Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off? [Full Explanation Here]

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Updated on 2024-04-18


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Location services is one of the elegant features available on an iPhone. With this feature, you can share your real-time location with friends and families, thereby allowing them to track your whereabouts. But sometimes, this can bring inconvenience as your privacy is being exposed.

To avoid such, many folks have considered putting off their device to stop the location services feature from working without notifying anyone. Are you planning on doing the same? Kindly wait to verify the authenticity of such an operation here in this post. Keep reading “Can someone see your location if your iPhone is off?”

Part 1. How Can Others See My Location from My iPhone?

From your iPhone, your families, and friends can track your whereabouts when needed but with the condition that you’ve permitted them to do so. This is possible, all thanks to the Find My feature integrated into the device. The feature captures and shares your GPS data with the selected contacts on request.  Besides Find My, iOS location tracking tools can also be used to trace your location on your iPhone.

Part 2. Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone Is Off?

This question is quite tricky. That is, it could be a YES and also a NO depending on how your location is being tracked. Below, we have a few scenarios to help you understand our response:

  • Tracking location with Find My: Turning off your iPhone does not guarantee that someone can’t track or see your location in this case. When you turn off your device and still have the location services enabled, your GPS data is still available to the people you’ve added to your Find My list in the past. However, mind you, the GPS could be where you’ve been in the past.
  • track iPhone location with Find My | Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off

  • Tracking with iOS location tracking tool: When your iPhone is powered off, a location tracking software can still locate your whereabouts if you are in possession of the device. However, the location displayed is one where the phone was last active, that is where it was powered ON.
  • iPhone location tracking software | Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off

  • Tracking via Social Media Platforms: For folks that share their live location with friends on social media, your GPS remains trackable for the stipulated time-frame you’ve selected. But with the condition that your device is ON. Should the device go off, there’s no way the recipient can track or see your location.
  • track iPhone location with social media | Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off

Part 3. How Do I Know If Someone is Tracking My iPhone?

Here are some telltale signs that you can use to confirm if someone is tracking your iPhone:

Presence of Unknown Device in Family Sharing

Did you notice an increase in the number of devices linked to your family sharing plan? If so, then someone could be tracking you. We suggest this because family sharing works based on the number of people you’ve granted permission in the past.

unknown device under Family Sharing list | Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off

Unprompted Actions

If your iPhone initiates an action without your permission at frequent times, you could trace it to spyware on the device. Some of these activities include but are not limited to: unresponsive screen, system reboots, unusual changes in settings, and more.

Unusual Power Consumption

Spyware is designed such that it must gather reports about the activities happening on your device and then send them to the host. Such an activity consumes a significant amount of battery power.So when you notice an unusual drain in your battery life, it could be because someone is tracking you.

iPhone battery fast drain | Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off

Presence of Unfamiliar App

When you find an app you didn’t download or install on your iPhone, then someone else must have done that. The app could be spyware for tracking whose purpose is for nothing other than tracking your activities, including locations. Such an action other than tracking your whereabouts.

Part 4. How to Stop Others from Seeing Your Location without Turning Off iPhone [Others Won’t Know]

Rather than turning off your iPhone to stop your families, friends, or followers from tracking your whereabouts, it’s best you fake your GPS algorithm so anyone who’s tracking you will be misled by the wrong address. An easy way to do this is via location spoofing software like iWhere iPhone Location Changer.

iWhere offers an automated approach to manipulate an iOS GPS algorithm so it reads a fake location. This software powers a stellar of features that lets you teleport from one place to another on your iPhone without leaving your current location. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve granted your families and friends access to track your location via Find My. The changes made using iWhere extends to all the location based apps that you have on your iPhone, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, Snapchat, and more.  Another quality feature that makes this software distinct is the capability to change your location without notifying anyone.

Key Features

  • 1-click to change your iPhone location and make everyone in your circle believe you’ve moved to a new region.
  • Easily simulate your GPS on popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
  • iWhere  lets you teleport to any country on Pokémon Go safely without experiencing any restriction or ban on your profile.
  • Customize the track you want to navigate through using any of the 3 route modes: One Stop Mode, Joystick Mode, and Multi Mode.

Stepwise Guide to Stop Others from Seeing Your Location without Turning Off iPhone

Step 1: After installing iWhere iPhone Location Changer on your computer via the official website, launch it to help you change your location. On the startup page, accept the terms and conditions and click on Start.

hit Start to move on iWhere | Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off

Step 2: Using a certified USB cord, connect your iPhone to the computer. Once the software confirms a device is connected, it will display the screen below:

iWhere function screen | Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off

Hit the Modify Location icon from the options displayed.

Step 3: Now, the software will show a map interface with your current location.

iWhere map with location modification feature | Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off

Proceed to the left sidebar and type the address you want your iPhone to start reading in the search bar. After that, click Confirm Modify.

spoof iPhone location with iWhere | Can Someone See Your Location If Your iPhone is Off

Step 4: Your location will change immediately to the selected region. Now, no one can track your real GPS anymore.

Part 5. Can Someone See Your Location If Your Phone is on Airplane Mode?

No, if someone tracks your location via location-based apps that require a network to function. When Airplane Mode is on, the internet connection, including WiFi and cellular, will be cut. This way, your location will stop being shared, and others may only see the last location where you were before disabling Airplane Mode.


Ultimately, answering the question “Can someone see my location if my iPhone is turned off?”, depends on how you are being tracked which we’ve discussed in the article above. In case you need to fake your GPS location on your iPhone, iWhere iPhone Location Changer would be helpful.

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