Top 11 Apps Like Grindr for Straight People

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Updated on 2024-07-11


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If you are thinking of trying out dating apps, then Grindr is quite a popular choice because of its features and benefits. Many people have a great time using the app as it has proven effective for many of them. But the only trouble with Grindr is that it’s not suitable for everyone. The app is primarily meant for the LGBTQ+ community who want to date people within their community without being judged or questioned at all.

However, as a straight person, this might not be the best app for you. That’s why, we have got the perfect list of the 11 best apps like Grindr for straight people. These apps all serve you the same way as Grindr and even more. But if you still choose to use Grindr, then as a bonus we leave a trick to help you get more matches. So, stick to the end. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Why Grindr isn’t suitable for heterosexual singles?

Well, the major reason why Grindr isn’t suitable for heterosexual singles is because it is primarily designed for LGBTQ+ individuals to connect with others within their community. The app specifically focuses on gay, bi, trans, and queer individuals. It’s because these individuals would usually face a lot of backlash and trouble in some regions where LGBTQ+ hasn’t been normalized yet.

Any heterosexual single using the app will always come across people belonging to this special community which may cause a conflict of preferences. That’s why, it might not be the best app for any heterosexual single for dating. However, if you are thinking of meeting some new people, then Grindr can still be a great app to use.

Part 2: Top 11 Apps Like Grindr for Straight People

Here’s the thing, Grindr may not be meant for straight people, but there are plenty of other useful and effective apps that cater to heterosexual people. Some apps even cater to almost all the different sexual preferences. Let’s check out 11 top apps that work like Grindr –

1. Tinder

tinder | grindr for straight people

When it comes to dating apps, there is nothing as popular as Tinder. It’s like the pioneer of swipe-based dating apps. It boasts a staggering user base, making it a strong contender for finding matches in almost any location. The simple interface allows for quick browsing and effortless connections.

Key features:

  • Browse profiles based on photos and a short bio to pique interest.
  • Easily express interest or disinterest by swiping right or left.
  • Only enables the chat option when both people swipe right.
  • Refine searches by using the desired age range and location parameters
  • Paid features for added benefits like increased visibility.


  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of available users
  • Suitable for casual and serious relationships


  • It’s known for more casual relationships
  • Focuses a lot more on the appearance
tipsComparison with Grindr
  • Tinder is a bit more mainstream and features a much broader user pool than Grindr. Also, it’s usable for both straight users and people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. As for dating type, Tinder is used for both casual and serious relationships. However, recently it’s become a bit more popular for casual hookups.

2. Bumble:

bumble | grindr for straight people

Bumble flips the traditional dating script by empowering women to initiate conversations after a match. This unique approach fosters a more respectful and intentional dating environment. It’s filled with a lot of straight individuals looking to get a genuine connection going with someone.

Key features:

  • It has an easy swiping system with only women having the power to start chats.
  • Provides the option to extend the conversation window using premium Bumble coins.
  • Features video chat option for users when both of them feel comfortable with it.
  • Connects you with people within a proximity of 161 kilometers.
  • Premium subscription unlocks features like incognito mode, travel mode, unlimited swipes, etc.


  • Usable for almost everyone regardless of gender preferences
  • Ensures more seriousness and engagement.
  • Creates a respectable dating environment.


  • Many features require paid subscriptions
  • The limited time window can be stressful at times.  
tipsHow it differs from Grindr?
  • Tinder is a bit more mainstream and features a much broader user pool than Grindr. Also, it’s usable for both straight users and people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. As for dating type, Tinder is used for both casual and serious relationships. However, recently it’s become a bit more popular for casual hookups.

3. OKCupid

okcupid | grindr for straight people

OkCupid moves beyond the superficial swiping of other apps and provides a deeper insight into personality and interests to foster more meaningful connections. The app algorithm uses the information you provide regarding deal breakers or qualities you look for in a match and suggests profiles accordingly.

Key features:

  • Creates a detailed profile with hobbies, beliefs, lifestyle preferences, and answers to match questions.
  • It uses profile information and answers to match with users who share similar values and interests automatically.
  • Lets you refine your search by filtering matches based on specific criteria like education, religion, or smoking habits.
  • Show extra interest in someone by using the “Double Take” feature accessible through a premium subscription.
  • The app has a passport feature to help you match with people living further away from you.


  • Offers a lot of free features
  • Works great for in-depth compatibility
  • Suitable for 13 sexual orientations, and 22 gender identities


  • Automatic subscription renewal is problematic
  • Free messaging is limited
tipsComparison with Grindr
  • OkCupid works to create more genuine and deeper connections, as compared to the casual-focused connections on Grindr. It also caters to a wide range of sexual orientations and gender identities.

4. Hinge

hinge | grindr for straight people

Hinge positions itself as the “anti-dating app,” aiming to facilitate genuine connections that go beyond the initial swipe. It uses prompts to learn a bit about your thoughts on certain topics and understand you a bit better. Users can see those answers and have a better idea about who you are and how you think.

Key features:

  • The use of prompts and questions helps reveal aspects of personality.
  • Provides a much more detailed overview of people for genuine connection
  • Users can see who liked them without having to pay anything
  • Features an option to use effective and efficient 30-second voice prompts.
  • Utilizes advanced matching algorithm to find matches for its users.


  • Encourages building deeper and more genuine connection
  • Comes with refined searching with filters on premium.
  • Allows liking specific aspects of a profile


  • The number of daily right swipes is limited
  • Requires time and effort to craft prompts.
tipsHow does it cater to straight users?
  • Hinge is all about getting into a serious relationship that turns into something more than casual. It’s built in such a way that connects two like-minded people in the app who can spend a longer journey as a partner.

5. HER

her | grindr for straight people

HER is a dating app which is meant for people identifying as lesbian, bisexual, queer, pansexual, or non-binary. Similar to most dating apps it has a swiping feature to express interest and disinterest towards someone.

Key features:

  • Create profiles that reflect your unique identity and preferences.
  • Stay updated on current events and stories relevant to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Join smaller group chats based on interests or hobbies to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Attend HER-hosted parties in various cities for a fun and social way to meet other LGBTQ+ women.
  • Prioritizes creating a respectful and inclusive environment for its users


  • Features a focused user base
  • Great for building friendships and community
  • It’s a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ women.


  • The app is not inclusive of men or straight women.
  • Many useful features require premium access.
tipsAdaptability for straight individuals
  • Well, the app isn’t suitable for straight users as it is specifically designed for women belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.


match | grindr for straight people is a subscription-based dating platform designed to connect individuals who are seeking committed relationships and potentially a partner for marriage. It offers a detailed set of features to help users find compatible partners based on personality, values, and dating goals.

Key features:

  • Create an informative profile showcasing your personality, interests, lifestyle, and relationship goals.
  • Features an incognito mode option for privacy concerns in the premium subscription mode
  • Get a curated selection of daily matches depending on your profile and preferences.
  • The algorithm uses profile information and preferences to connect with compatible users seeking similar goals.
  • Provides a timeline of interactions with matches, including messages sent and received in the premium mode.


  • Filled with users seeking serious relationships
  • Detailed profile information availability
  • Proven track record of success in a serious relationship


  • Most features require a subscription
  • Requires a lot of time and effort to create a profile
tipsComparison with Grindr
  • If we were to compare with Grindr, then they would be quite the opposite of each other. While is for people who are looking to get into a serious relationship or trying to get married, Grindr is more about casual dating. Along with that, is inclusive of all gender orientations and sexual preferences.

7. Zoosk

Zoosk | grindr for straight people

Zoosk offers a well-rounded online dating experience with a user-friendly interface and features catering to a broad range of dating goals. Whether you’re seeking a casual encounter or a committed relationship, Zoosk’s combination of core functionalities and engaging features might help you find your perfect match.

Key features:

  • Very easy to create a profile using Zoosk streamlining profile creation options.
  • “The algorithm analyzes activity, preferences, and behavior to suggest potential matches
  • Refining searches using filters based on specific criteria like age, location, interests, or even height.
  • “Like” or “pass” on each profile, with additional options to send a message directly if you see a strong connection.
  • Send virtual gifts to matches as a fun way to break the ice and spark conversation with a premium subscription
tipsHow does it serve straight users
  • With a diverse range of sexual orientations, the app provides a lot of options for straight users. Zoosk is not only focused on one type of relationship, whether it’s a casual one or a serious one, users can try out any of them here.

8. Happn

Happn | grindr for straight people

Happn is a location-based dating app that connects you with people you’ve physically crossed paths with throughout the day. For instance, if you walk through the street and you like someone you see. Happn will show you their profile if they are also a user of this app.

Key features:

  • Uses GPS to identify other Happn users someone has been near, sparking the possibility of a chance encounter online.
  • Secretly like someone’s profile without them knowing. If they like you back, it becomes a “Crush Time” mutual match.
  • Conversations with matches expire after a set period, encouraging users to be proactive and initiate communication.
  • Creates profile showcasing personality, interests, and what someone is looking for in a partner
  • Lets users send virtual gifts to the matches as a great way to spark conversations.


  • Utilizes real-world information for realistic matches.
  • Protects the privacy of interactions
  • Comes with a lot of features on premium


  • User density in areas varies greatly
  • No option for searching for profiles
tipsComparison with Grindr
  • Grindr is about connecting with people belonging to the specific LGBTQ+ community. On the other hand, Happs is all about connecting with people you cross paths with in real life.

9. Coffee Meets Bagel

coffee meets bagel | grindr for straight people

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) emphasizes curated matches and a more selective approach to online dating. It’s a dating app known for its focus on quality over quantity. Every day at noon, CMB presents you with a limited set of curated profiles, called “Bagels,” based on your profile and preferences. So, you get different profiles every day, without getting any repetitive profiles.

Key features:

  • Presents you with a curated selection of “Bagels” each day, encouraging thoughtful consideration.
  • Profiles include photos and prompts that reveal users’ personalities and interests, fostering deeper connections.
  • Like a Bagel’s profile and leave a comment to initiate conversation, showcasing your genuine interest.
  • Matches with “Bagels” expire after 24 hours, encouraging users to be proactive and initiate communication.
  • Unlock additional curated matches and filters to refine your search which is available with a paid subscription


  • Get quality matches with limited profiles every day.
  • The User-friendly interface works great for beginners.
  • Suggests conversation starters to break the ice.


  • Finding a connection can be slower
  • Less control over the profiles you see
tipsHow does it differ from Grindr?
  • The difference between CMB and Grindr is mostly in the user base. In CMB people are looking for stronger connections, and straight people can also find their matches. As for Grindr, it leans more towards casual connections amongst the people in LGBTQ+ community.

10. Plenty of Fish (POF)

plenty of fish | grindr for straight people

Plenty of Fish (POF) stands out as one of the largest and most established free dating apps. It offers a wide range of features catering to users with diverse dating goals and backgrounds, making it a popular choice for many. Whether you’re seeking casual encounters, serious relationships, or something in between, it can help you with all.

Key features:

  • Offers a fully functional experience without requiring any paid subscription making it a budget option.
  • Refine the search results with detailed filters to narrow down matches based on specific criteria.
  • Allows users to highlight themselves to a wider pool of potential matches for a limited time to increasing increase visibility
  • Features live streaming in some regions to add a more interactive element to online dating


  • Most features are free to use for everyone
  • A large user base increases the chances of a match


  • Difficult to filter out matches from a vast pool of users
  • The algorithm isn’t well-developed.
tipsSuitability for straight individuals
  • For all the straight individuals who are just getting into the world of online dating apps, this can be a great choice. It’s filled with a lot of users, and most features are free to use. This way you can have a much higher chance of meeting people, right of the bat, even if you are just starting.

11. eHarmony

eharmony | grindr for straight people

eHarmony takes a scientific approach to dating, using a comprehensive compatibility quiz to match you with highly compatible partners for long-term relationships. It goes beyond simple swiping by focusing on values, personality traits, and lifestyle preferences to connect users who are more likely to build lasting relationships.

Key features:

  • Requires answering a detailed questionnaire to assess your personality, values, and relationship goals.
  • It uses the quiz results to identify highly compatible matches based on your unique traits and desires.
  • The app provides various communication features like messaging, video calls, and icebreaker questions to facilitate connection.
  • A paid subscription comes with advanced features like seeing matches and sending messages require a paid subscription.
  • Access expert advice and resources on building successful relationships within the platform.


  • Helps build strong and compatible connections
  • Plenty of assistive features
  • Great algorithm for finding matches


  • Most useful features require a subscription
  • Requires plenty of time to create a profile
tipsComparison with Grindr
  • When it comes to comparing Grindr with eHarmony, there are two crucial differences you get to see. One is that eHarmony is a subscription-based app, whereas Grindr is a freemium app. Another difference is in the dating style and user base. eHarmony is meant for serious relationships based on commitment for almost everyone, but Grindr prioritizes casual dating more within the LGBTQ+ community.

Exclusive: Fake Location on Dating Apps to Make More Connections!

As dating apps increasingly rely on GPS for matching, utilizing the iWhere iPhone Location Changer tool can enhance your connection opportunities. This tool facilitates altering your location seamlessly, enabling you to appear in various places and extend your reach within the app. With its user-friendly movement simulation, you can switch locations without fear of detection or suspension, thanks to the tool’s built-in features designed to prevent such issues.

Key features:

  • Using speed adjustments from 1m/s to 50m/s to mimic human movement you can avoid getting detected by Grindr.
  • The 4 Different modes (e.g. One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, Joystick Mode, Modify Location Mode) available on the software help you move in different styles.
  • There is no hassle in using the software, it just requires a single click to change location.
  • For a much more flexible movement option throughout the app, there is a Joystick mode feature.
  • Share any popular or effective location settings amongst users through GPX files.

How to use iWhere iPhone Location Changer to change location?

Step 1: Open the software on your computer. Then, plug in your phone and wait for the software to detect your device. Once it detects, click on “Start”.

iwhere iphone location changer 1 | grindr for straight people

Step 2: From all the movement modes, select “Modify location” to change your location at a specific spot.

iwhere iphone location changer 2 | grindr for straight people

Step 3: When the map comes up, you can see your location. Use your mouse to move the map, and use the plus and minus icons to zoom in and out.

move the map | grindr for straight people

Step 4: Next, choose your desired location by typing or clicking a specific spot on the map. You can type on the search bar and click on “Confirm Modify” to choose the location. Or click on the exact location and click on “Confirm Modify” on the popup that appears.

confirm modify | grindr for straight people

Step 5: To access any location you had visited previously using the software, you can use the manage history options.  

manage history options | grindr for straight people


Q1. How far away can I see other users on Grindr?

Grindr prioritizes showing you the users closest to you, but there’s no single maximum distance. You can see an estimate of a user’s distance from your profile, and you can adjust the search radius in your settings to control how far away you look.

Q2. Can I change my location on Grindr?

Yes, with a Grindr Passport premium subscription, you can virtually change your location and explore profiles in different cities worldwide. And if you want to do it for free, then iWhere iPhone Location Changer can be your best friend.

Q3. Does Grindr share my exact location?

While Grindr might not reveal your exact address, it has previously been criticized for showing user location within a 100-meter range. It’s important to be mindful of privacy when using location-based apps.

Q4. Can I search for users on Grindr?

Grindr’s core functionality revolves around showing you profiles based on proximity. There’s no search function in the traditional sense, but you can adjust the distance radius to control the area you see users from.


In conclusion, if you are looking for the perfect partner through a dating app, then there are plenty of options available. While some apps can get you the love of your life with a serious relationship, some will wind you up with a casual connection. Grindr is one of those casual dating apps, specifically catering to the LGBTQ+ community. If you belong to the community and want to increase your chances of getting more matches, then try the iWhere iPhone Location Changer today!

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