure, but it gets even better when you play it smartly. Do not forget that MHN, above all, requires hard work. Yes, you can use iWhere to elevate your experience and get an edge over other players, but you will still have to learn about the Monster Weaknesses, participate in quests, and so on. So, get out there, and start putting these tips into action — you will definitely climb up the Hunter Ranks quickly.

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