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Looking to add some sparkle to your Pokémon GO collection? Shiny Pokémon are the ultimate treasures, and Shiny Teddiursa is no exception. With its unique color scheme, this rare variant of the lovable bear Pokémon Teddiursa is a highly coveted prize for trainers everywhere.

In this comprehensive 2024 guide to Shiny Teddiursa, you’ll uncover the secrets to increasing your chances of encountering this special Pokémon. Discover the most effective Teddiursa hunting strategies, gain insight into the odds of encountering its Shiny form, and learn how to evolve your Shiny Teddiursa into the majestic Shiny Ursaluna.

Part 1: Overview of the Shiny Teddiursa Pokemon

The adorable Little Bear Pokemon, Teddiursa is a beloved sight in Pokemon Go. But imagine encountering a dazzling emerald green bear instead of the usual honey-brown Teddiursa in Pokemon Go! Yes, that’s the electrifying surprise that awaits with the Shiny Teddiursa — a rare color variant that is fancied by trainers worldwide.

shiny teddiursa | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

Characteristics of the Teddiursa Pokemon

Stats Value
HP 230-324
Attack 148-284
Defense 94-218
Speed 76-196
Catch rewards 3 Chandy & 100 Stardust
Addition Move Cost 50 Chandy & 50000 Stardust

Shiny Rate

Finding a Shiny Teddiursa is a true test of patience. With an estimated rate of 1 in 450, making it significantly rarer than encountering a standard Teddiursa (which are relatively common). For comparison, encountering a base rate Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go falls around 1 in 500. This suggests that Shiny Teddiursa is slightly more common. However, finding one is difficult.

Part 2: How to Get Shiny Teddiursa Pokemon

Remember that Shiny Pokemon are incredibly sought-after in the game, and makes it difficult to lay your hands on them. But fret not! You can boost your chances of finding Teddiursa using the methods mentioned below.

Method 1: Travel To Pokéstops & Gyms [Best Way]

If you are serious about finding a Shiny Teddiursa, your best bet is to focus on in-game locations like Pokestops and Gyms. But you need a tool like the iWhere iPhone Location Changer to be able to achieve this.

“iWhere iPhone Location Changer” is a professional location spoofing application. It provides a range of features, allowing you to teleport to distant Pokestops and gyms that contain Teddiursa. It support features like one-stop mode, multi-stop mode, Joystick Mode, GPX files import/export, and lots more.

Moreover,  the iWhere iPhone Location Changer allows you to create routes within regions where you can find Shiny Teddiursa. And it supports customizable speed, enabling you to navigate various regions at different speed ranges(within 1 m/s to 50 m/s).

Key Features

  • Teleport to any location on Pokemon Go with high accuracy and no jailbreak.
  • Automatically saves data of regions you’ve visited to location history, making it easy for you to revisit any location at any time.
  • Supports a flexible joystick that enables you to navigate the map just by using your computer keyboard or cursor.
  • Besides Pokemon Go, iWhere iPhone Location Changer also allows you to bypass geographic restrictions, change location on dating apps, and do lots more without any risk.

Step 1: Launch iWhere iPhone Location Changer. Click on the “Start” button from the main interface and connect your iPhone to the computer.

shiny teddiursa | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

Step 2: Select the “Multi-stop Mode”. We recommend this mode because it allows you to create a route using different spots where you can find Shiny Teddiursa.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

Or you can click on the “Multi-stop icon at the upper-right corner of your screen.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

Step 3: Now select the “spots” where you want to find Shiny Teddiursa in Pokemon Go, and ensure to click “Use This Site” to confirm every spot you choose.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 3 | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

Step 4: The tool will automatically create a route for your Pokemon to follow using the spots you selected. Click on “Start Move”  to teleport your Pokemon character to start moving within the route.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 3 | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

Why Pokéstops and Gyms Are Your Best Bet?

Unlike wild encounters, Pokestops and Gyms offer a predictable way to generate a large number of Teddiursa appearances. Additionally, most areas have at least a few Pokestops and Gyms, making this method to find a Teddiursa accessible to most trainers, regardless of the location. Furthermore, strategically using tools like iWhere iPhone Location Changer can increase your encounter rate.

Method 2: Wild Encounters

wild encounters | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

While we have listed Pokestops and Gyms as the most reliable way to encounter Teddiursa, the potential of a good old-fashioned wild exploration must be mentioned:

Explore Your Surroundings

Teddiursa, like real bears, prefer forest habitats. So, step out and start exploring parks, wooded areas, or nature trails near you. While Teddiursa’s spawn anywhere, focusing on forests, wooded areas, or nature trails can increase your chances of encountering one in the wild.

Remember, the more ground you cover, the more potential Teddiursa spawns you will likely discover. Additionally, the chances of encountering Shiny Teddiursa is more in the wild.

Weather Effects

Pokémon GO uses real-world weather data to simulate different weather conditions in the game, affecting the spawn rates and attributes of Pokémon.

Partly cloudy weather could lead to more frequent encounters with Teddiursa, as it mirrors the favorable conditions found in the natural habitats of bears.

weather effects | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

Method 3: Complete 3-Star Raid Battles Against Ursaring

3-Star Raid Battles offer a unique way to capture the Teddiursa evolved form, but you must have a strategy to follow this method. Here’s what you will have to do:

Challenging Raids

To join a 3-star raid in Pokemon Go, you need to be physically close to the gym where the raid is taking place. Once you are near the gym, you can tap on the raid egg or raid boss to see the details of the raid. If you have a raid pass, you can join the raid by tapping on the “Battle” button.

Then, you need at least 1 Trainers to defeat a Ursaring in a 3-Star Raid and coordinate your Pokemon types to exploiting Ursaring weaknesses-Fighting-Type.

Minimum group size 1 Trainer
Optimal group size 2-3 Trainers
100% successful group size 4+ Trainers

The Chance for a Shiny

Not every Ursaring Raid will reward you with a Shiny Teddiursa, but there’s always a chance. Plus, each successful raid completion offers the potential for an encounter with this rate Shiny Pokemon. Not to forget, the thrill of the battle, and given the chances of encountering coveted Shiny Teddiursa, make Ursaring raids an exciting ride.

  • After being defeated in Raids, Ursaring can be captured with Combat Power ranging from 1604 CP to 1682 CP without any weather boost, and from 2006 CP to 2103 CP when there’s a Partly Cloudy weather boost.

Method 4: Complete Research Tasks

Pokemon Go frequently features the Research Tasks — a special challenge or objective that rewards players with various items and sometimes even Pokemon encounters. So, these tasks offer another avenue to find a Shiny Teddiursa. For this:

  • Special Tasks: You will have to keep a close eye to participate in Special Research or theme Event Research. Given these tasks include Pokemon encounters as rewards, there’s a good chance of encountering Teddiursa by completing the objectives.
  • Stay Alert for Teddiursa Tasks: Ensure to check the “Today” and “Field Research” tabs within the game, given they can be your ticket to a Teddiursa encounter. Additionally, look for tasks that mention a Pokemon encounter as a reward and try completing them to increase your chances to find Teddiursa (potentially even its Shiny variant).

Just remember that Research Tasks regularly change, so ensure to check your Pokemon Go app frequently to avoid missing out on a potential Teddiursa encounter.

Bonus: Evolution of Teddiursa Pokemon

The adorable Teddiursa holds a surprising secret, i.e., it can evolve into the powerful and formidable Ursaluna. Here you will learn how the cuddly Teddiursa transforms into its impressive form.

Teddiursa to Ursaring: The Basic Evolution

basic evolution | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

You will need 50 Teddiursa Candy to evolve your Teddiursa into the formidable Ursaring. There are different ways to gather those valuable Teddiursa Candies:

Explore the Wild:Teddiursa loves hanging out in the forests. So, head to your nearest park or wooded area to find this Little Bear Pokemon. Each Teddiursa that you catch will earn you some candy.

Tip: Pokemon Go features events where you can find Teddiursa more often, so keep an eye out for in-game events.

Pinap Berry: You can double your candy reward by using a Pinap Berry before trying to catch a Teddiursa. Pinap Berry allows you to boost the Candy received from a successful Teddiursa catch.

Hatching Teddiursa from eggs: Teddiursa can also hatch from the eggs that you collect at Pokestops. So, try to find as many eggs as possible, and you might get lucky with a Teddiursa.

How to Evolve Teddiursa to Ursaring 

evolve teddiursa | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

Step 1: Find Your Teddiursa. Open your Pokemon storage and choose the Teddiursa you wish to evolve into the formidable Ursaring.

Step 2: Select “Evolve”. You’ll see the “Evolve” button near your Teddiursa’s information; click on it!

Step 3: Confirm and Enjoy. Confirm your choice and your Teddiursa will transform into the mighty Ursaring.

Evolve Ursaring to Ursaluna

evolve ursaring to ursaluna | shiny teddiursa pokemon go

Remember, evolving your Ursaring into the impressive will require more than just Teddiursa candies. Niantic has tied Ursaluna’s evolution to the appearance of a full moon. You will have to take the advantage of in-game full moons. Sometimes, the full moon coincides with events, so keep an eye on the Pokemon Go blog and Community Resources to track the in-game occurrence.

The last full moon will be on April 23, 2024. Here are the full moon times after March 2024.

April 23 Pink Moon
May 23 Flower Moon
June 21 Strawberry Moon
July 21 Buck Moon
 August 19 Sturgeon Moon
September 17 Corn Moon
October 17 Hunter’s Moon
November 15 Beaver Moon
December 15 Cold Moon


Q1. Is there a specific method to increase the chances of encountering a Shiny Teddiursa?

  • Incense: It attracts Pokemon directly to you for a limited time; overall, it increases your encounters and improves your chances of finding a Shiny Teddiursa.
  • Lure Modules: It allows you to attract Pokemon to a Pokestop for an extended period. Lure Modules are best when used in areas with multiple Pokestops.
  • Nests: These are ;locations where specific Pokemon spawn frequently. So, finding a Teddiursa nest will greatly increase your encounter rate.
  • Community Day Events: These feature specific Pokemon with a significantly boosted Shiny rate.  If Teddiursa is the featured Pokemon, your chances of acquiring a Shiny gets skyrocketed.

Q2. Do weather conditions or biomes affect the likelihood of finding a shiny Teddiursa in the game?

Rainy or cloudy weather can enhance the likelihood of encountering Normal Teddiuras. And it’s important to note that these factors don’t directly alter Teddiursa’s shiny encounter rate, which remains consistent. By grasping how weather and biomes impact spawns, you can boost overall encounters with Teddiursa, thereby indirectly enhancing the probability of encountering a shiny one.


Finding a Shiny Teddiursa is a true test of a Pokemon Go trainer’s dedication and perseverance. Nevertheless, its rarity, combined with Teddiursa’s inherent charm, makes finding one a thrilling accomplishment. Yes, the odds may seem challenging, but understanding the best hunting strategies, spawn locations, and further participating in events like Community Days will significantly increase your chances of success. Remember, patience is the key when it comes to finding a Shiny Teddiursa.

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