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Every Pokemon Go player thrives toward getting as many special Pokemon as possible. One of the most special Pokemon you can get in the game is the Mythical Pokemon. While they are the most special, they are also the most difficult to find.

Fortunately, we are here with an ultimate guide that helps you discover mythical Pokemon. Learn about their lore, stats, and common locations in the game here. And along with all that we will share various methods to catch mythical Pokemon very easily. Let’s get going with it.

Part 1: What is a Mythical Pokemon?

Mythical Pokemon are the rarest and most enigmatic creatures in the Pokemon world. You can find the mythical Pokemon shrouded in mystery and they typically require special events or intricate methods to acquire. What makes mythical Pokemon so special is their power and unique lore. That’s why a lot of Pokemon trainers want to collect them and enrich their Pokemon collection.

mythical pokemon | mythical pokemon

Part 2: All Mythical Pokemon List in Pokemon Go

In the Pokemon universe, there are plenty of mythical Pokemon. However, not all of them have made it to Pokemon Go yet. Check out the list of available mythical Pokemon in the game. Here we also talk about the shiny availability and types of these Pokemon.

Pokemon Appearance Shiny Availability Pokemon type
Mew mew | mythical pokemon Yes Psychic

celebi | mythical pokemon Yes Psychic/ Grass

jirachi | mythical pokemon Only during special events Steel/Psychic
Deoxys (Normal)

deoxys | mythical pokemon Yes Psychic
Deoxys (Attack)

deoxys attack | mythical pokemon No Psychic
Deoxys (Defense)

deoxys defense | mythical pokemon No Psychic
Deoxys (Speed)

deoxys speed | mythical pokemon No Psychic

darkrai | mythical pokemon Yes Dark

victini | mythical pokemon No Fire/Psychic

keldeo | mythical pokemon No Water/ Fighting

meloetta | mythical pokemon No Normal/ Psychic (Aria); Normal/ Fighting (Pirouette)

genesect | mythical pokemon Yes Bug/ Steel
Hoopa (Confined)

hoopa confined | mythical pokemon No Psychic/ Ghost
Hoopa (Unbound)

hoopa unbound | mythical pokemon No Psychic/ Dark

meltan | mythical pokemon Only during special events Steel

melmetal | mythical pokemon Only during special events Steel

shaymin | mythical pokemon No Grass

diancie | mythical pokemon No Fairy/ Rock

zarude | mythical pokemon No Dark/ Grass

Part 3: How to Catch Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

There are various ways to catch a mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Unlike regular and legendary Pokemon, these methods mostly have to do with special events and tasks. Let’s take a deeper dive into the different methods you can try for catching mythical Pokemon.

Method 1: Battle in 5-Star Raids

Raids are simply boss fights that you encounter when you go to a Gym defended by a Pokemon. Among different kinds of raids, 5-star raids are the most challenging and rewarding raid battles you will ever come across. They feature the most powerful Pokemon in the game, typically Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. It’s a great way to capture a mythical Pokemon by winning the raid battle.

However, to take part in these raids you have to complete some specific storylines, including Victory Road, Starfall Street, Path of Legends, and “The Way Home”. Also, these raids are limited-time events announced by the devs, so you have to keep an eye out for these raids. Considering you meet both these requirements, let’s see how you can attend the raids.    

How to attend a 5-star raid in Pokemon Go:

Step 1: First, you have to look for a 5-star raid in the game which is usually signified by a glowing purple egg on top of a Gym in the map. You can use the nearby feature in the game, or use raid maps online to find raids.

battle in 5-star raids | mythical pokemon

Step 2: Tap on that Gym with the purple egg, and it will show details of the Pokemon about its species, CP, and time remaining for the battle.

Step 3: Next, you have to assemble a team of at least 5 trainers if you want to take on a mythical Pokemon. You can solo some of the 5-star raids, but it will be very difficult to defeat the boss.

Step 4: Learn about the raid boss, its type, and weaknesses to build your team of Pokemon. Also, stock up on revives and potions for added advantage over the boss.

Step 5: After preparing for the battle, you can approach the Gym with the active raid battle and join the battle by tapping on the gym and then selecting battle. Make sure to have a “Raid Pass”, otherwise you won’t be able to join the battle.

active raid battle | mythical pokemon

Step 6: Discuss the strategies and game plan before attacking the raid boss with the remaining trainers in your team. Teamwork plays a huge role in defeating a raid boss.

active raid battle | mythical pokemon

Step 7: Once you beat the raid boss, you will get a chance to catch the Pokemon you defeated. And you will get some additional rewards as well.

Method 2: Complete a limited-time special research story

Another great way to catch mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Go is through special research stories. These are in-game events in Pokemon Go that offer a series of tasks and challenges for trainers to complete. They are typically limited-time events, lasting for a few weeks or a month. Each Special Research Story comes with some objectives that unfold like a narrative. These objectives include –

  • Catching specific Pokemon (e.g., catching a certain number of a particular type)
  • Spinning PokéStops a designated number of times
  • Winning Gym battles
  • Hatching Eggs
  • Evolving Pokemon
  • Making throws of a certain quality (e.g., Great Throws or Excellent Throws)

certain quality | mythical pokemon

Once you complete a special research story you may encounter a Mythical Pokemon, offering a fantastic opportunity to add a rare and powerful creature to your collection. However, accessing these research stories or completing them can be quite a hassle as you have to move around a lot.

Fortunately, as an iPhone user, you won’t have to bother too much. With the help of iWhere iPhone Location Changer, you can simply change your location and complete all these objectives while sitting on your couch. Whether it’s about catching Pokemon from different locations, hatching eggs, or even evolving a Pokemon, this tool will help you in every way by letting you roam universally in the Pokemon Go map. And the best part is that you won’t have to worry about getting banned in the game, thanks to its advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Adjust movement speed from 1m/s to 50m/s for more control over the movement and mimic human movement in the game.
  • Features 4 different movement modes to suit the specific purpose required for an objective.
  • A single click of the button is enough to change the location in Pokemon Go.
  • Using the joystick movement mode you can freely explore the Pokemon Go world.
  • Lets you use GPX files to share valid locations across multiple devices.

Steps to use for iWhere iPhone Location Changer:

Step 1: First open the iWhere iPhone Location Changer software in your computer. Connect your iPhone device to your computer using the lightning cable. Then, agree to the disclaimer and click on “Start”.

iwhere iphone location changer | mythical pokemon

Step 2: To explore the Pokemon Go world and complete objectives, multi-stop mode works the best out of all the options. Choose multi-stop mode in the second box on the right of the interface.

iwhere iphone location changer 2 | mythical pokemon

Step 3: Next, you will see a map with your current location in it. Now, you can either choose to type the location on the top-left search bar, or you can simply click on the map with your mouse to select the location.

iwhere iphone location changer 3 | mythical pokemon

Step 4: You can create a complete route plan by adding multiple sites using the same method. It works great for exploring the Pokemon Go world and completing your research task objectives. Once you are done with the sites, simply click on “Start Move” to change your iPhone location.

iwhere iphone location changer 4 | mythical pokemon

Step 5: This location change will translate to your game, and you will be able to access newer locations in the game without moving an inch.

Method 3: Unlocking a Mystery Box

Mystery boxes in Pokemon Go are special items that can give you a chance to catch the Mythical Pokemon Meltan. It works like an incense that attracts the Pokemon to your location for 60 minutes. Within those 60 minutes, you will get a chance to capture the Pokemon and add it to your collection.

unlocking a mystery box | mythical pokemon

Here’s how you can unlock the mystery box in Pokemon for Meltan encounters –

Step 1: Download and install the Pokemon HOME app on your mobile device. Then create a Pokemon Home account using your Nintendo account.

unlocking a mystery box 1 | mythical pokemon

Step 2: Next, open your Pokemon Go app, then tap on the Poke Ball from the home screen.

unlocking a mystery box 2 | mythical pokemon

Step 3: From there, go to “Settings” from the top right corner of the screen.

unlocking a mystery box 3 | mythical pokemon

Step 4: Once you are in settings, you have to scroll down and look for the “Pokemon Home” option. Tap on it, then tap on “Send Pokemon”

pokemon home | mythical pokemon

Step 5: Now, on the next screen you will see the Go Transporter which is used for transferring a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Home. You will need to have sufficient charge in the transporter to transfer your Pokemon. Click on Continue to progress.

Go Transporter | mythical pokemon

Step 6: Next, you have to select the Pokemon that you want to transfer from your collection.

transfer from your collection | mythical pokemon

Step 7: Now, tap on “Transport” and start the transfer of the Pokemon.

transfer from your collection | mythical pokemon

Step 8: As soon as the transfer is complete, you will instantly receive the “Mystery Box”. Tap on “Okay” to progress.

Mystery Box | mythical pokemon

Step 9: To complete the transfer you have to tap on “Done”. Also, make sure to receive the Pokemon from the Pokemon Home app, to keep transferring Pokemon in the future as well.  

receive the Pokemon | mythical pokemon

Part 4: What is the strongest Mythical Pokémon?

In the whole Pokemon Go universe, the most powerful mythical Pokemon is Arceus. Here’s some basic information and lore about the Pokemon.


Arceus isn’t just a Mythical Pokemon, it’s considered the Alpha Pokemon. According to Pokemon lore, Arceus is the Original One, the creator of the universe and everything within it, including the other Legendaries and Mythicals.

Alpha Pokemon | mythical pokemon

While not boasting the highest individual stat, Arceus has the unique ability to hold different Plates or Z-Crystals which change its type to match the held item. This incredible versatility allows it to adapt to any situation and leverage type advantages strategically.

The balanced stats, diverse move pool, and ability to change types make it a formidable opponent and the most powerful Mythical Pokemon in the game.

Who can defeat Arceus?

Even though Arceus almost holds the status of a God in the Pokemon Go game, there are some Pokemon that can be a strong counter to it. Such as –


Terrakion is a powerful Fighting-type Pokemon with a high Attack stat. Since Arceus’ base form is Normal-type, Terrakion’s Fighting-type moves like Close Combat and Rock Slide are super effective, dealing significant damage.

Terrakion | mythical pokemon

Mega Heracross:

Mega Heracross boasts an incredibly high Attack stat and is a Bug/fighting type. While not super effective against any of Arceus’ potential types, Mega Heracross’ raw power can still be a threat.

Mega Heracross | mythical pokemon


Keldeo is a Water/Fighting-type Pokemon with a well-rounded stat spread and access to strong moves like Hydro Pump and Close Combat. Similar to Terrakion, Keldeo’s Fighting-type moves are super effective against Arceus’ base form. Additionally, Hydro Pump can be effective against Fire-type Arceus.

Keldeo | mythical pokemon

Mega Blaziken:

Mega Blaziken is a Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon with a high Attack stat and powerful moves like Blaze Kick and Stone Edge. Mega Blaziken can be a good choice against Grass-type Arceus (if it uses the Meadow Plate) due to its Fire-type attacks.

Mega Blaziken | mythical pokemon


Lucario is a Steel/Fighting-type Pokemon with a balanced stat spread and access to strong moves like Close Combat and Aura Sphere. Just like Terrakion and Keldeo, Lucario’s Fighting-type moves are super effective against Arceus’ base form.

Close Combat | mythical pokemon

Mega Rayquaza:

Mega Rayquaza is a Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon with incredibly high Attack and Special Attack stats. It boasts powerful moves like Dragon Ascent and Outrage. Mega Rayquaza’s raw power can be a threat to any Arceus form.

Mega Rayquaza | mythical pokemon


Explore the variety of mythical in Pokemon Go and try adding them to your collection for a much stronger and enriched Pokemon collection. If you feel like going out to collect mythical Pokemon is too much work for you, then you can always rely on the iWhere iPhone Location Changer tool. You can easily change your location without any concerns of jailbreaking or getting banned from the game. Start exploring and catching those mythical Pokemon today!

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