Unlocking Max XL Candy-10 Proven Methods for Pokémon Go Trainers

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Leveling up your Pokemon is the best way to strengthen your collection, capture more Pokemon, and win battles. If you can level up your Pokemon beyond level 40, after the new update, you can easily have an upper hand over your competition. Doing so requires you to use XL Candy, and upgrade each Pokemon up to level 50.

The most difficult thing about all this is not knowing how to obtain max XL Candy. But no need to worry, because we have the perfect guide to help you get the maximum possible XL Candy. Here, we provide 10 effective methods that help you earn a lot of XL Candy, and upgrade all your Pokemon to an ultimate level. Let’s get going with it.

Part 1: What is XL Candy used for in Pokémon GO?

XL Candy is the special currency in Pokemon Go that helps you upgrade a Pokemon from level 40 to 50. It’s very crucial to upgrade your Pokemon beyond level 40 if you plan to compete in the Master League of Pokemon Go.

You can only start earning XL Candy if you are at least a level 31 trainer. There is no limit to how much XL Candy you can obtain in the game. Because leveling up a Pokemon doesn’t have a specific XL Candy requirement. Each Pokemon has its own XL Candy requirement.

Typically, if you are leveling up from 40 to 41, you will need 10XL Candy and 10000 stardust. Check out the following table, to see the required XL Candy and stardust to level up from 40 to 50.

Level XL Candy  Stardust
41 10 10000
42 10 11000
43 12 11000
44 12 12000
45 15 12000
46 15 13000
47 17 13000
48 17 14000
49 20 14000
50 20 15000

Types of XL Candy in Pokemon

There are two types of candy available in the game which function a bit differently for upgrading Pokemon.

1. XL Candy 

xl candy in pokemon | xl candy

XL Candy is the kind of candy that you can only use for a particular type of Pokemon. For instance, if you have a Tyrunt Candy you can only use it to power up a Tyrunt Pokemon. It’s not usable for any other species of Pokemon.

2. XL Rare Candy

xl rare candy | xl candy

XL Rare Candy, on the other hand, is a rainbow-colored candy that you can use on any Pokemon to power up. When you use the candy, it will take the same form as the Pokemon species you want to update. It’s pretty much like regular candy that you can use on any Pokemon, but these are only usable for Pokemon over level 40.

tipsPro tip:
  • Try saving up XL Rare Candy for Pokemon species that are difficult to get normal XL candies for.

Part 2: How can you obtain Max XL Candy?

There are a total of 10 different ways to obtain XL Candy in Pokemon Go. While some of them will guarantee an XL Candy drop, some methods are just random. Make sure to try every single one to maximize the number of XL Candy you can get in the game, to level up as many Pokemon as possible. Let’s begin!

Method 1: Pokémon Capture  

Capture pokemon | xl candy

The easiest and quickest way to obtain XL Candy in Pokemon GO is to catch Pokemon. It’s also a guaranteed way to get XL Candy where you can get up to 3 XL Candy at a time. A higher-level wild Pokemon has a much higher chance of dropping XL Candy compared to a lower-level one.

Based on the type of Pokemon you can get various numbers of XL Candy. For instance, if you catch a stage 1 evolved Pokemon, then you will get 1 XL Candy at max. For a stage 2 Pokemon, you get 2 XL Candy. As for legendary or mythical Pokemon, you can get 3 XL candies per capture.

Method 2: Defeating Raid Bosses

Defeating Raid Bosses | xl candy

Similar to catching regular Pokemon, you can also opt for defeating raid bosses in a raid event. You can simply join raid events, beat the raid boss, and capture it to receive XL Candy as a reward. If the raid boss is quite high in level then you will have a higher chance of receiving XL Candy. You get only one XL Candy for defeating a raid boss. This is also a guaranteed method to get XL Candy.

Method 3: Pokémon Trading  

pokemon Trading | xl candy

A good way to get XL Candy in Pokemon Go is to trade your Pokemon with another trainer. In this scenario, both trainers have to do more than level 31 in the game. Either you or the other trainer will get one XL Candy for trading a Pokemon. There is no way to guarantee who will get it, or even if any of you is getting it or not. The chance of receiving XL Candy from trading is around 10%. If you are trading from a larger distance, you can increase the probability, but it’s still not guaranteed.

Method 4: Hatching Eggs  

Hatching Eggs | xl candy

Hatching eggs is also a very effective way to get XL Candy in the game. The amount isn’t certain, but if you hatch an egg with a higher distance, then you will have a chance to earn more XL Candy. It’s difficult to tell how many XL candies they give you each time. But there is a typical estimation based on the different types of eggs in the game.

For instance, a 2km egg will drop at least 1 XL Candy and a maximum of 8 XL Candies. The 5km and 7km eggs drop a minimum of 3XL Candy and a maximum of 16 XL Candy. As for the 10km and 12km eggs you can get at least 4 XL Candy on average, and a maximum of 24 XL Candy in total. The best part is that, if you know how to hatch eggs without going outside, you can get a lot of XL Candy right at home.

Method 5: Transferring a Pokémon

Transferring pokemon | xl candy

Even though the chances aren’t pretty high, transferring a Pokemon can still be an option to earn some XL Candy. The chances can vary from 1 out 15 or 1 out 20 transfers, meaning if you transfer 15 or 20 Pokemon, you can end up getting at least XL Candy in at least one of those transfers. The number can go higher because it’s completely random. However, transferring a Pokemon with a higher CP level will increase the chances of dropping one or multiple XL Candies.

Method 6: Exchanging Regular Pokémon Candy

Exchanging Regular Pokemon Candy | xl candy

You can also exchange your regular Pokemon candy with XL Candy. It’s pretty much like buying XL Candy using regular candy. It’s very easy to trade your regular candy with XL Candy, all you have to do is tap on the menu icon on your status page and select transfer. Getting 1 XL Candy will cost you about 100 regular candies. If you have a lot of regular candies, or you desperately feel the need to power up a level 40 Pokemon, you can use this method.

Method 7: Utilizing the Mystery Box  

utilizing the mystery box | xl candy

If you send a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to either Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee! you might get a chance to get a mystery box. Once you open the box, a Meltan will appear. Catching the Meltan gives you around 18 XL Candy in an hour which is a pretty huge number of XL Candy to get at once. The mystery box is also referred to as a Meltan Box in the game. How many candies you get, will depend on how fast or slow you are moving in the game. More speed means more candy.

Method 8: Participating in Buddy Adventure  

buddy adventure | xl candy

Walking a buddy Pokemon alongside you can also help you get XL Candy. Usually, it would drop regular candies previously, but with the new update, they also drop XL Candies in the game. The chances of getting XL Candy increase if the buddy Pokemon has a higher CP. Typically, walking with a buddy Pokemon for about 3km drops one regular candy. But if you are lucky enough, you may end up with an XL Candy here. It’s not a guaranteed method, but it’s surely worth trying.

Method 9: Pokémon Evolution

evolution | xl candy

Another possible way to get XL Candy in the game is through Pokemon evolution. When you successfully evolve a Pokemon, you may end up getting some XL Cnady as a reward. The reward doesn’t show up as a separate message, but after the evolution, you can check whether the XL Candy count has increased or not. However, this happens very rarely and it will only occur if the Pokemon is a higher level one.

Method 10: Feeding Berries to Pokémon in Gyms

feeding berries | xl candy

If you feed berries to gym-defending Pokemon, you might get an XL Candy as a reward. The chance of getting an XL Candy as a reward is very low with this method. You might not get a single XL Candy even after feeding thousands of berries to the Pokemon. Only attempt this method if you have a lot of berries in your inventory, and you want to try your luck with this.

Part 3: Specific way to increase the chances of getting XL Candy

All the methods to obtain XL Candy require you to play the game as much as possible. But if you can’t make enough time, it can get pretty tough for you to gather XL Candy. Fortunately, there is a way to try out all the methods we discussed right from your home using iWhere iPhone Location Changer. The software allows you to move in the game to catch Pokemon, hatch eggs, join raid battles, visit gyms, meet people for trading, and so on right from your home. And there is no risk of getting banned either. With its advanced features, you are in safe hands all the time.

Key features

  • Adjust your movement speed on the map from 1m/s to 50/ms for a human-like movement.
  • Features 4 different modes (Modify Mode, One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, Joystick Mode) to suit your needs of movement style.
  • Simply click a single button to change your location using the software.
  • The joystick movement method gives you the flexibility to move around the Pokemon map freely with no route planning.
  • Use location settings from others with shareability of GPX files within the app.

How to use the joystick mode for hatching eggs?

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer, and let the software detect your device. Once detected, click on “Start” to proceed.

feeding berries | xl candy

Step 2: Choose the joystick mode if you want to explore the Pokemon world freely for various activities.

choose the joystick mode | xl candy

Step 3: You will see a map, from where you need to select a controller mode out of two options. One is free mode, and the other one is mouse mode. The free mode uses the keyboard for movement.

keyboard | xl candy

Choosing the mouse will let you move your location using the mouse. Do whichever feels more convenient to you.

using the mouse | xl candy

Step 4: After that, you have to adjust the speed settings as per your requirement, and then click on the “Start Move” button to change your location.

Now, start Pokemon Go, and then use the software to move around in the game to complete different activities.


Q1: How do you get guaranteed XL Candy?

Several methods can drop guaranteed XL Candy in Pokemon Go such as catching a high-level Pokemon, hatching eggs, and exchanging 100 regular candies for 1 XL Candy. Out of all the methods, the most certain method is catching a Pokemon. If you catch a legendary or mythical Pokemon you can get 3XL Candy for sure. As for stage 1 Pokemon, you get 1XL Candy, and for stage 2 Pokemon you get 2XL Candy.

Q2: Do XL Candy have any special benefits in Pokemon Go?

Yes, XL Candy has some special benefits like reaching a higher level beyond 40 to make the Pokemon more powerful. Attaining such powerful Pokemon can help you compete in the Master League, where you can get many rare and valuable rewards.

Q3: Can you trade XL Candy with other players in Pokemon Go?

No, there is no way to trade XL Candy with other players in the game as of now. The only way to obtain XL Candy is to earn it using various methods. You can’t gift XL Candy or trade it with other players.


Ready to level up your Pokemon beyond level 40, and dominate the Master league with XL Candies? Well, with the 10 effective methods, you can certainly do that. But what’s even better is that you can do it all from home with iWhere iPhone location changer by your side. The software lets you play the whole game and complete all the activities without going out of your home.

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