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Taku Poko, the guardian deity of Alola, adds a spark of legendary power to your Pokemon Go collection. Its unique Electric/Fairy typing and mischievous personality, makes it a highly sought-after Pokemon. However, catching this legendary isn’t as simple as finding it in the wild.

This guide equips you with everything you need to capture Tapu Koko. You will learn about Tapu Koko’s strengths and weaknesses, and discover the best strategies to ensure a successful capture.

Part 1: Quick Overview About Tapu Koko Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Tapu Koko brings electrifying power and playful energy to Pokemon Go battles. Let’s understand what makes Tapu Koko so special before we learn how to catch it!

Tapu Koko Pokemon Stats

Tapu Koko is a versatile Pokemon in Pokemon Go. However, to fully understand its strengths and weaknesses, it is helpful to compare Tapu Koko against other prominent Electric and Fairy-type Pokemons.

Pokemon Type(s) Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Tapu Koko Electric/Fairy 3582 250 181 172
Zekrom Electric/Dragon 4038 275 211 205
Raikou Electric/Dragon 3452 241 195 207
Xerneas Fairy 3653 250 187 246

Tapu Koko’s Advantages & Vulnerabilities

Advantages: Tapu Koko exhibits high resistance against Bug, Dark, Electric, and Fighting types, while also displaying partial resistance to Dragon-type moves.

tapu koko | get tapu koko pokemon go

Vulnerabilities: Tapu Koko is susceptible to Poison and Ground-type attacks.

tapu koko | get tapu koko pokemon go

Best Movesets for Tapu Koko

But to maximize its potential, you will have to equip it with different movesets depending on the type of battle you are facing. Let’s delve into the ideal movesets of Tapu Koko:

PvP Oriented Movesets

  • Fast Attack: Volt Switch (Electric)
  • Charged Attack 1: Thunderbolt (Electric)
  • Charged Attack 2: Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)

Volt Switch provides excellent energy generation and allows Tapu Koko to fire off charged attacks frequently.

Thunderbolt offers powerful Electric-type damage, whereas the Dazzling Gleam provides coverage against these threats like Dragon and Fighting-types.

Raid Oriented Movesets

  • Fast Attack: Mud-Slap (Ground)
  • Charged Attack 1: Drill Run (Ground)

Tapu Koko is vulnerable to Ground, Poison, Ghost, and Steel-type attacks. This moveset capitalizes on those weaknesses, given Tapu Koko’s super-effective Ground-type attacks to deal massive damage in raids.

Legacy/Elite TM Considerations

Some of Tapu Koko’s best moves are not obtainable through regular means. In case you have a Tapu Koko with Legacy moves (marked in the move list) or the resources for Elite TMs, you have consider these options:

  • Wild Charge (Electric): This is a powerful alternative to Thunderbolt. Often, it is available during special events or via Elite TMs.
  • Brave Bird (Flying): This offers an additional coverage option for PvP, which is available as a Legacy move or via Elite TMs.

Part 2: How to Get Tapu Koko In Pokemon Go

Tapu Koko is a powerful Pokmon, so it is not easy for players to get it. But don’t worry, here is a summary of all the opportunities to collect Tapu Koko. Let’s dive into the techniques to get Tapu Koko in Pokemon Go.

Method 1: Teleport to Regions With Tapu Koko Pokemon

The fastest way to get Tapu Koko in Pokemon Go is to teleport to the regions where it’s located. All you need is the iWhere iPhone Location Changer software.

iWhere is a popular location spoofing app that is trusted by many professional Pokemon Go players. This tool offers 4 helpful features that you can use to modify your location in Pokemon Go and other location-based apps or platforms without getting banned. It allows you to access features like One-stop Mode and Multi-stop Mode that you can use to create routes in regions where you wish to find Tapu Koko in Pokemon Go. And thanks to its flexible Joystick Mode, you can easily teleport to any region on the map just by using your computer keyboard or cursor.

What’s more, iWhere iPhone Location Changer allows you to customize your speed while spoofing your location in Pokemon Go, import and export favorite spots via GPX files, save location history, and do lots more.

Key Features

  • Adjust the movement speed from 1 m/s to 50 m/s, allowing simulation of walking, riding, or driving while using the device.
  • Spoof location on Pokemon Go iPhone without jailbreak or getting banned.
  • Experience unparalleled gaming immersion in Pokémon GO, Monster Hunter Now, and Ingress with the flexible joystick, all while maintaining your precise location.
  • Easily bookmark favorite regions you’ve visited to be able to revisit them anytime you want.

Here is how iWhere iPhone Location Changer works;

Step 1: Start the iWhere iPhone Location Changer and click on the “Start” button. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 1 |tapu koko

Step 2: Choose the “Multi-stop Mode” – this mode allows you to create a route using different spots where Tapu Koko Pokemon can be found.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 |tapu koko

Step 3: Choose “spots” where Tapu Koko can be found from the map and always remember to click “Use this site” after selecting any spot.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 3 |tapu koko

Step 4: Once you choose the preferred spots, iWhere will automatically create a route for your Pokemon to follow using the spots you selected. Click on “Start Move”  to teleport the selected spots.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 4 |tapu koko

Image Name: iwhere-multi-stop-mode-04.jpg

Method 2: Join Five-Star Raids

Niantic consistently brings exciting challenges to Pokemon Go trainers, like the thrilling Five-Star Raid battles. These high level encounters allow you to battle and potentially catch the legendary Tapu Koko.

However, Tapu Koko’s raid appearances can be unpredictable. So, staying informed and seizing the opportunities is the only way for you to add Tapu Koko to your team via Five-Star Raids.

Tapu Koko five-star raids |tapu koko

Understanding Raid Rotations

  • Limited-Time Appearances: Tapu Koko doesn’t have a fixed raid schedule. In March 2024, it appeared alongside Regice and Tapu Lele in the Five-Star Raid Boss rotation, and for a limited window.
  • Stay Informed: You should check official Pokemon Go announcements regularly to know when Tapu Koko might return:
    • In-game News: Allows you to get the latest updates.
    • Pokemon Go Website: (https://pokemongolive.com/)
    • Social Media: You should also follow Pokemon Go on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Raid Hours: Your Best Chance

You may be aware that Pokemon Go features weekly Raid Hours every from 6 PM to 7 PM local time.

During these hours, the featured Five-Star Raid Boss gets increased appearances, giving you the best opportunity to find enough trainers and successfully challenge the legendary Tapu Koko.

March 2024 Raid Schedule

Date Range Featured Legendary Raid Boss Details
March 1 – 14 Tapu Koko Electric/Fairy-type. Weak to Ground, Poison, Ghost, and Steel-type attacks.
March 14 – 21 Regice Legendary Ice-type Titan. Weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-type attacks.
March 21 – April 4 Tapu Lele Electric/Psychic-type. Weak to Ground, Ghost, Dark, and Bug-type attacks

Prepare for Battle

  • Counters: You should focus on Pokemon with Ground, Poison, Ghost, and Steel-type attacks to exploit Tapu Koko’s weaknesses. Some top counters you should consider are:
  • Metagross: Meteor Mash (Steel), Earthquake (Ground)
  • Gengar: Shadow Claw (Ghost), Sludge Bomb (Poison)
  • Excadrill: Metal Claw (Steel), Drill Run (Ground)
  • Coordination: You should team up with other trainers for the best chance of success, given Five-Star Raids are very difficult to complete solo.
Group Size Recommendation
1 Trainer Not recommended. Very difficult even for skilled players.
2-3 Trainers Optimal for success with strong counters.
4+ Trainers Guaranteed higher success and faster battles.

Important Reminders

  • Raid Passes: You’ll need a Raid Pass (daily from Gym Photo Discs) or Premium Raid Pass (from the shop) to enter a raid. You can also participate in Remote Raid using Remote Raid Passes.
  • Trainer Level: Ensure your Trainer Level meets the minimum requirement for Five-Star Raids.
  • Time Limits: Five-Star Raids are time-sensitive. Once the egg hatches, you will have a limited window (usually around an hour) to defeat the Raid Boss.

Method 3: Seek Community Help

Battling formidable raid bosses like Tapu Koko is often easier and more enjoyable when you have a team by your side. The good thing is when it comes to Pokemon Go, there are tons of vibrant online communities. Here are some popular options:

  • The Silph Road: This subreddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/ — is a fantastic resource for taking on challenging raids like Tapu Koko. The Silph Road reddit page has dedicated threads for raid coordination, in-depth discussions about counters and strategies. Plus, you can ask questions and get advice from experienced trainers to counter Tapu Koko.
  • Pokemon Go Discord Servers: Discord is another popular platform where you can find both local and global Pokemon Go communities. Discover servers have dedicated channels for organizing raids and allow you to connect with local players, so ensure to join them.
  • Facebook Groups: You can also search local Pokemon Go Facebook groups in your city or region. Facebook groups are also a great way to connect with local trainers and arrange meetups for raids.

Bonus: Best Pokemon to Defeat Tapu Koko Pokemon

To secure victory in Five-Star raids, your team should focus on Pokemon wielding Ground, Poison, Ghost, and Steel-type attacks. These types of Pokemon can sustain severe damages and allow you to bring down the legendary Tapu Koko more efficiently.

Top Tier Counters

Excadrill (Ground/Steel):

Tapu Koko five-star raids |tapu koko

Excadrill’s double super-effective typing (Ground and Steel) makes it an absolute powerhouse against Tapu Koko. Using the right movesets, Excadrill can dish out staggering amounts of damage to Tapu Koko.

Metagross (Steel/Psychic):

Metagross |tapu koko

While its Physic typing doesn’t offer an advantage, Metagross’s Steel-type attacks and naturally high bulk make it excel in raids against Tapu Koko. It can also withstand some of Tapu Koko’s powerful moves and retaliate with devastating force.

Gengar (Ghost/Poison):

Gengar |tapu koko

Gengar’s Ghost and Poison-type attacks exploit Tapu Koko’s weaknesses and its exceptionally high attack stat leads to significant damage output. But, you will also have to be cautious because of its low defenses.


Q1. How can I level up fast in Pokemon Go?

Fast leveling in Pokemon Go requires a strategic approach. Here are the most effective methods:

  • Prioritize Research Tasks: Ensure to complete Field and Special Research tasks as they often offer significant XP rewards.
  • Catch Pokemon: Even when you catch common Pokemon, you will earn XPs. Try to use berries and better Pokeballs during catches to earn extra XP.
  • Raid Battles: Participating in raids, especially higher-level ones, will grant you a hefty amount of XP upon victory.
  • Mass Evolution: Evolve multiple Pokemon at once while using a Lucky Egg to double your XP gains.
  • Events: Take advantage of Community Days and other special events, which often comes with XP and bonuses.

Q2. In Pokemon GO, how do you recover HP after the Raid battle is over?

Use these items:

  • Potions to restore a portion of a Pokemon’s HP.
  • Super Potions/Hyper Potions to restore a larger amount of HP than regular Potions.
  • Max Potions to fully restore a Pokemon’s HP.
  • Revives to revive fainted Pokemon with half their HP.
  • Max Revives for fainted Pokemon with full HP.

Q3. How can you increase your chances of receiving healing items like Potions and Revives in Pokemon GO?

  • Raid Battles: You will have to defeat Raid Bosses of any difficulty, but higher-tier raids offer greater chances of receiving better healing items.
  • Defend Gyms: You can earn PokeCoins and potential bundles containing healing items.
  • Spin PokeStops: Regularly spin PokeStops for a chance to collect Potions and Revives.
  • Research Tasks: Ensure to complete Field and Special Research tasks that reward healing items.
  • Level Up Rewards: As you level up, you will receive higher-tier Potions and Revives as potential rewards.


Mastering Tapu Koko is a thrilling challenge with a legendary reward! You’ve now delved into his unique Pokemon’s origin, its strengths and weaknesses. Importantly, you know about the strategies that will lead you to victory in raids.

Remember, 5-Star Raids are where Tapu Koko appears, so timing is key! Prepare your team wisely, exploit its weaknesses, and avoid solo battles. It is only with skill, strategy, and a bit of luck that the guardian of Alola will be yours!

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