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Updated on 2024-06-05


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Just heard about Monster Hunter Now from your friends and intrigued by all the hype?  This guide will inform you everything about the Monster Hunter Now world0. What’s more, I’ll share tips to streamline your progress, play smarter and avoid pitfalls I’ve encountered myself.

Of course, there’s more! I’ll also explore location spoofing – which will allow you to accelerate your progress within the Monster Hunter Now world and brag before your experienced friends.

Part 1: All You Need To Know About Monster Hunter Now Before Playing

In Monster Hunter Now, you are a hunter — a skilled warrior tasked with facing incredible beasts in a world teeming with life. And your mission is simple: You have to track down powerful monsters, master their attack patterns, and defeat them in thrilling battles.

Gear Up, Hunt Down: Here’s how the hunt goes:

  • Choose Your Weapon: You will have a vast array of weapons, from the mighty Greatsword to the agile Dual Blades. You will have to start with a basic weapon, and can unlock more options by completing quests and progressing through the game.
  • Don the Right Armor: Craft armor sets from the monsters you defeat to gain resistance and powerful perks to survive upcoming tough battles.
  • Into the Wilds: Explore lush forests, scorching deserts, and other amazing biomes — each environment has its own unique monsters, valuable resources, and hidden paths.
  • Face the Challenge: Battles in Monster Hunter Now are tests of skill. You will have to study each monster’s attack patterns, exploit their weaknesses, and use your weapon’s full potential to claim victory.
  • Reap the Rewards: Carve materials from fallen monsters to create stronger weapons and armor. And prepare for upcoming greater hunts!

Part 2: Monster Hunter Now Tips for Beginners

Before you embark on your first hunt, here are some invaluable tips from a seasoned hunter to prepare you for the trials! Think of these as essential lessons I’ve learned out on the hunt:

Tip 1: Start Your Journey by Practicing Basic Combat Against Small Monsters

monster hunter now tips | monster hunter now tips

Before facing the towering Anjanath or the elusive Rathalos, it’s better to fight against smaller prey. For instance, creatures like the Great Jagras or the Kulu-Ya-Ku are perfect sparring partners for beginners. Here’s why:

  • Mastering the Basics: Smaller monsters have less health and simpler attack patterns. You can learn weapon combos, practice doges, and understand your flow.
  • Risk-Free Experimentation: Try different moves and strategies against these weaker foes. By this, you can know what will work best for you and build your confidence before facing greater challenges.

Despite being skilled enough to hunt down behemoths like Anjanath, they occasionally find themselves revisiting these simpler battles. They see them as the ideal opportunity to master a new weapon and hone their skills without the intense pressure of a high-stakes hunt.

Tip 2: Utilize Location Spoofing App to Quickly Teleport to Regions With Resources

Monster Hunter Now’s world is vast, and sometimes the resources you need are far from your current location (biomes do shifts, but you will have to travel). That’s where a location spoofing app like iWhere iPhone Location Changer can transform your resource runs. iWhere allows you to change your in-game location.

iWhere is a location spoofing app specifically designed for Monster Hunter Now.  It lets you change your real-world location within the game, fooling Monster Hunter Now into thinking you’re anywhere you want to be!  You can teleport directly to resource-rich biomes or the habitats of rare monsters – all within seconds. That’s the power of iWhere.

Of course, iWhere comes with features tailored to Monster Hunter Now’s gameplay. Its Joystick Mode, for instance, simulates realistic movement using your keyboard, letting you explore your teleported location naturally. One-Stop Mode can set a destination for quick resource runs. Multi-Stop Mode can create custom routes for complex farming.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Speeds: Customize your movement from walking to fast travel.
  • GPX Import/Export: Share and use pre-made routes.
  • Historical Routes: Review your past journeys and use them again.
  • Realistic Fluctuation: Helps you avoid detection by Monster Hunter Now’s anti-cheat systems.

Here’s how to install iWhere and change your Monster Hunter:  

Step 1: Install iWhere iPhone Location Changer from the official website and plug in your iPhone into your computer.

After that, lunch iWhere and click Start.

monster hunter now tips | monster hunter now tips

Step 2: Select Multi-Stop Mode on the right or use the icon in the map’s upper-right corner.

Multi-Stop Mode | monster hunter now tips

  • Next, click on the Multi-stop mode icon and select the  spots to create a route to change your location on the Map. Ensure to click Use This Site to confirm every selection.

Multi-Stop Mode 2 | monster hunter now tips

Adjust movement speed and number of route repetitions for your Monster Hunter Now objective.

Step 3: Finally, Start Move to automatically change your location!

Start Move | monster hunter now tips

Tip 3: Swap Weapons You Don’t Enjoy Using

Monster Hunter Now has a vast arsenal of weapons – from the straightforward Sword and Shield to the complex Insect Glaive (you will unlock new weapons as you complete quests and unlock new HR levels).

Start Move | monster hunter now tips

Here’s Why Should Keep Experimenting:

  • Fun Factor: If you love fast-paced action, try the Dual Blades. If you prefer strategic strikes, the Long Sword might be your calling.
  • Unlock Your Potential: Each weapon comes with unique combos and abilities — allowing you to see your potential.
  • Monster Matchups: Some weapons are better suited for certain monsters than others — always have options in your arsenal.

Tip 4: Lock on to Specific Body Parts of a Monster

In Monster Hunter Now, you can break specific parts of a monster by dealing a certain amount of focused damage. Breaking parts will reward you with rare materials that are crucial for crafting the best armor and weapons in the Monster Hunter Now. It can also expose weak points, making the monster more vulnerable.

Specific Body | monster hunter now tips

Ensure to use the lock-on function to zero in on those breakable parts during the chaos of combat. For this, you will have to research your target monster – given each one has different breakable parts and weaknesses. Part breaking is a skill that becomes available as your Hunter Rank will increase.

  • Rookie hunters (Hunter Rank 10 and below) are unable to break parts during hunts. This capability becomes accessible to full-fledged hunters at Hunter Rank 11 or higher.

Tip 5: Select Armors Based on Perks

In Monster Hunter Now, armor isn’t just about defense. Every armor piece comes with unique skills and perks and can drastically affect how you play. Here’s what to consider when choosing your armor:

  • Skills & Bonuses: Look at the skills each armor piece offers.Do they boost your attack power?  Increase your resistance to fire?  Choose armor sets that synergize with your weapon and playstyle.
  • Set Bonuses: Often, wearing multiple pieces from the same armor set gives you powerful bonuses. So, experiment with mixing and matching, or commit to a full set for maximum benefits.
  • Monster Matchups:  Some monsters inflict elemental damage. Tailor your armor choices to the hunt. For instance, select sets with resistances to fire — like water, or other elements for better survivability.

What is the Best Armor in Monster Hunter Now?

The Kulu Armor set is widely regarded as the top choice in Monster Hunter currently. Its Lock On ability proves invaluable for melee weapon combat, significantly amplifying damage output when targeting weak points. Furthermore, components like the Kulu Headpiece offer Critical Eye, enhancing weapon affinity to elevate critical hit rates, thereby maximizing damage potential during attacks.

best armor in monster hunter now | monster hunter now tips

Tip 6: Elements are Very Important in Combats

combats monster hunter now | monster hunter now tips

As I have hinted above, Monsters in Monster Hunter Now often have a hidden weakness to a specific element like fire, water, ice, thunder, or dragon.

You will have to figure out the weaknesses and choose a weapon with the matching element to deal extra damage — this can make a tough fight much easier.

choose a weapon | monster hunter now tips

Even if your weapon doesn’t naturally have an element, you can gain an edge with special items or armor skills that allow you to infuse your attacks with elemental power. Just ensure to research the monster you’re hunting to uncover its weaknesses and exploit them for maximum effect!

Tip 7: Always Complete Both Story & Special Quest

always complete both story | monster hunter now tips

Don’t neglect the quests — both Story Quests and Special Quests are important for progressing within Monster Hunter Now. Quests allow you to unlock new areas, monsters, and gear options. Just ensure to tackle both as they become available to maximize your options and strength.

Tip 8: Evade just in time

Dodging at the right moment is the key to surviving tough battles in Monster Hunter Now. Here’s how you can avoid taking those big hits:

  • The Red Glow: Watch for a monster to flash red just before it attacks. This will always be your cue to get ready to dodge.
  • Timing is Everything: Flick the movement stick to roll in the desired direction just as the attack is about to land. Remember, that a well-timed dodge is literally the difference between victory and defeat in Monster Hunter Now.
  • Don’t Panic: If you’re unsure of your timing — create distance. Yes, it’s better to back off and reassess than take a full-force monster attack without dodging.
  • Positioning Matters: When in doubt, try attacking from the side or behind a monster rather than directly in front.
  • You can use the pinch-to-zoom function on your touchscreen to adjust the camera. When zoomed out, you will have a better view of the battlefield and can anticipate monster’s movements better.

Tip 9: Don’t Waste Your Paintballs On Easy Monsters

Paintballs mark a monster and allow you to track them easily. However, they are a limited resource. Ensure to save those paintballs for large, fast, and elusive monsters that are tough to keep tabs on. For smaller and slower creatures, you don’t need the extra help to find them again.

waste your paintballs | monster hunter now tips

Tip 10: Ensure You Login Daily For First Aid Meds

Logging into Monster Hunter Now each day gives you a free First-Aid Med+.  These are super helpful consumables for restoring health in a pinch. So, make it a habit to log in, even for just a minute and get those free items!

ensure you login daily | monster hunter now tips

Part 3: How to Do Combos in Monster Hunter Now

In Monster Hunter Now, mastering combos is essential for dealing serious damage and truly understanding your weapon. Combos aren’t just button-mashing here and there, it allows you to maximize your hits and power of your weapon’s unique abilities.

Weapon-Specific Basics

Learning weapon combos takes practice and dedication. Here are a few beginner-friendly tips to get you started with some of the most popular weapons:

Weapon Basic Combo/Mechanic Notes
Great Sword Hold Attack Button + Charged Slash / True Charged Slash Experiment with follow-ups after each charge level
Dual Blades Build Demon Gauge with Attacks + Activate Demon Mode Demon Mode drains stamina, manage it carefully
Bow Alternate Shot Types (Spread/Pierce) + Charge Shots Higher charges = more powerful shots
Sword & Shield Repeated attacks + Shield Bash + Roundslash finisher Blocking and quick counterattacks
Insect Glaive Send out Kinsect to gather extracts + Use for combos Power-up attacks

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to master combos is through practice! Head to the Training Area and experiment before entering the real hunts.


These tips are just for the beginning of your journey as a hunter in Monster Hunter Now.

Monster Hunter Now’s world is full of incredible surprises — you will find many monsters to challenge and powerful crafts to gear. Remember, like with any game, you will need some practice and clever tricks to excel in the game!

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