Ultimate Dual Blades Build Guide for Monster Hunter Now 2024

by Aria Ford

Updated on 2024-07-04


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Wielding the dual blades in Monster Hunter Now is nothing short of an accomplishment for all the players out there. It’s the perfect weapon to have for a unique and rewarding playstyle in the game. Being able to use the blades correctly can give you a lot of benefits as you progress in the game quickly.

To help you get that advantage in the game through dual blades, we have prepared this complete guide on dual blades build. This guide dives deep into the mechanics, strategic considerations, and build optimization for aspiring Dual Blade users. And right at the end, we share the perfect solution to get more materials in the game to leverage the best out of dual blades. So, let’s get started with it.

Part 1: What is Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades?

The Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Now are a weapon specializing in high attack speed, mobility, and sustained damage. Their unique characteristic is the ability to switch between Standard Mode and Demon Mode. 

monster hunter now dual blades | monster hunter now dual blades

Dual Blades Monster Hunter Now: Demon Mode

The true power of the Dual Blades lies within the Demon Mode. You can activate the demon mode by holding the attack button during a Standard Mode combo. The Demon Mode unlocks a more aggressive set of moves with significantly increased attack power. This is where you unleash a storm of attacks to obliterate your opponent.

While using the Demon Mode, you must be wary of the stamina gauge. Because a dedicated stamina gauge fuels the mode. If you can’t effectively manage the gauge, it will deplete all your stamina and put you in a vulnerable state.

Demon Mode | monster hunter now dual blades

Best Controls for Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades

  • Swipe: Helps you evade enemy attacks.
  • Tap: Performs basic attacks in the game.
  • Tap the SP button: Activates the demon mode.
  • Tap the SP button while in Demon Mode: Exit the Demon mode
  • Swipe in Demon mode: Perform a demon flurry rush, an evasive attack.
  • Tap after dodge: Attacks after a perfect evade outside of demon mode.
  • Perfect dodge in demon mode: Performs demon sky dance combo.
  • SP Skill Button: Using the full power bar to perform a special Heavenly Blade Dance attack.

Best Combos for Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades:

When wielding the dual blades, you can perform various combos that aren’t usually possible with other weapons. The most significant dual-blade combos are:

The Standard Mode 7-Hit Combo:

The 7-hit combo is a chain attack that deals much damage on the monsters, especially the lower-level ones. All you have to do to use this combo is simply keep attacking the monster by tapping on the screen while dodging their attacks.

Demon Mode Combo

This is a key move in Demon Mode. Here, you simply dodge while in Demon Mode to unleash a spinning attack that extends the Demon Mode duration and deals damage. With this combo, you can stay aggressive while managing your stamina gauge if you can string the attacks together.

Demon Flurry Combo

If you want to prioritize damage while taking the risk of getting attacked, then Demon Flurry Combo is a great choice. With this combo, you will constantly be attacking your opponent without any kind of evasive move at all. This will cause plenty of damage to the monster; however, your defense will get weak simultaneously.

demon flurry combo | monster hunter now dual blades

Part 2: How to Unlock Monster Hunter Now Best Dual Blades?

The dual blades can be unlocked during the main quests in Chapter 2 of the game. If you have already completed the chapter, then these blades should already be in your weapon selection option. All you have to do is equip the blade. However, the blade you get is the regular version; you have to build up on the type.

Coming to the blade type, dual blades in Monster Hunter Now come with two factors. One is the raw power, and the other is the elemental fury. While raw power focuses on pure physical damage of the blade with high attack power, elemental fury is all about choosing an element to fight a specific type of monster.

As you progress in the game, you can use various drops and materials you get from defeating monsters to craft dual blades according to your needs. Consider crafting multiple Dual Blades with varying elemental affinities. This allows you to exploit weaknesses and maximize damage output against specific foes. If you want to know how to get the materials to make Dual Blades faster, this video can help you:

Part 3: How to Use Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades?

Mastering the Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Now requires skillful balance between aggressive offense and strategic stamina management. Here are expert tips to perfect your dual blades technique:

Tip 1: Engage in close combat battles

Dual blades excel in close-range battles. To effectively utilize their power, always strive to engage your opponent in close proximity for maximum impact.

Tip 2: Time the use of demon mode perfectly

Demon mode enhances your damage output but drains stamina rapidly. Use it strategically, considering the stamina gauge. Overuse can leave you vulnerable when exhausted. 

Tip 3: Use the special move on tall and powerful monsters

Save the powerful Heavenly Blade Dance move for tall and powerful monsters like Rathalos. This high-damage attack consumes your entire stamina gauge, delivering devastating blows in a vertical assault. 

Part 4: Best Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades Build

The effectiveness of your dual blades hinges on your build. Here’s a look at some top community-recommended builds:

Early Game Build

Ideal for beginners starting out with limited resources, this basic build offers a solid foundation until more options become available as you progress in the game.

Weapon Armor
Rending beaks (No element) Kulu headpiece (Grade 2)
Leather Mail (Grade 2)
Girros Vambraces (Grade 2)
Leather Belt (Grade 2)
Kulu Greaves (Grade 2)

Raw Dual Blades Build

If you want the maximum damaging power on a regular dual-blade build, the raw dual build can be a great option.

Weapon Armor
Thanatos Mauls (Grade 5, No element) Zinogre Helm (Grade 6)
Rathalos Mail (Grade 6)
Rathian Vambraces (Grade 6)
Rathian Coil (Grade 6)
Zinogre Greaves (Grade 6)

Water Dual Blades Build

Whenever you face a fire-weak monster, then wielding a water dual-blade build may work in your favor. Here’s a great water dual-blade build to use.

Weapon Armor
Madness Pangas (Grade 5, Water) Kulu Headpiece (Grade 4)
Jyura Mail (Grade 4)
Jyura Vambraces (Grade 6)
Rathian Coil (Grade 5)
Jagras Greaves (Grade 6)

Fire Dual Blade Build

To deal with monsters that are weak to fire, you can try out this very effective fire built in the game.

Weapon Armor
Blazing Hatchets (Grade 5, Fire)  Anja Helm (Grade 4)
 Rathalos Mail (Grade 6)
 Anja Vambraces (Grade 6)
 Diablos Nero Coil (Grade 5)
 Kulu Greaves (Grade 6)

Thunder Dual Blades Build

When you have to deal with water-based monsters, thunders can be a great choice for you.

Weapon Armor
Usurper’s Fulgur (Grade 6, Thunder) Kulu Headpiece (Grade 6)
Rathalos Mail (Grade 6)
Zinogre Vambraces (Grade 6)
Kadachi Coil (Grade 6)
Zinogre Greaves (Grade 6)

Ice Dual Blade Build

Defeating fire-based monsters becomes much easier for you when you have the Ice Dual Blade Build. It deals additional damage to fire-based monsters.

Weapon Armor

Freeze Daggers (Grade 5, Ice) Kulu Headpiece (Grade 4)
Barioth Mail (Grade 6)
Barioth Vambraces (Grade 6)
Legiana Coil (Grade 5)
Kulu Greaves (Grade 6)

Best Skills for Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades

Check out this quick list of skills that can turn your dual blades into an ultimate weapon against monsters in the game.

Skill Benefit
Elemental Attack Helps in exploiting the elemental weakness of monsters.
Critical Eye Increases DPS and the rate of critical hits.
Lock On Easily targets the weak spots of monsters
Weakness Exploit Exploits weakness by raising affinity
Burst Improves DPS

Best Builds Against Different Monsters

The good thing is that you can stay within the builds we have already discussed above to counter different monsters. Below, just take a look at which builds work great against which monsters.

Monsters Dual Blade Build
Jyuratodus Thunder Build
Anjanath Water Build
Rathian Thunder Build
Legiana Fire Build
Diablos Ice Build
Rathalos Thunder Build

Part 5: Analyzing 13 Different Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades

In Monster Hunter Now, there are plenty of dual-blade options you can choose from. We have come across the 13 most popular dual blades in the game. Here’s a brief analysis of each blade and its suitability for different players.

Matched Slicers

different monster hunter now dual blades | monster hunter now dual blades

You can forge them right at the beginning of the game, but to upgrade them, you will need common materials and Zenny. These don’t have an affinity, but they do come with poison resistance skills up to level 2.

Rending Beaks

rending beaks | monster hunter now dual blades

You get +10% affinity in the beginning on these blades, which can be upgraded to +30%. The unique skill of the blade is called Fortify.

Bone Hatchets

bone hatchets | monster hunter now dual blades

Coming to the quality, these blades deal medium-level damage, and don’t have any affinity for them. You can get the Concentration skill on these blades in grade 4.

Blazing Hatchets

blazing hatchets | monster hunter now dual blades

If you want to upgrade the blazing hatches, you will need parts of the monster “Anjanath.” These blades don’t come with any affinity, but if you can get them in grade 8, you have a chance to obtain Rising Tide skills.

Freeze Daggers

freeze daggers | monster hunter now dual blades

To upgrade these blades, you will need parts from the Legiana monster. Once you reach a high level, the blades will unlock the special skill called Divine Blessing. Also, these blades don’t have any affinity.  

Diablos Hatchets

diablos hatchets | monster hunter now dual blades

You don’t get any affinity on these blades. But if you can take the blades at grade 8, then you can acquire the Heroics Skill.

Thanatos Mauls

thanatos mauls | monster hunter now dual blades

You can forge these blades once you have defeated the black diablos and gathered its parts. It’s very difficult to obtain these parts because black diablo only appears for special events. This blade obtains the Partbreaker skill when it reaches grade 8.

Pulsar Hatchets

pulsar hatchets | monster hunter now dual blades

Even though these blades don’t have affinity, they do possess quite a lot of power to defeat monsters. They come with a special skill called Evade Extender.

Madness Pangas

madness pangas | monster hunter now dual blades

The blades don’t come with any affinity. As for the skill, you get a level 1 skill called “Last Stand” in the 8th grade of these blades.

Mammoth Direbones

madness direbones | monster hunter now dual blades

To forge and upgrade these blades, you have to defeat a barbaric and get its parts. However, a lot of players suggest not wasting those parts on this blade rather than spending them on other weapon types. The blades also have no affinity but come with a skill called Firm Foothold.


blizzarioths | monster hunter now dual blades

These blades have an affinity of +5%, but when you upgrade them to a higher level, it increases to 20%. The special skill on this blade is that of a level 1 Evade Extender, similar to the Pulsar Hatchets.

Usurper’s Fulgur

blizzarioths | monster hunter now dual blades

While there is no affinity or high damage stats, the blade does come with a special skill called Artful Dodger.

Fortune Dragon Fans

fortune dragon fans | monster hunter now dual blades

The blades are very unique in ability, but they don’t have any affinity. It also has medium damage ability. In the blades, you get the Divine Blessing special skill, just like the Freeze Daggers.

Bonus: Get More Materials in Monster Hunter Now!

Just forging or obtaining the dual blades is only half the job done. You also have to upgrade them to achieve the highest potential and get the most value. For that, you have to hunt more monsters and gather as much material as possible. This can be quite difficult if you have to roam outside to find monsters. But the job gets easy with iWhere iPhone Location Changer. You can use the tool to explore the Monster Hunter Now world vastly without even having to go outside. With its safety features, there won’t be any need to bother about getting banned.

Key Features

  • Adjustable human movement speed from 1m/s to 50m/s
  • 4 different movement modes for versatile use cases.
  • Easy to use with a single click of a button.
  • Features a free movement option for flexibility with joystick mode.
  • Quickly share location settings using GPX file format.

Steps to use for iWhere iPhone Location Changer

Step 1: Open the software on your computer and connect your iPhone device. Then, click on “Start” to proceed.

fortune dragon fans | monster hunter now dual blades

Step 2: Next, from the 4 mode options, choose the “Multi-stop mode” as it will help you plan out a proper route on Monster Hunter Now.

multi-stop mode | monster hunter now dual blades

Step 3:  Now, a map will come with a cursor pointing to your current location. Click on “Use this site” to confirm your current location.

Use this site | monster hunter now dual blades

Step 4: Next, input the address of the location that you want to change to in the search bar on the top left side. Add more sites on the other slots, to create a route on the map. Once you have a proper route click on “Start move” to start the location changing process.

Use this site | monster hunter now dual blades

Step 5: Lastly, open the game and enjoy playing it from different locations while being at home. It will help you quickly explore the vast world of Monster Hunter Now and hunt a lot more monsters.


Now you know everything you need to know about dual blades in Monster Hunter Now. It’s quite simple: you start from somewhere and then grind hard to gather materials and upgrade your dual blades. Using our best build suggestions, you can definitely get the best use out of these blades. You can always rely on iWhere iPhone Location Changer to ease out that grinding process more. Keep Hunting!

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