Mastering Regional Pokémon: How to Catch Relicanth in Pokémon Go!

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All region-exclusive Pokémon have an undeniable allure, but when it comes to Relicanth, its prehistoric charm and unique Water/Rock typing make it a true standout. Found only in the wild in New Zealand and Oceania, Relicanth truly is a highly sought-after prize for Pokémon Go trainers worldwide. But it does not mean booking a plane ticket to New Zealand is the only way to catch Relicanth.

Read on to discover multiple methods for catching Relicanth. You will also learn about its unique stats, movesets, and the tools that can help you add this prehistoric prize to your Pokédex — regardless of where you are in the world.

Part 1: What is Relicanth Pokémon Go?

relicanth | relicanth pokemon go

A living fossil discovered in the depths of the ocean, Relicanth is an ancient, fish-like creature with a direct link to prehistoric Pokémon like Anorith and Lileep. Its appearance has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 million years, mirroring the rugged, rocky depths of its native Hoenn region, which draws inspiration from real-world Japan. Matching its rugged exterior, Relicanth has a unique Water/Rock typing — a combination rarely seen in the Pokémon world.

Relicanth’s Stats and Abilities

Here’s what you have to know about Relicanth’s capabilities:

Stat Max CP (Level 50) Ranking (Out of 789) Explain
Attack 151 Low It is known for defense over offense
Defense 222 High Like a sturdy tank, Relicanth excels at absorbing damage
Stamina (HP) 225 High It can endure prolonged battles

As the table reveals, Relicanth isn’t a powerhouse when it comes to dealing damage. In fact, its Attack stats is relatively low compared to other regional-exclusives like Tauros (North America) or Mr. Mime (Europe). However, its exceptional Defense and Stamina stats — rivaling that of Blissey and Steelix —  allows it to withstand a barrage of attacks.

Relicanth Characteristics and Traits

relicanth characteristics and traits | relicanth pokemon go

>Trait Details
Type Water/Rock
Weight 23.4 kg (51.6 lbs)
Height 1.0 m (3’03”)
Weaknesses Grass, Fighting, Ground, Electric
Resistances Normal, Fire, Poison, Flying
Hidden Ability Rock Head (Immune to recoil damage)

Relicanth’s considerable weight and sturdy build, while making it slower and less agile than other Pokémon of equal stats, also contribute to its exceptional defensive capabilities. Acting like natural armor, the superior build makes Relicanth a formidable tank in Gym battles and raids.

Relicanth Pokémon Go Movesets

relicanth movesets | relicanth pokemon go

Relicanth’s moveset draws inspiration from its prehistoric origins and Water/Rock typing, offering a blend of offensive and defensive options:

Fast Attacks:

  • Water Gun: A reliable and quick Water-type attack that deals consistent damage and generates energy for Charged Attacks.
  • Mud Shot: A Ground-type move that might be unusual for a Water Pokémon, Mud Shot is surprisingly effective against Electric-type Pokémon, one of Relicanth’s major weaknesses.

Charged Attacks:

  • Hydro Pump: Relicanth’s most powerful Water-type attack, capable of dealing significant damage, but at the cost of higher energy consumption.
  • Ancient Power: A Rock-type attack with a chance to raise Relicanth’s Attack and Defense stats, adding a layer of unpredictability to battles.
  • Head Smash: A high-risk, high-reward Rock-type move that deals massive damage but also causes recoil damage to Relicanth (negated by its Rock Head ability).

Needless to say, the right moveset for Relicanth will depend on the particular battle strategy you might want to follow. For instance, if you want to maximize damage output, it is best to go with the combination of Water Gun and Hydro Pump. On the other hand, if you want to leverage defensive capabilities, going for Mud Shot and Ancient Power is a good choice, given they offer additional type coverage and potential stat boosts.

Part 2: Where Can You Find Relicanth in Pokémon Go?

find relicanth | relicanth pokemon go

Given its status as a regional exclusive, tracking down Relicanth will require a bit more effort than your average Pidgey or Rattata. As mentioned earlier, this ancient Pokémon is primarily found in the wild in New Zealand and its surrounding islands, including Fiji, Samoa, and other parts of Oceania.

Relicanth Hotspots

While Relicanth can technically spawn anywhere within this vast region, some areas — like coastal areas (particularly with rocky shores and reefs) — have higher concentrations of sightings. Many Redditors report finding Relicanth near lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

But then again, Relicanth spawn will also depend on various factors — like the time of day, weather conditions, and even the in-game events. So, while coastal areas, rivers, and lakes are considered Relicanth hotspots — there’s no guarantee that you will find it in a particular spot in New Zealand.

Still, your best approach should be to explore a variety of water-based environments within New Zealand and Oceania.

Part 3: Fastest Way to Catch Relicanth Pokémon Go Without Walking

While Relicanth can be found throughout New Zealand, even locals need luck to spot this elusive Pokémon. And in case you are not from New Zealand, even a costly, month-long trip might not guarantee success.

But here’s the game-changer: iWhere iPhone Location Changer, a location spoofer, lets you teleport your Pokémon Go avatar anywhere in the world, including Relicanth’s habitat.

iWhere is one of the top leading location spoofing apps that’s equipped with cutting-edge GPS spoofing technology to trick the Pokémon Go app into thinking you’re somewhere else. For example, you can easily search for major bodies of water in New Zealand and teleport yourself there in seconds.

Given the various movement modes. For instance, the Multi-Stop mode allows you to input multiple locations in New Zealand (like all the major bodies of water) and automatically travel between them.

Not only Relicanth in New Zealand, you can also catch other regional exclusives like Tauros (North America), Mr. Mime (Europe), Heracross (South America), etc.

Key Features:

  • Modify Location: Teleport directly to a specific location in New Zealand known for Relicanth sightings.
  • Historical Route: Replay previously used routes to revisit successful hunting grounds.
  • GPX Import: Borrow Relicanth routes shared by community members who have already found success.
  • Realistic Movement Speeds: Simulate natural movement by choosing between walking (3.6 km/h), cycling (18 km/h), or driving (45 km/h) speeds.

Step-by-step guide to using iWhere iPhone Location Changer to Modify Pokémon Go Location

Step 1: Launch the iWhere iPhone Location Changer app and connect your iPhone to the computer. Then, click “Start” on the software interface.

iwhere iphone location changer 1 | relicanth pokemon go

Step 2: Select “Multi-stop” mode.

iwhere iphone location changer 2 | relicanth pokemon go

Once the iWhere map appears on your screen. Then, type different “Spots” where you you can find Relicanth Pokémon on the map or click “Use this Site”

iwhere iphone location changer 3 | relicanth pokemon go

Also, you can adjust your movement speed by adjusting the slider on the white box at the left side of the map.  

iwhere iphone location changer 4 | relicanth pokemon go

Step 3: Click on “Start Move” to teleport to the selected spot.

Part 5: More Ways to Catch Relicanth Pokémon Go

Of course, besides iWhere, there are other ways — however, more difficult methods — to catch Relicanth in Pokémon Go. Here’s what you have to know:

Method 1: Travel to New Zealand

Given Relicanth’s regional exclusivity, the most straightforward way to catch it is to journey to its natural habitat: New Zealand.

But then again, even within New Zealand, you will need to dedicate time to explore various bodies of water — coastal areas, lakes, rivers — to increase your chances of even encountering it. Remember, you can still use iWhere, even when you are in New Zealand to really explore all the corners and catch it surely.

New Zealand 1 | relicanth pokemon go

Method 2: Attend Pokémon Go Tour

While a trip to New Zealand is not feasible for everyone, you can also participate in special events like the Pokémon Go Tour. For instance, Relicanth was featured in Safari Zone in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

So, keep an eye out for the next event and ensure to participate in it to reap the rewards like the exclusive Relicanth.

Attend Pokémon Go Tour | relicanth pokemon go

Method 3: Trade Relicanth With Other Pokémon Players

Of course, you can also acquire Relicanth by exchanging other Pokémon with players who have it in their collection.

If you’re not familiar with trading, here’s how to trade Relicanth (or any other Pokémon):

1. Become Friends: Add the other player as a friend in Pokémon Go.

2. Level Up Your Friendship: Reach a Trainer level of 10 and build your friendship to “Good Friend” or higher by interacting with them (sending gifts, battling together, etc.).

3. Meet Up: Get within 100 meters of each other to initiate a trade.

4. Choose Your Pokémon: Select the Pokémon you want to trade and confirm the deal.

5. Stardust Cost: Each trade requires a certain amount of Stardust, depending on the rarity of the Pokémon and your friendship level.

You can also post a trade request on the in-game Campfire feature or connect with other players through online forums and social media groups.


Q1. What Pokémon spawn in New Zealand?

New Zealand, along with the surrounding islands of Oceania, is home to a variety of Pokémon, both common and rare. While you might spot familiar faces like Pikachu or Squirtle, the region also boasts exclusive species like Volbeat, Zangoose, Lunatone, Pansage, Sawk, Heatmor, and of course, Relicanth – found only in the wild within its borders.

Q2. What other exclusive Pokémon are found in the New Zealand region?

  • Volbeat, Zangoose, Lunatone, Pansage, Sawk, Basculin, Heatmor – Anywhere within the continent
  • Garden Vivillon Pattern – Postcards from New Zealand
  • Celesteela – Anywhere within the continent (in raids when available)
  • Shellos – Anywhere within the country


I have shared with you all the various means to acquire this elusive Pokémon from New Zealand. So, choose the methods that match the means. Of course, if you are not planning a trip, do not have the patience to wait for events, or want to avoid trading your valuable existing collection — iWhere iPhone Location Changer will prove to be the most convenient and reliable way to add Relicanth to your collection.

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