6 Methods to Turn off Location on Life360 without Notification

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Updated on 2024-06-21


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Location-sharing apps like Life360 have been very helpful when it comes to providing a sense of security and peace of mind for families and friends. However, there may be instances where you may want to have control over who can track your whereabouts. Whether it’s for privacy reasons or more, our article will walk you through the most reliable ways to turn off location on Life360 without notifying anyone. But before that, let’s find out more about Life360 and how it works.

Part 1: What Is Life360?

Life360 is a location-based communication and safety tool designed to help families stay connected. It allows members of a circle to track each other’s real-time locations, ensuring the safety and well-being of loved ones. The app provides features such as a private family map, location history, and geofencing alerts. With Life360, you can easily keep track of your family members and know their whereabouts at any given moment.

Key Features

  • Share their real-time location with designated family members or friends within a few taps.
  • Built-in Geofencing allows you to set up virtual boundaries on a map, so whenever a member enters or exits the designated area, Life360 sends automatic notifications to the connected circle members.
  • SOS alerts allow users to send an emergency alert to their designated circle members in critical situations.
  • Excellent driver safety features, such as crash detection, roadside assistance, and driving behavior analysis.
  • Built-in messaging platform to allow users within a circle to communicate with each other privately.
  • Integrates with local crime data to provide users with crime reports and safety information about specific areas.

How It Works

Life360 works by utilizing a combination of GPS, cellular data, and Wi-Fi technology to provide real-time location tracking and communication within a designated circle of family and friends. You can create a circle and invite members to join, allowing them to stay connected and informed about each other’s whereabouts.

Once the circle is established, Life360’s location-sharing feature will enable every user within the circle to easily share their real-time location and movements with others keeping everyone updated with their current location at any given time.

What’s more, in addition to location sharing, Life360 offers various features to enhance family safety. These include driving safety and crash detection, which can send notifications and emergency alerts in the event of an accident. The app also provides digital safety and identity theft protection, continuously scanning the dark web for personal information to keep users’ identities safe.

Part 2: Best Way To Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying 

The iWhere iPhone Location Changer is the best solution to turn off Life360 without notifying others. This iPhone location spoofing app allows you to maintain your privacy and have control over who can track your real location by providing you with access to modern features that enable you to spoof location without notifying or jailbreaking.

iWhere iPhone Location Changers offers various location spoofing modes that can come in handy for various purposes. From the multi-stop modes that enable you to spoof your location to multiple places while playing adventurous AR games like Pokemon Go to the one-stop mode that allows you to move from one point to another and the joystick mode that allows you to move freely, making the person tracking you think you’re moving to different places. You can achieve a lot with this app at your fingertips. It also supports automatic customization of iPhone location speed (from 1 m/s to 50 m/s) while faking location.

Key Features

  • Change your iPhone location with complete privacy.
  • Enhance your gaming experience when playing AR games like Pokemon Go by visiting different locations without walking.
  • Automatically change iPhone moving speed while changing location from one region to another.
  • Supports excellent spoofing modes to change iPhone location based on different settings.
  • Allows import/export of GPX files for custom location settings.

Step 1: Start by installing iWhere iPhone Location Changer app on your PC/Mac via the official website.

Step 2: Set up the application and connect your iPhone to the computer. Then, click “Start”.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

Step 3: Click on “Modify Location”.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

Step 4: In the Map that is loaded on your screen, select the preferred spots you want to change your location by typing it in the “Search Box” at the top-left side. Then, click on “Confirm Modify”.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 3 | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

  • Alternatively, you can click on the“Confirm Modify” button displayed on the “Map” itself to change your location.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 4 | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

Now you can freely set your location so that people who follow you through Life360 cannot know your real location, while Life360 is still in use, they will not receive any notifications or alerts.

Part 3: More Ways To Turn Life360 Location Off Without Notification

While using a location changer tool like iWhere is the most effective way to turn off location tracking on Life360 without notifying others, there are a few other methods you can try as well. These methods may not completely hide your location, but they can help you maintain some level of privacy.

Method 1: Turn On Airplane Mode

One way to prevent Life360 from tracking your location is by turning on Airplane Mode on your device. When Airplane Mode is enabled, it disables all wireless connections, including GPS and cellular data. This effectively pauses your location updates on Life360 without notifying others. However, keep in mind that this method also disables your ability to make or receive calls and access the internet.

Turn On Airplane Mode On iPhone

  • Open “Control Center”.

Turn On Airplane Mode | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

  • Tap on the “Airplane” icon. Airplane mode is enabled when the icon is orange.

Turn On Airplane Mode On Android

  • Swipe down from the top of your “Android” phone.

Turn On Airplane Mode 2 | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

  • Find the “Airplane” icon and tap on it to enable the feature.

Method 2: Disable Location Service

Another method to turn off location tracking on Life360 without notifying others is by disabling location service on your device. This will automatically disable your location on Life360 without notifying your circle members.

Disable Location Service On iPhone

Step 1: Start the “Settings” app and select “Privacy & Security”.

Step 2: Tap on “Location Services”.

Disable Location Service 1 | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

Step 3: Tap the “Location Services” toggle to turn gray.

Disable Location Service On Android

Step 1: Go to “Settings”.

Step 2: Find your way to  “Security & Location”.

Disable Location Service On Android 2 | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

Step 3: Select “Location” and tap on the “Life360” app from the available apps. Then, disable its permission to “Use Location”.

Method 3: Delete Life360 Account Permanently

In a situation where you no longer wish to be tracked on Life360, the best way to turn off your location on the app is to delete your account permanently. This will turn off your location on Life360 and erase your location history and other tracking data. See the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the “Life360” app and tap on Settings.

Step 2: Select Account > Delete Account.

Delete Life360 Account Permanently 1 | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

Step 3: Select Yes, I confirm the above and tap on Continue to proceed.

Step 4: Life360 should send you a confirmation link via email. Please, open your email account and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Method 4: Disable Location Sharing In Life360 App

If you don’t want to delete your Life260 account, you can disable location sharing for specific circles within the app This allows you to choose which circles can track your location and which cannot. The steps are below:

Step 1: Open the “Life360” app and tap on the “Settings” at the top-left side.

Step 2: Select “Location Sharing”.

Disable Location Sharing In Life360 App | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

Step 3: Tap the toggle next to your name to turn it off (it will be gray when turned off).

Step 4: Once you complete the above, your location on the map will be displayed as the message “Location Sharing Paused”.

Limitations: Your circle will be notified that your location is paused,

Method 5: Use An Idle iPhone (iPhone Only)

If you have access to another iPhone that is not tracked, you can use it as your location on  Life360.  This simple trick can come in handy if you want your circle members to think that you are in a specific location, whereas, you’ve moved to another region., providing you with some level of privacy. Here is how to execute this method:

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on your “Apple ID banner”.

Step 2: Select “Find My” and turn on the toggle slider next to “Share My Location”.

Step 3: Once you complete the above, sign in with your Apple ID and password on the second iPhone. Then, open the “Find My” app.

Step 4: In the “Find My” app, tap on the “Me” tab and select “Use This iPhone As My Location.”

Use An Idle iPhone | Turn Off Location On Life360 Without Notifying

Step 5: Finally, install the Life360 app on the second phone and set up your account. Your location on the Life360 app will be displayed based on the current location of the second iPhone.

Hottest FAQs On Life360 Location Tracking

What does Life360 look like when location is off?

When you turn off location tracking on Life360, your circle members will see a message stating that your location sharing has been paused. They will no longer be able to see your real-time location updates and the toggle slider next to your name will turn gray or white. However, it’s important to note that Life360 will still display your last known location until your location sharing is reactivated.

Can you see how many times someone checks your location on Life360?

No, Life360 does not provide information on how many times someone checks your location. The app focuses on real-time location updates and safety features, rather than tracking individual actions within the app.


Turning off location on Life360 without notifying anyone is not as difficult as you might think. All you need is a reliable trick like the ones discussed above.

From turning on Airplane mode to disabling location sharing, deleting your Life360 account, etc. All techniques introduced are very effective in different scenarios. However, if you’re an iPhone user, we recommend using the best location spoofing tool – iWhere Location Changer to change your location, as it ensures you turn off location on Life360 in absolute stealth mode.  

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