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Monster Hunter Now thrills with its hunt for resources, crafting awesome gear, and facing ever-tougher creatures. For many, the journey is part of the satisfaction. Yet, sometimes you just want to skip the grind and experience the best parts of the game faster.

Want to instantly access high-level areas or find the rarest crafting materials? Cheats and location spoofing software allow you to do just that. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about Monster Hunter Now cheats. In particular, you will find out about the most effective cheats, how to use them sagely and strategies for getting out of cheats without ruining the fun (getting caught or get your account flagged!).

Part 1: What are the Benefits of Cheating in Monster Hunter Now?

Want to bypass the slow progression in Monster Hunter Now? Different types of cheats can open up the game in different ways:

Bypass Biome Rotation: Monster Hunter Now keeps things interesting with a biome rotation system. Zones like lush woodlands, frozen sea lanes and scorching deserts move randomly across the map every day. Sometimes you may stay in the same biome for several days.Want to hunt a specific monster that’s only around when the Frozen Seaway is up? Cheats like location spoofing software lets you take control.

Rare Material Access: As you already know, specific biomes hold those essential-yet-elusive crafting materials. So, instead of waiting for your desired zone to come into rotation, location spoofing allows you to teleport in and start gathering. This translates directly to crafting powerful gear or upgrading your favorite weapons quickly.

rare material access | monster hunter now cheats

Note: Niantic and Capcom take cheating very seriously. If you’re caught using cheats in Monster Hunter Now, you can lose your entire account. This includes all your hard-earned progress, monsters, and any purchased items. Yes, the methods outlined in this guide are 100% effective, but it’s my responsibility to warn you about the potential consequences.

Part 2: Best Monster Hunter Now Cheat [100% Work & Safe]

Monster Hunter Now revolves around exploring different areas to hunt unique monsters, gather resources, and craft powerful gear. Most of the best cheats revolve around manipulating your location to access these goodies without the usual grind. That’s where a location-spoofing software like iWhere iPhone Location Changer excels.

iWhere is an expertly designed tool specifically for location spoofing in games like Monster Hunter Now. You can move around the MHN world with precision. Make your spoofed location seem believable. Plus, it includes tools to teleport anywhere and find the best hunting spots within seconds.

With iWhere, you get unparalleled control over your location within Monster Hunter Now. You can employ the intuitive joystick mode for fine movements and pinpointing those ideal resource spots. You can also utilize the one-stop mode to quickly travel vast distances with stops. To make your movements seem natural with keyboard controls and adjustable speeds, you can throw anti-cheat systems off your trail and with the realistic fluctuations mode!

Key Features:

  • Collect Spots and Routes: Map out your favorite areas and set up automated routes for efficient farming (One-Stop and Multi-Stop Mode).
  • Adjustable Speeds: Choose walking speeds (or, cycling or driving) that best suit your needs.
  • Historical Records: Revisit the best hunting grounds and resource spots.
  • Import/Export GPX: Share routes with friends or use pre-made ones to access hidden gems quickly.

How to Use iWhere for Monster Hunter Now:

Step 1: Get iWhere from the official website. Register with your email and passcode.Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 2: Launch Joystick Mode: In iWhere, select  Joystick Mode for precise movement control.

joystick mode | monster hunter now cheats

Free Mode or Mouse Mode: Choose the way you want to move:

  • Free Mode: Use your keyboard (W,A,S,D) for natural walking movement.
  • Mouse Mode: Click on the map to set a destination and iWhere will simulate walking there.

Step 3: Mimic realistic movement patterns by selecting walking, cycling, or driving speeds. Select Start Move to start moving.

joystick mode | monster hunter now cheats

Now open your Monster Hunter Now app and start exploring. You can teleport to resource-rich biomes, move precisely when hunting, and simulate walking to hatch eggs quickly.

Part 3: More Monster Hunter Now Cheat That You Should Know

VPN Tools: Limited Effectiveness

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is designed to reroute your internet traffic through its own servers, effectively changing your real location while you browse online. This masks your IP address and keeps your browsing habits and identity more private. Since Monster Hunter Now uses location-based systems, a VPN allows you to access different biomes instantly. Here are the best VPNs of the market:


NordVPN | monster hunter now cheats

NordVPN offers a massive network of over 6000 servers across 111 countries, including options in nearby locations. This could make your location changes within Monster Hunter Now seem more natural and less likely to trigger suspicion. Additionally, NordVPN has dedicated IP addresses available, which further reduces the chance of your activity appearing unusual to the game’s anti-cheat systems.


ExpressVPN | monster hunter now cheats

While ExpressVPN might not have the sheer number of servers that NordVPN offers, it’s considered one of the fastest VPNs available. This means minimal lag when playing Monster Hunter Now while spoofing your location and ensures a smooth gameplay experience.

Unlike most VPNs, ExpressVPN’s focus on premium servers means you’re less likely to encounter a slowdown. Additionally, with servers in 105 countries, ExpressVPN offers plenty of options for changing your location, potentially making your activity less suspicious to Monster Hunter Now’s anti-cheat systems.

Limitations for Monster Hunter Now

  • Imprecise Location Changes: VPNs primarily alter your location broadly, making them unsuitable for the precise control you need within Monster Hunter Now’s world. For that level of customization, consider a specialized tool like iWhere.
  • Potential for Lag: VPNs slow down your internet, as a result they cause lag and impact your gameplay in a fast-paced game like Monster Hunter Now.
  • Risk of Detection: Monster Hunter Now likely has anti-cheat measures that can detect the unusual network patterns associated with VPN use, increasing your risk of being flagged.

Location Mocking Apps

Unlike VPNs, location mocking apps directly manipulate your device’s GPS signal. This allows for far more precise and targeted location changes within Monster Hunter Now. Here are some of the best location mocking apps:

PGSharp Position Deceiver

location mocking apps | monster hunter now cheats

PGSharp is designed primarily for location in Pokemon Go. However, it works well with Monster Hunter Now, given it too is a location-based game. Like iWhere, you will find features like Joystick, Autowalk, etc. The good thing is it has a free version that lets you try the app for free.

Hola Fake GPS

hola fake gps | monster hunter now cheats

Hola Fake GPS is a straightforward app designed to alter your device’s GPS location. While not as comprehensive as iWhere, it does let you change your location and access different biomes within Monster Hunter Now. However, it is important to note that Hola Fake GPS is not designed to play games like MHN that employ sophisticated anti-cheat systems. So, there’s always a risk of getting caught.

Limitations for Monster Hunter Now

  • High Detection Risk: Both apps directly fake your GPS signal. This makes them easily detectable by Monster Hunter Now’s anti-cheat system. Ensure to not use them for extended time, as it will greatly increase your risk of ban.
  • Security Concerns: Location mocking apps require significant device permissions and can compromise your phone’s security seriously.

Part 4: Important Tips for Using Monster Hunter Now Cheats

You’ve got the tools to change your Monster Hunter Now experience, but if you do not use those cheats wisely, there is no use of them. Here are some tips that will help you maximize the benefits of cheating:

Tip 1: Always Modify Your Location Before Starting the Game

Changing your location mid-game within Monster Hunter Now is a red flag for its anti-cheat systems. To stay under the radar, it’s crucial that you set your desired spoofed location before you even launch the MHN app. This will make your sudden appearance in a new biome seem far more natural to the game.

always modify your location | monster hunter now cheats

Tip 2: Only Use Trusted Apps to Change Your Location on MHN

Not all location spoofing or VPN apps employ sophisticated anti-cheat systems. Some are designed for that purpose, some come up with bugs, and some are outright malicious. To protect both your account and your device, it is crucial to stick with trusted apps:

  • Do Your Research: Read reviews, check online forums dedicated to Monster Hunter Now, and choose cheats specifically mentioned as working with the game.
  • Consider Specialized Tools: Apps like iWhere, designed with anti-cheat evasion in mind, are a safer bet for Monster Hunter Now than generic VPN or even location spoofing software.
  • Be Wary of Free Apps: Free apps may seem tempting but then come with hidden costs — resource sharing, data collection, or even malware. Ensure to always understand the trade-offs before installing.

use trusted apps | monster hunter now cheats

Tip 3: Farm Resources Efficiently in Monster Hunter Now

Whether you’re playing fair or utilizing cheats, maximizing your resource gathering is key to crafting powerful gear in Monster Hunter Now. Here’s how to optimize your farming:

  • Know Your Target Areas: Research which biomes offer the best yields of the resources you need now. Consider the game’s natural rotation system to time your gathering runs accordingly.
  • Use the Right Tools: Pickaxes for ore, bug nets for insects, and tailor your weapon to the monster parts you’re seeking.
  • Use Resource Maps: Use online maps that pinpoint resource hotspots and offer optimized farming routes to avoid wandering aimlessly.
  • Cheat Smart: If you’re using location spoofing tools, combine them with these practices. Teleport to those high-yield areas you identified, but gather resources like you normally would to maintain a more believable appearance. For instance, use iWhere Joystick mode to move naturally to resource nodes and gather as you normally would.


Cheats are a powerful way to change your Monster Hunter Now experience. Whether you want to quickly reach new areas, effortlessly gather resources, or give yourself an edge in combat, the cheating methods are mentioned above. But remember that cheating always comes with risks. While you can employ the cheats mentioned in this guide, we advise you use them wisely.

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