Free Ways to Detect Fake GPS Location [iPhone/Android]

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Updated on 2024-04-12


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Detecting fake GPS location on your Android or iOS device has been helpful in confirming whether or not a friend is lying about his or her whereabouts. Performing this operation is never a walk in the park when you don’t have an idea on how it’s done. But now that you are here, you will discover how to detect fake GPS data on both iOS and Android.

How to Detect Fake GPS Location?

Using one or more of the troubleshooting methods below, you can easily tell if someone is faking his or her location:

Check Photo Metadata

Photos come with a few descriptions embedded in them in the form of metadata. These descriptions include vital information which includes, the size, type of device that was used in capturing it, quality, date, time, and more. Another useful information you can find from the metadata is the location where the image was captured. Should you notice an inconsistency between the location claimed by the sender and the photo metadata, then the person might be using a fake GPS. However, please note that not all images come with Geo data.

Check for Changes in Location

When you notice a sudden change in someone’s GPS location, then it’s a signal that the person is using a spoofing tool to conceal his or her location. This is common on gaming and dating apps where many folks change their locations now and then to find a soulmate. There’s no way a profile will have multiple GPS, let’s say 3-5 different locations, within a week. So when you notice such, then it’s a sign the person is faking his or her location.

Check If Device is Rooted/Jailbroken

Certain GPS spoofing tools won’t work with a device unless it’s rooted/jailbroken. So when you detect that a device is rooted/jailbroken, then it signals that a fake GPS tool may be installed by the owner.

Be on the Watch for Inconsistency in GPS Data

Inconsistency in GPS data also points to fake GPS location. For instance, when a person’s GPS data includes improbable speeds or missing segments, then it suggests the use of spoofing location GPS.

Use Professional Software

Another way to discover if someone is using a fake GPS location is to use a GPS detector. GPS detectors are capable of scrutinizing GPS data to determine its authenticity. Employing the services of such a tool can help you verify and detect fake GPS locations easily.

Activate HyperTrack on Your Android

HyperTrack is a built-in feature readily available on selected Android devices to help track your real location. Enabling this feature is highly beneficial in detecting and preventing fake GPS usage. So when someone claims a certain location and it doesn’t match the one reported by Hypertrack, then the person is using a fake GPS.

How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone Without Notifying Anyone

Whether you want to play pranks on friends, expand your social media presence to other regions, or install apps that aren’t available in your current location, faking your GPS location is a helpful trick. But now that everyone is on the watch for fake GPS, how do you hide your location without notifying anyone?   

Well, this is where iWhere iPhone Location Changer comes in handy. With this software, you can alter the GPS of any iDevice to read a location different from where you are presently. It lets you customize your GPS location to any region without notifying anyone, whether on your contact list or not. iWhere is the first choice for gamers as it helps them teleport to different parts of the world without leaving where they are.

Key Features

  1. iWhere iPhone Location Changer fakes your iPhone or iPad GPS data without hassles.
  2. Create a route and customize the speed at which you want your GPS to operate.
  3. Applicable to all location-based apps and services available on the App Store, such as Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Maps, Tinder, and more.
  4. Works with both Windows and macOS.

How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone without Notifying Anyone

Step 1: Install and run iWhere iPhone Location Changer on your computer. On the subsequent screen, check the terms and conditions box, then hit the Start button.

click iWhere Start | Detect Fake GPS Location

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. Should iWhere detect that your device is linked, it will display a screen with all GPS simulation functions. Select Modify Location.

click Modify Location iWhere | Detect Fake GPS Location

Step 3: Later, you will be directed to a screen showing your current location on a map. Head to the left hand side and input the location you want your iPhone to display henceforth. After that, click Confirm Modify.

fake iPhone GPS with iWhere | Detect Fake GPS Location

iWhere will quickly change your GPS to the new location. Now, anyone tracking your GPS will only get the fake GPS without detecting it.

How to Fake GPS Location on Android

If you use an Android device and need to fake your GPS location, then you could try the tool like Fake GPS 360. This app is a very powerful tool for managing your location details. It supports a number of locations that you can choose from to conceal your whereabouts.

use Fake GPS 360 Android | Detect Fake GPS Location

Can You Tell If Someone is Tracking Your Location?

Yes, you can tell if someone is spying on your GPS data. Here are some signs that shows that someone is tracking you:

  1. Unusual battery drain.
  2. Presence of unknown apps on your device.
  3. Frequent system reboots.
  4. Presence of unfamiliar accounts on Find My.

Why Fake GPS Location

The table below shows the merits and demerits of faking your GPS location:




Faking GPS location lets you navigate routes you can’t access in person, thereby giving you the chance to access some hidden gems that aren’t available in your current location.

No physical movements.

Folk who hide their locations on gaming platforms violate the terms and conditions which exposes your account to banning and suspension.

Social Media Platform

With fake GPS, you can expand your online presence to regions outside where you reside.

It becomes difficult for your potential customers to pinpoint where your business is situated.


With a fake GPS, you can conceal your identity and claim regions where you are not from to defraud them.  

Hackers or intruders use fake GPS to steal or siphon money out of the economy.  

Location-tracking Apps

To ensure no one can track your whereabouts when using location-based apps.

Spoofing your location data may damage the trust of others who rely on the accuracy of tracking apps.


How do you secretly hide location on Life360?

Life360 is a GPS tractor designed specifically for location tracking. It’s often used by families to keep themselves updated about their whereabouts and other location data such as speed, phone battery percentage, and more. If you feel uncomfortable sharing your location via the Life360 app and wish to hide your GPS without notifying anyone, then you should employ the services of iWhere location spoofing tool. The software modifies your location with high precision without others knowing and it’s super easy to use.  

How can I detect fake GPS on Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source toolkit designed by Google to help you create aesthetic cross-platform apps from a single line of code. You can also use this app to detect fake GPS, majorly on Android devices. To do this,  just enter the command line “isMockLocationEnabled” and the corresponding result will be printed. However, for this to work, “ACCESS_MOCK_LOCATION” must have been enabled on the device. If not, there is no way you can detect fake GPS via Flutter.


Detecting fake GPS locations is easier now that you have this guide. We’ve discussed the 6 easy ways you could follow to confirm if a person is using fake GPS data. However, if you want to conceal your location without notifying anyone, a professional GPS mocking software like iWhere iPhone Location Changer for iOS users would be helpful.

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