How to Find Shiny Numel on Pokemon Go: 2024 Complete Guide

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Catching a Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go remains an exhilarating experience that players worldwide cherish. If you’re curious about how to catch Shiny Numel on Pokémon Go, you’re not alone. As seasoned enthusiasts, we’ve delved into various techniques to help you uncover the shiny version of Numel. This guide will provide you with different methods to boost your chances of encountering Shiny Numel multiple times. From utilizing lures to exploring different habitats, our tips cover a wide range of strategies to enhance your shiny hunting adventures.

Part 1: Quick Overview About Shiny Numel Pokemon Go

Shiny Numel Pokemon Go | shiny numel

Pokémon Numel (Shiny Variant)
Type Fire/Ground
Max CP 957
Attack 119
Defense 82
HP (Stamina) 120
Best Moveset Tackle and Bulldoze
Weather Boost Sunny/Clear weather
Weaknesses Water (256% damage), Ground (160% damage)
Resistances Electric (39.1% damage), Bug, Fairy, Fire, Poison, Steel (62.5% damage each)
Evolution Evolves into Camerupt (50 candies)
Base Catch Rate 20%

The shiny version of Numel in Pokémon Go was released on June 6, 2022, adding a subtle variation to this Fire and Ground-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region. Shiny Numel distinguishes itself from its standard form through a change in coloration, where its main body color shifts to a softer, more muted tone – the shiny form features a brown color that is a slight deviation from its usual brighter yellow hue.

Despite the minimal change, the shiny form of Numel carries a unique appeal, with its back resembling a snowy mountain, contrasting with the volcano-like hump of its regular form.

Also, it’s important to note that the shiny form of Numel maintains the same vulnerabilities and strengths as its non-shiny counterpart, being weak to Water and Ground-type moves while taking reduced damage from several other types including Bug, Fairy, Fire, Poison, Steel, and Electric.

Part 2: Most Effective Tricks to Obtain Shiny Numel on Pokemon Go iPhone

If you play Pokemon Go from your iPhone, there are several workarounds you could use to obtain the shiny form of Numel Pokemon. Here, we’ve shared 5 effective tricks that you can try. Read on to learn how they work.

Method 1: Find Shiny Numel Pokemon With iWhere on iPhone [Recommended for all iOS Versions]

A very quick and effective way to find Shiny Numel Pokemon is to visit hot spots using the iWhere iPhone Location Changer – a powerful tool designed specially for iOS users to modify their location in any situation without having to move.

With its highly efficient location-faking modes, the iWhere iPhone Location Changer enables you to change your location in Pokemon Go without any risk. It provides you access to 4 different location spoofing modes ( including one-stop mode, multi-stop mode, joystick mode, and modify location mode). Plus, it supports many interesting features like adjustable moving speed, map zoom in/ zoom out, location history, importing/exporting GPX files, and lots more for faking locations.

Key Features

  • Facilitates a super smooth location spoofing process for gaming, privacy protection, and geographic restriction bypass.
  • Offers the most flexible joystick in the game.
  • Offers a very interactive map with features like zoom in/zoom out, multi-stop mode, and one-stop mode..
  • Supports all popular AR games besides Pokemon Go.

Step 1: Install iWhere iPhone Location Changer and launch the app. Click “Start”.

Step 2: Select “Multi-stop Mode” to proceed.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 1 | shiny numel

Step 3: Click on the “Multi-stop” mode icon at the top-right side of the Map that appears.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 | shiny numel

Step 4: Navigate to the region(s) of the “Map” where you want to find Shiny Numel Pokemon and select the spots you’d like to use to create a route.  Ensure that you click on “Use This Spot” to confirm every spots you selected.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 3 | shiny numel

Step 5: Finally, click on “Start Move” to start finding Shiny Numel Pokemon.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 4 | shiny numel

You don’t have to move around to find Shiny Numel Pokemon when you have a tool like iWhere iPhone Location Changer. All it takes is just a few clicks, and you’ll be teleported to the best place to find Shiny Numel.

Method 2: Use Incense & Lure Modules

Both Incense and Lure Modules are tools that you can use to increase the number of Pokémon encounters, potentially aiding in the hunt for rare or shiny Pokémon, such as Numel. However, the effectiveness of these tools in specifically obtaining a shiny Numel requires a nuanced understanding of how they work.

  • Incense

Use Incense | shiny numel

Incense is an item that, when activated, attracts Pokémon to your location for a limited time. The primary function of Incense is to increase the spawn rate of Pokémon around you, regardless of your physical location. This can be particularly useful when stationary or in areas with typically low Pokémon spawn rates.

  • Lure Modules

Lure Modules | shiny numel

Lure Module, on the other hand, are attached to PokéStops and attract Pokémon to that location for the benefit of all players nearby. Like Incense, Lure Modules increase the spawn rate of Pokémon, but they do so in a fixed location. There are various types of Lure Modules, each attracting specific types of Pokémon based on the module’s theme (e.g., Glacial Lure Modules attract more Water and Ice-type Pokémon). The effectiveness of Lure Modules can also be enhanced during certain events, making PokéStops bustling hubs of Pokémon activity.

Here is our strategy on how you can use Incense and Lure Module to enhance your chances of catching Shiny Numel on Pokemon:

  • Use Incense and Lure Modules During High Activity Times: Activating Incense and placing Lure Modules on PokéStops during events that increase spawn rates or during the Pokémon’s Spotlight Hour can maximize the number of encounters, thereby increasing the chances of finding a shiny Numel.
  • Frequenting Areas with Multiple PokéStops: Using Lure Modules on multiple PokéStops within close proximity can create a high-density area of Pokémon spawns. This strategy can be particularly effective in parks or urban centers with many PokéStops.

Method 3: Use Nearby Screen

nearby screen | shiny numel

The “Nearby” screen in Pokémon Go is a feature designed to help players locate Pokémon that are near their current location. This screen displays Pokémon that are near PokéStops as well as those that are freely roaming in the wild. For players aiming to find a shiny Numel, utilizing the Nearby screen can be an effective strategy, especially when combined with an understanding of how shiny Pokémon mechanics work in the game.

The Nearby screen is divided into two sections:

  • Pokémon Near PokéStops: This section shows Pokémon that are currently close to nearby PokéStops. Each Pokémon icon is displayed with an image of the PokéStop it is near, providing you with a clear destination to find that specific Pokémon.
  • Wild Pokémon: This section displays Pokémon that are in the vicinity but not necessarily near a PokéStop. These Pokémon are freely roaming in the area around you.

By tapping on a Pokémon’s icon in the Nearby screen, you can get a direct line pointing towards the PokéStop where the Shiny Numel Pokémon is located, guiding you to its location.

Note: Regularly checking the Nearby screen can help players quickly identify when a Numel appears in their vicinity. This is crucial for not missing out on potential shiny encounters.

Method 4: Continue Hatching Eggs

continue hatching eggs | shiny numel

Hatching eggs is another smart way to increase your chances of obtaining a shiny Numel in Pokémon Go. Eggs are obtained by spinning PokéStops or Gyms, opening gifts from friends, or as rewards from certain research tasks. They come in different distances: 2 km, 5 km, 7 km, 10 km, and 12 km, with the distance indicating how far a player must walk to hatch the egg. However, keep in mind that the type of Pokémon that hatches from an egg is determined randomly from a pre-set pool that changes periodically and can be influenced by special events.

Here is  our strategy for hatching Eggs to obtain Shiny Numel

  • Acquire Eggs: Spin PokéStops and Gyms, and open gifts to collect eggs. Pay attention to announcements from Niantic about changes to egg pools, especially during events that might feature Numel.
  • Use Incubators: Using multiple incubators simultaneously can increase the number of eggs you hatch, and this can enhance your chances of hatching a shiny Numel.
  • Walk Consistently: The more you walk, the more eggs you’ll hatch. This consistent activity is key to hatching as many eggs as possible.
  • Use Super Incubators: Super Incubators are special incubators that reduce the distance required to hatch an egg by 33%. Using Super Incubators during reduced hatch distance events can further expedite the hatching process.

Method 5: Ask Pokémon GO Reddit Community for Help

Reddit Community for Help | shiny numel

Engaging with the Pokémon GO community on platforms like Reddit can provide valuable tips and information on finding shiny Numel. Experienced players often share spawn locations, event details, and strategies that can help you in your quest. While this method doesn’t directly increase your chances, the shared knowledge and tips from the community can guide you to more effective hunting strategies and keep you informed about any events that might boost Numel spawns.


What level does Numel evolve?

Numel evolves into Camerupt after being raised to level 33. There are no other conditions required for its evolution.

Is Numel a good or bad Pokémon?

Numel’s effectiveness can vary depending on the player’s strategy and the specific battle situation. It’s not typically considered a top-tier competitive Pokémon, but it can be useful in certain scenarios, especially considering its unique Fire Blast and Earth power.

What is the shiny rate for Numel in Pokémon GO?

The shiny rate for Numel in Pokémon GO is approximately 1 in 634 for wild encounters. However, keep in mind that during events, the shiny rates may be temporarily increased, but Niantic would announce this for the duration of the event


Hunting for a Shiny Numel in Pokémon Go requires patience, dedication, and a strategic approach. By utilizing the tips and techniques outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can increase their chances of encountering this elusive variant.

Remember to leverage community resources, stay informed about in-game events, and persevere through the process. Hopefully, you’ll be able to  capture a Shiny Numel soon.

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