Guide to Rare Candy Cheat Codes in Pokémon Fire Red: How to Acquire Them

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Rare Candies in Pokemon Go play a significant role in leveling up your Pokemon to increase their power and stats. In Pokemon Go Fire Red, there are a limited number of rare candies which makes things difficult for the players to evolve their Pokemon. Also, finding the limited number of rare candies in the game is quite difficult as well.

However, players found a way to get unlimited rare candy using cheat codes and other various methods. Here we will be talking about those methods and tell you how you can also get unlimited rare candy in Pokemon Fire Red to evolve your Pokemon to the highest level. Let’s get down with the methods and collect as many rare candies as possible.

Part 1: What is Pokemon Fire Red Rare Candy?

In Pokemon Fire Red, a Rare Candy is a special item that instantly increases a Pokemon’s level by 1. This can be incredibly useful for quickly evolving Pokemon that require specific level thresholds or for powering up a Pokemon before a tough battle.

If the Pokemon has an evolution based on level-up, using a Rare Candy will trigger the evolution as long as it meets the other requirements such as the friendship level or specific location. Since rare candies are difficult to find you have to use them strategically to make sure you get the most value out of them.

Part 2: How to Get Rare Candy in Pokemon Fire Red?

There are several ways to get rare candy Pokemon Fire Red. While some of them may grant you guaranteed rare candies, other methods may depend on your luck. Also, the ones that give you guaranteed candies are limited in number, as for the ones depending on luck, you can repeatedly try them to earn rare candies. Let’s get through these methods quickly.  

Limited But Guaranteed Method:

One easy and guaranteed way to get rare candy in the game is to explore the map. Certain locations in the Pokemon Fire Red map give you opportunities to find rare candies very easily. You won’t even have to join any battle or do anything at all. Simply visit the areas and you will get a chance to earn rare candies.

The locations where you have a higher chance of getting rare candies are –

  • Cerulean City
  • Route 6,
  • Route 9,
  • Route 17,
  • Route 12,
  • Mt. Moon,
  • Rocket Hideout,
  • Silph Co.,
  • Pokémon Tower,
  • Fuchsia City,
  • Pokémon Mansion,
  • Victory Road,
  • Cape Brink,
  • Lost Cave.

Repeatable Methods:

Now, let’s talk about the methods that you can repeatedly use and get rare candies. However, the chances of getting candies with these methods will depend on luck. Sometimes you may get rare candies in one try and sometimes, you may never get them at all. Here are the two methods to try out.

Method 1: Resort Gorgeous

This method involves visiting a place called Resort Gorgeous, which can be found on Four Island after you’ve obtained HM 02 (Fly). Once you arrive, you’ll encounter a little girl named Selphy on the beach. Interact with her and answer her questions in a specific way to build a friendship. If you answer correctly, Selphy will befriend you and might reward you with rare candy as a gift.  There’s no guarantee, but keep talking to her and eventually, she might present you with some.

To increase your chances, you can use the following answers to selphy’s questions:

  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Dream: Becoming a beautician
  • Favorite Food: Curries

Method 2: Pickup:

Pickup is a special ability some Pokemon possesses that grants them a chance to find items after winning a wild Pokemon battle. Here are some of the Pokemon who have the pickup ability in the Pokemon Fire Red game –

  • Aipom
  • Meowth
  • Pikachu (Yellow Version only)
  • Rattata (Yellow Version only)
  • Teddiursa

To get rare candies all you have to do is, add one of these Pokemon to your team. Then, simply engage in wild Pokemon battles. Once you win the battles, there is a 10% chance that the Pokemon will pick up an item. Rare candy is one of the possible items there.

Part 3: Get Unlimited Pokemon Fire Red Rare Candy Cheat Codes

While exploring and battling are the intended ways to acquire rare candy in Pokemon Fire Red, there is a cheat code that grants you unlimited amounts. But you can only use these cheat codes if you play the game through a Pokemon Go Fire Red emulator on your computer, preferably a game shark emulator.

The cheat code you can to get unlimited rare candy in Pokemon Fire Red is 82025840 0044. Usually, emulators provide you with an official option to input the cheat code in the game.

How to Use Cheat Codes:

To use cheat codes in Pokemon Fire Red, you have to play the game using GameShark or Visual Boy Advance emulators. These emulators have options to enable cheats. It can be a bit risky because these aren’t officially supported by Nintendo. If you are up for that risk, then here’s how you use the codes.

Step 1: First load up the game on your Visual Boy Advance emulator, or any emulator of your choice.

use cheat codes | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Step 2: Once the game starts, you have to head over to a Pokemon center for this cheat to work.

Pokemon center | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Step 3: Go to the cheat options on the top bar, then click on the cheat list.  

Go to the cheat options | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat”>

Step 4: In the cheat list option, create a new cheat by clicking on “Codebreaker”.

codebreaker | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Step 5: Then, input the code and give the cheat a name to remember it later. In this case “Rare Candies” is a suitable name for the cheat. Click on “Ok” to confirm.

rare candies | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Step 6: After that, make sure the “Disable Cheats” option is unchecked in the top menu.

Disable Cheats | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Step 7: Now, go to the Pokemon Item store and withdraw Rare Candies to get unlimited rare candies in your inventory.

withdraw Rare Candies | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Bonus: How to Get Infinite Rare Candies in Pokemon Go?

Now, if you want to get infinite rare candies in Pokemon Go just like the Pokemon Go Fire Red, then you have to rely on other methods. There are no cheat options available out there to get rare candies in Pokemon Go, so you have to rely on either using a location changer tool or completing field research tasks. Take a look at the two methods and see which one works out the best for you.

Method 1: Use a location changer tool

Realistically it might be very difficult to explore the Pokemon Go map for collecting rare candies. But with the help of a location changer tool like iWhere iPhone Location Changer, you can easily explore it without even going outside. This allows you to join as many raid battles as possible, walk 25km+ to get weekly adventure sync rewards or battle other trainers. In short, you get to do a lot of different activities without even having to move, which gives you the chance to earn as many rare candies as possible. And with the advanced features of iWhere, you won’t have to think about getting banned either.

Key Features

  • Option to adjust movement speed ranging from 1m/s to 50m/s to get a more humane-like movement in the app.
  • Provides 4 different movement modes (Modify Location Mode, One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, Joystick Mode) to match with the movement requirements for each objective.
  • Doesn’t require jailbreaking the phone or the use of any complicated method, just a single click is enough to change location.
  • Allows flexible movement throughout the map using the joystick mode.
  • Share effective location settings via GPX file format with other users of the software.

Steps to use for iWhere iPhone Location Changer

Step 1: Use the lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. In the home screen, check the box to agree to the disclaimer, and click on “Start”.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 1 | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Step 2: If you want to explore the Pokemon Go world and perform activities while looking for rare candies, then the “Multi-Stop mode” is the perfect option for you. It allows you to plan out a route and move according to that.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Step 3: As you choose the multi-stop mode, it will take you to the display map where you can see yourself in your current location. Click on “Use this site” to use your location as the primary site.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 3 | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Step 4: In the next step, you have to put the addresses you want to go to on the top left bar on the screen. If you want to go to multiple addresses, you can put multiple of them there. It will plan out a route for you in the map. Once you have added all the locations, click on “Start move” to start changing location.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 4 | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

Step 5: Now, open your Pokemon GO app, and it should load up from the new location that you changed in the iWhere software. Every time you change your location in the app, you will see your character moving in the game as well.

Method 2: Complete Field Research Tasks

Another effective but difficult method to earn a lot of Rare Candies in Pokemon Go is to complete field research tasks. These are mini-objectives you can complete in Pokemon Go. They’re found by spinning PokéStops. Each PokéStop offers a unique task, and you can hold up to three tasks at a time. Once you complete the tasks you can get a chance to receive Rare Candies in the game.

complete field research tasks | pokemon fire red rare candy cheat

There are typically two types of field research tasks available in the game. These include –

Standard Tasks:

These are your everyday tasks, readily available at most PokéStops. They focus on basic gameplay activities and offer common rewards like Pokeballs, Potions, and XP. The tasks may include –

  • Catching a specific number of Pokemon
  • Spinning a certain number of PokéStops
  • Making a specific number of successful special throws
  • Battling at a Gym a certain number of times
  • Hatching a certain number of Eggs.

While standard tasks rarely guarantee rare candy, they’re a good way to accumulate other resources you can use to power up your Pokemon such as stardust.

Special Research Tasks:

These are less frequent and involve more intricate objectives. They often tie into ongoing events or special storylines within the game.  The rewards for special research tasks are typically more valuable, with a higher chance of yielding rare candy. These tasks usually involve –

  • Evolving a specific Pokemon.
  • Defeating a Team Leader in the Team Leader Battles.
  • Taking a Snapshot of a specific Pokemon
  • Landing a specific throw on a Raid Boss
  • Complete a multi-stage research quest.

Usually, special research tasks come with higher chances of getting rare candies because they are a bit higher in difficulty. Since rare candies are so valuable items, they require you to put more effort into earning them.


To sum it all up, Pokemon Fire Red rare candy cheat codes might be a great way to get infinite rare candies but they aren’t the only way. First you should try out the legitimate ways, and then move onto the cheat codes. And if you want to get infinite rare candy in Pokemon Go, then all you need is the help of iWhere iPhone Location Changer. The tool will help you complete objectives much more easily and increase the chance of getting rare candies in the game. So, whether you are playing Pokemon Go, or Pokemon Fire Red, now you know how to increase your rare candy count in the game.

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