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The arsenal in Monster Hunter Now may begin with only a few options, but as you advance in the game, you’ll unlock exciting new weapons and possibilities! Whether you’re new to MHN or a seasoned hunter, our in-depth will teach you how to unlock full range of weaponry. We’ll cover everything you need to know:

  • Weapon Overviews: Brief descriptions of each weapon, highlighting their core playstyles.
  • Unlocking Methods: Learn how to acquire powerful base weapons and upgrade them for increased damage and abilities in MHN.
  • Tips and Strategies: How to best use the weapon effectively, like targeting against monster weaknesses.

And also a shortcut to unlock new weapons and upgrade them quickly. So, let’s get started!

Part 1: What are the Weapons Available on Monster Hunter Now?

Sword and Shield

sword and shield | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Known for its versatility in Monster Hunter, Sword and Shield provides a mix of swift attacks and reliable blocking. So, you can react and adapt to any situation. This makes it the perfect weapon to master close-quarter combat as a beginner. But note that even seasoned hunters value its well-rounded platstyle, given it offers a balance of agility, defense, and tactical options. 

2. Great Sword

great sword | monster hunter now unlock weapons

The Great Sword is a big, heavy weapon, but its true power lies in the precision of its strokes, not just its size. Its slow attacks and sheathing demand patience and precision. But when you land a fully charged blow to attack foes, you’ll send shockwaves through the battlefield. Mastering the Great Sword isn’t just about hitting hard. It’s about waiting for the right moment to deliver a powerful blow.

3. Bow

bow | monster hunter now unlock weapons

The Bow is a ranged weapon that is perfect for players to like to stay back and hit hard. You can rain down arrows from afar while staying safe. You will have to master its range and different arrows to exploit monster weaknesses, meaning it takes time to adapt it. Additionally, choosing the right arrow coatings to inflict debilitating effects also takes time and patience.

4. Hammer

hammer | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Hammer is all about raw power. In other words, if you want to see the monsters crumple, the Hammer is your weapon. A blunt instrument that sacrifices finesse for devastating blows, Hammer is capable of shattering armor and overwhelm even the toughest foes efficiently. When it comes to using the Hammer, you will have to watch for enemy opening and then unleash a calculated combo. Aiming at the head gives you the highest chance to cause a knockout in a single blow.

5. Light Bowgun

light bowgun | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Unlike other ranged weapons in MHN, the Light Bowgun (LBG) isn’t about landing a single, powerful shot. Instead, LBG is designed to overwhelm your target with a storm of bullets! Plus, it offers unmatched mobility, allowing you to dance around targets while unleashing rapid-fire barrages. However, the key to using this weapon effectively is mastering ammo types. For instance, you will have to bring fire ammo against ice monsters, sleep ammo to knock them out, and healing ammos to support your team.

6. Long Sword

long sword | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Known for its flowing attacks and incredible power, the Long Sword is another popular weapon in Monster Hunter Now. Its long reach and smooth combos keep you constantly on the offensive.  Each successful strike fills your “Spirit Gauge”. Once full, unleash a series of super-charged slashes for massive damage. In all, you can deliver stylish finishing blows using the Long Sword once you master the rhythm of strikes and special moves.

7. Dual Blades

dual blades | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Dual Blades are all about speed and relentless assault. Hunters who like to be fast like them. They are designed to weave around monsters and unleash a storm of quick attacks. While each individual hit might not be the strongest, Dual Blades excel at overwhelming foes with rapid strikes and special moves. Given its speed and aggression, they are a little trickier to master than other weapons in MHN.

8. Lance

dual blades | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Lance isn’t just a weapon, it transforms you into a walking fortress. Its massive shield lets you block any attack a monster might throw at you and turn you into a wall against their fury. The Lance may feel slower and less flashier than other choices because it demands careful and precise movements. But its rewards are unmatched.

9. Charge Blade

charge blade | monster hunter now unlock weapons

The Charge Blade is one of the most complex weapons in MHN, but it is also the most rewarding. It can be used in its two forms: Sword and Shield mode for defense and energy building and Axe mode for unleashing that energy. So, it is not about attacking. You need to constantly balance between building energy (Phials) and unleashing it at the right moment. Of course, this isn’t a weapon that you pick up immediately and start dominating it. It will require some practice to learn the intricate button sequences of Charged Blade.

Part 2: How to Unlock Weapons on Monster Hunter Now

Unlike other Monster Hunter titles, MHN takes a different approach to weapon progression. Instead of crafting every weapon from scratch, you’ll need to unlock powerful base versions and then upgrade them for increased power and abilities. Here’s what you have to know on unlocking weapons in Monster Hunter Now:


Quests are the primary way to unlock new weapons in MHN. Look out or special quests in MHN that are marked as “Weapon Unlock” challenges.

quests | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Early on, you will see quests like “Unlock: Great Sword” that require you to hunt a Great Jaggi. As you progress, these quests will target stronger monsters. For instance, “Unlock: Hammer” involves defeating tougher foes like Barroth.

Hunter Rank (HR)

Hunter Rank | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Your Hunter Rank acts like your overall progress level in the Monster Hunter Now world. Completing quests and hunts will increase your HR. Once you hit certain HR milestones, you can unlock new tiers of weapon unlock quests.

Gathering Materials

Unlocking a base weapon is just the first step in Monster Hunter Now. To make it powerful, you will need to gather monster materials and upgrade it. Upgrades will allow you to increase weapon damage and even unlock new skills.

For instance, let’s say you complete a quest and unlock the “Iron Sword,” which is a base weapon. To power up your Iron Sword initially, you will need simple materials like Great Jaggi Hide. To upgrade it further, you will need to hunt for tougher monsters and gather rare loot like Barroth Carapace.

Special Events

special events | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Special events have special challenges and unique rewards. Sometimes these rewards include exclusive weapons or variation of existing weapons that you will find while upgrading traditionally. So, stay updated on in-game announcements to participate and unlock special variations of weapons.

Tips for Efficient Weapon Unlocking

  • Focus: Choose 2-3 weapons you consider your priority. Focusing on upgrading these fully is better than keeping your resources thin.
  • Multiplayer Power: You can team up for hunts and increase your chances for material drops and quest completions.
  • Target Weaknesses: Invest some time in learning about monster weak points (elements, breakable parts). This will allow you to get the materials you need to upgrade weapons efficiently. For this, you can use sites like Game8 which offer detailed monster breakdowns and material drop rates.

Bonus Tip: How to Unlock New Monster Hunter Weapons Faster

As mentioned, Monster Hunter Now requires specific parts for upgrading your weapons. And finding the right monsters, especially if they’re rare or only appear in certain areas, can be time consuming. This is where a location spoofer app for iPhone comes in handy. You can use a location changer, like iWhere iPhone Location Changer, to gather materials easily by tricking the game that you’re near rare monster spawns.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer is designed for faking your location in popular AR games like Pokemon Go, Monster Hunter Now, etc. With a single click, it allows you to fake your location and teleport virtually to any part of the in-game world. This will give you several advantages while playing Monster Hunter Now:

  • Target Rare Spawns: You can instantly travel to areas known for the monsters you need. This will increase your chances of finding the materials for those powerful upgrades.
  • Efficient Route Planning: iWhere’s joystick mode lets you plot out a resource-gathering route. This will allow you to simulate your movement automatically so you can focus on finding those breakable parts.
  • Gather at Your Pace: You can adjust your virtual speed for walking, cycling, or even driving, allowing you to optimize how you collect resources throughout the game world.

Key Features of iWhere (For Monster Hunter Now):

  • Change Your iPhone Location: Instantly teleport to any in-game region to target specific monster materials or quest locations.
  • Joystick Mode: iWhere connects to your computer for effortless movement control using the W-A-S-D keys, making it perfect for plotting efficient resource-gathering routes.
  • Customizable Speed: You can also move along with different simulated speeds. For instance, walking (1m/s), cycling, or driving (50m/s) allows you to optimize your approach for different materials.

How to use iWhere iPhone Location Changer to Change Your Location in Monster Hunter Now:

Step 1: Install and launch the iWhere iPhone Location Changer on your Mac Or PC. Then, click the “Start” button from the main interface.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 1 | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer using its lightning cable. Then, select Joystick Mode to spoof your location in MHN.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 | monster hunter now unlock weapons

  • The “Joystick” icon is at the top-right corner, as shown in the image below.

joystick | monster hunter now unlock weapons

Step 3: The Joystick mode offers two different ways to control the map.  You can either select “Mouse Mode” to control the joystick using your computer cursor or choose “Free Mode” to use your “Keyboard”. Then, click “Start Move”.

mouse mode | monster hunter now unlock weapons


Q1: How do you use weapons in Monster Hunter Now?

To use weapons in Monster Hunter, you need to equip them from your item box or camp tent. Each weapon has unique controls and combos, so it’s essential to practice with different weapons to find one that suits your playstyle. 

But the main weapons are used in much the same way: hold your tap, then release to trigger. Amplify your strike by accumulating extra power from the Charged Side Blow stance to inflict greater damage. Hold your tap, then release it once you’re ready to execute a Charged Side Blow.

Q2: How to quickly get resources to upgrade weapons in MHN?

  • Focus attacks on monster weak spots and breakable parts for increased chances of getting the materials you need.
  • Teaming up will allow you to speed up your hunts and increase potential rewards.

Plus, ensure to check for special quests or bounties that reward upgrade materials.

Q3: How does Monster Hunter Now adventure sync work?

Monster Hunter Now’s adventure sync feature enables players to monitor their physical activity using their mobile device’s health app and translate it into in-game advancement, such as obtaining rewards or accomplishing challenges. It automatically tags monsters as long as you possess blue paintballs, and over time, you can also gather the items your Palico collects.


You now have the knowledge to acquire and master any weapon Monster Hunter Now offers. Remember, the Monster Hunter Now world is always evolving. So, there will always be a weapon to discover or upgrade an older one. Just keep practicing and keep experimenting to conquer your newfound weapon powers.

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