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Almost every Monster Hunter game features a carving knife, and it’s a tool in the game that helps with rewards. However, in Monster Hunter Now, the Carving Knife works a bit differently than the other games.

That’s why we have created this ultimate guide that gives you a complete insight into the Carving Knife, its functionality, and its necessity in Monster Hunter Now. There’s also a special method right at the end of the guide to play the game without extra hassle. So, make sure you go through the whole guide. For now, let’s get started.

Part 1: What Is Monster Hunter Now Carving Knife?

The Special Carving Knife in Monster Hunter Now is a consumable item that grants a significant advantage during post-hunt rewards. Upon successful completion of a hunt, utilizing a Special Carving Knife doubles the quantity of all acquired materials and monster parts. This includes common and uncommon materials, rare monster parts, and potentially Zenny (in-game currency). Each Special Carving Knife can only be used once.

monster hunter now carving knife | monster hunter now carving knife

Benefits of Monster Hunter Now Special Carving Knife:

With the use of Special Carving Knife in Monster Hunter Now you can get a significant advantage in acquiring resources. Let’s get through the key benefits you can get from using the special carving knife in Monster Hunter Now.

  • Double the quantity of all reward materials and monster parts after a successful hunt.
  • It may also double the amount of Zenny received after a hunt at times.
  • Significantly accelerates progress in the game by cutting your grind time in half through faster crafting and reduced hunting time.
  • Allows for strategic resource management by helping gather essential resources more quickly.
  • Save up on gems by not using them for double rewards.

Part 2: How to Get Monster Hunter Now Carving Knife?

Getting a Carving Knife in Monster Hunter Now is quite easy. All you will need to do is buy the Halloween Pack or the Hallow Premium Pack from the Monster Hunter Now store. There are two available stores where you can get the packs.

In-game store

get monster hunter now carving knife | monster hunter now carving knife

The in-game store is a store inside the Monster Hunter Now app that lets you buy in-game stuff. It is shown with a shop icon on the game’s main screen. Simply open the store and look for the Halloween Pack or the Halloween Premium Pack.

Web Store

web store | monster hunter now carving knife

There is also a web store available for Monster Hunter Now. To buy packs from there, you have to simply visit the official Monster Hunter website, go to the drop-down menu, and look for the web store. It will bring up all the items that you can buy in the game.

  • If you have a Mac OS with Apple Silicon, type the command, type Y, and press the Return key to confirm. Also, enter your admin password.

Game giveaway

MHN gives players online gifts to reward them when they’ve achieved a certain achievement. Just go online and you can get various items, including Special Carving Knife.

special carving knife | monster hunter now carving knife

Part 3: How & When to Use Monster Hunter Now Carving Knife?

Since the Carving Knife is a consumable, whenever you use the item, you have to do it strategically to maximize the benefit you get out of it. Below we talk about some of these strategies and explain how these strategies can help you increase the value of rewards you get through a carving knife.

Strategy 1: Use them for High-Difficulty Hunts

Whenever you are facing a formidable monster that offers valuable or rare monster parts as rewards, the Special Carving Knife becomes a prime candidate for use. You can simply double the potential yield of these crucial materials significantly enhancing your return on investment for the time and effort spent on the hunt.

high difficulty hunts | monster hunter now carving knife

Strategy 2: For limited-time events

Monster Hunter Now often releases limited-time events, where you get to experience exclusive items and monsters for a limited time. If you use the carving knife during these events, you can double the amount of exclusive reward you get even within a limited time. This adds great value to your inventory because these exclusive items or monsters are quite rare to find in the game.

limited-time events | monster hunter now carving knife

Strategy 3: Farming rare materials

Usually, finding and gathering rare materials can be a hard grind that takes a long time to complete. But with the help of a Special Carving Knife during hunts that feature rare monsters that are bound to drop rare materials the process gets easy. You can potentially double your chances of acquiring a valuable rare piece, significantly reducing the overall farming time.

Part 4: Is it Worth Using a Special Carving Knife in Monster Hunter Now?

Considering that the worth of using a special carving knife in Monster Hunter Now depends on several different factors. Going through the factors will help you understand when it’s worth using the carving knife, and when it’s a waste. Let’s take a quick look at those factors.

Current Rank

The value of the carving knife in Monster Hunter depends heavily on your player rank. Low-rank players facing easy monsters should save the knife since using it on low-level creatures yields less valuable rewards. Conversely, high-rank players benefit more from using the knife on powerful monsters, doubling the rewards.

Playing Style

Your playstyle determines when and how to use the carving knife. If you prioritize speed and efficiency, using it accelerates resource gathering, aiding faster progression and more rewards. If you prefer a slower, explorative approach, save the knife for special monsters and rare items.

Notice of special events

If no special events are imminent, consider using the carving knife immediately, especially if you’re a high-rank player to avoid waste. However, if you receive notice of upcoming events, save the knife for those occasions to maximize rewards during the events.

Part 5: What Pro Gamers Are Saying About Using Monster Hunter Now Carving Knife?

All the pro gamers who are into Monster Hunter Now, consider the carving knife as a very valuable asset. Because they focus a lot on maximizing the drops and rewards which can be later used for upgrading the arsenal in the game. And it’s crucial to upgrade the arsenal if you want to reach a higher rank and progress in the game.

Here are some tips that pro gamers often use to maximize their gain from the carving knife.

  • Try to get as many carving knives as possible because of their limited availability.
  • Whenever playing the game, make sure to search for powerful and rare monsters close to you.
  • Never use the knife in lower ranks as the rewards there aren’t worth doubling.
  • Utilize the knife on monsters that you are capable of defeating, don’t get too ambitious.
  • Don’t be reckless while using the knife, be strategic about when you are using it.

pro gamers are saying | monster hunter now carving knife

Special Bonus: Get More Special Items With The Best Location Changer

Utilizing the carving knife doesn’t need to be hectic or a troublesome process when you have the iWhere iPhone Location Changer.  You can use the tool to play the game right from your home and explore the vast world of Monster Hunter Now. Aside from the comfort factor, you get an excellent benefit with the range where you can come across plenty of monsters in the game. This will increase your chances of encountering a powerful, and high-level monster. So, you can combine the carving knife, and the iWhere iPhone Location Changer, to hunt high-level monsters and double the valuable rewards efficiently. And you get to do that without worrying even a little bit about getting banned, with the advanced features.

Key Features

  • Adjustable human movement speed from 1m/s to 50m/s
  • 4 different movement modes including modify location mode, multi-stop mode, joystick mode, and one-stop mode.
  • Very easy to use without requiring any jailbreak or complicated setup.
  • The joystick mode feature allows for free-movement on any location-based game.
  • Uses GPX file format allowing users to share effective and useful location settings amongst themselves.

Steps to use for iWhere iPhone Location Changer

Step 1: Open the software on your computer and connect your iPhone device. And click on “Start.”

iWhere iPhone Location Changer | monster hunter now carving knife

Step 2: Usually, it’s best if you choose the “multi-stop mode” movement mode to play Monster Hunter Now. You can plan a route to follow where you have the most chances of encountering rare monsters.

encountering rare monsters | monster hunter now carving knife

Step 3:  You will see a map where a pointer will appear at your current location. To confirm your exact location, you have to click on the “Use this site” option from there. It will work as the starting point for the route.

Use this site | monster hunter now carving knife

Step 4: After that, you just have to add sites on the map to create a route. Simply input addresses where you want your destinations to be. Try using locations that are popular for spawning rare monsters in general. Then, simply click on the “Start Move” button to start the location change process.   

location change process | monster hunter now carving knife

Once you change your location, open the Monster Hunter Now game at the same time. In the game, you will see your character moving on the map following the path you created in the software. Use the carving knife, track monsters, hunt them down, and collect double rewards.


1. Can I get a Special Carving Knife back if I accidentally use it?

No, unfortunately, you cannot get a Special Carving Knife back in Monster Hunter Now if you accidentally use it. Since it’s a consumable item, once you activate its effect during a hunt, it’s gone.

2. Should I use the Carving Knife on specific monster parts?

You can definitely consider prioritizing the Carving Knife for specific monster parts in Monster Hunter Now. But you have to be aware of two things. One is breakable parts, and the other is carve order. If a monster has breakable parts that yield high-value materials, the Carving Knife can significantly increase your return on investment. Also, the parts you are carving also matter. Some body parts might have a higher chance of yielding rare materials, making the Carving Knife even more impactful.

3. Can I use multiple Carving Knives on a single hunt?

No, you cannot use multiple Special Carving Knives on a single hunt in Monster Hunter Now. Each Special Carving Knife functions as a one-time use consumable. It is designed to be a single, powerful boost to your rewards.  Stacking them would create an exponential effect, potentially leading to unbalanced resource acquisition.


To sum up, the carving knife in Monster Hunter Now isn’t a regular consumable that you can just use. Due to its limited availability nature, it’s best to use the item following some strategies. And if you want to get the most value out of it, you can always pair it up with the iWhere iPhone Location Changer. This way you will be able to do everything while sitting on your couch.

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