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Hily is one of the most reliable dating platforms out there that you can visit to find love. Folks from different destinations use this site to find nearby matches with similar mindsets that they can connect with and maybe recreate if possible. This site pairs users using the geodata on their devices. While this may seem cool as it cuts the costs of traveling far distances to connect with a soulmate, you can also be hindered from exploring other races, tribes, and cultures. If you don’t want such, you should consider changing your location.

There are multiple techniques to apply if you are looking to achieve this which will be discussed in detail here in this post. We will look at how Hily tracks your GPS data, and how to change your Hily location or turn it off. Stick with us as we get started.

Part 1. How Does Hily Work?

Hily collects and uses the geodata from your iPhone to pair you with like-minded folks having characteristics that match yours. The platform has a flexible and smart GPS algorithm that changes with changes in your position. For instance, when you move from area A to B, Hily quickly detects the change in GPS data and then adjusts accordingly before pairing you with a potential soulmate within the new region B. However, mind you, this only applies to folks using the free version of  Hily. For people using the premium version, you are permitted to search for dates outside your geographical coordinates without stepping an inch from your comfort zone.

Part 2. How to Change Hily Location Within 3 Steps

Instead of spending an exorbitant amount subscribing premium just to find a soulmate outside your place of residence, altering the GPS algorithm of your device to read your desired location is the best thing to do. The changed GPS location applies to other location-based apps and is be helpful when you wish to prank your friends and followers. However, for you to achieve this, a GPS mocking tool like iWhere iPhone Location Changer is required. The software guarantees an easy way to change your GPS location on any iOS device. It’s a very flexible GPS simulation software with diverse GPS coordinates that you can choose from to alter your location.

With the intuitive UI, you can claim any region of your choice on any dating app, including Hily, and find the partner of your dreams without changing your position. Additionally, you can use it to fake your location on social media platforms such as X, Instagram, Facebook, and more, in case you wish to prank your friends and followers. Using iWhere to modify your location is safe as no one can decipher that you’ve made changes to your GPS.

Key Features

  • One click and you are ready to teleport to any region around the globe without moving your body.
  • Keep track of your previous GPS location data for future reference.
  • Pick in-game gems on Pokemon GO and other AR games before anyone else by creating a path for navigation using this software.
  • Select between the range of 1m/s to 50m/s to customize the speed of your GPS movement on the map.

Steps to Change Hily Location Using iWhere

Start with installing iWhere on your computer via the official website. Once done, follow the steps below to change your location on Hily:

Step 1: Run the software, tick the terms and conditions box, and click Start on the subsequent interface.

run iWhere and click Start | Change Location on Hily

Step 2: Connect the iPhone you want to modify its GPS to your computer using a reliable USB cable. In case you are establishing a connection for the first time, a prompt will come up on your phone screen. Click Trust to proceed.

choose Trust on iPhone | Change Location on Hily

Choose Modify Location on your computer when the screen below appears:

use Modify Location | Change Location on Hily

Step 3: Now, iWhere will show a map that pinpoints your current position. Navigate to the left-hand side where you have the search tab and input your desired location.

input location and confirm it in iWhere | Change Location on Hily

Tap on Confirm Modify to save the new location on your iPhone. Without delay, Hily will start reading the newly selected GPS location.

Part 3. How to Change Location on Hily via Profile

From your profile page, you can make changes to your GPS coordinates on Hily. The dating app allows you to change your location manually via the settings panel on your account in case your GPS data fails to sync with it.

To alter your location on Hily via your profile, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Hily on your iPhone and make sure you are logged in to your account.
  2. Locate the Profile icon at the bottom right of the interface displayed.
  3. Next, select Menu at the top right corner of the subsequent screen.
  4. Scroll down to the next interface and proceed to where you have the Privacy and Settings panel.
  5. Tap on General Settings > Location.
  6. Input your desired location in the search bar and hit the Done button.
  7. change Hily location in Profile | Change Location on Hily

Part 4. How to Turn Off Hily Location

Turning off your location on Hily is an easy task to complete. This can be achieved via the settings panel by disabling location services for the Hily app on your iPhone. Use the illustrative guide below to  get this done on your iPhone:

  1. Start with launching the Settings menu on your home by hitting the corresponding icon.
  2. Swipe through the options on the screen that pop up and choose Privacy & Security.
  3. Tap on Location Services on the subsequent interface.
  4. Now, find and click on the Hily app icon.
  5. Finally, a screen with location permission options will appear. Choose Never to stop Hily from using your GPS data.   
  6. turn off Hily location | Change Location on Hily


How to Hide Location on Hily iPhone Without Disabling Location?

Disabling location services for Hily is one of the obvious ways to hide your location which can limit your date options. Instead of using this approach to conceal your GPS data, location spoofing software like iWhere could come to your aid. This software is dedicated to changing the GPS coordinates of an iOS device and the effect cut across other location-based apps. When you use this software, you’ve got endless dating options while your location is hidden on Hily.

Is it possible to use my Hily profile on multiple devices?

Sure, it’s possible!

You can use your Hily profile on multiple devices without restrictions. Just ensure that you have your details correctly logged in on the devices and you are good to start finding matches within your geographical coordinates.


There you go with changing your location on Hily! With the comprehensive guide shared in this post, you can take control of your GPS coordinates on Hily without hassles. We’ve explained how to change your location using a third-party tool-iWhere which is an automated approach with endless GPS options to select from. You also have the manual approach that involves altering your location via your profile page. Choose the procedure that suits you.

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