How to Prevent My Spouse from Spying on My Phone

by Aria Ford

Updated on 2024-05-30


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Smartphones were meant to enhance connections with our spouses. Yes, in the hands of a loving spouse, it can be a source of connection – shared photos, inside jokes, reminders of happy moments. But when trust breaks down, that same phone can become a weapon of surveillance that they can use against you. If you find yourself asking, “Is my spouse spying on me?”, this guide will be your lifeline.  You will learn the potential signs of your spying on your phone and also practical ways to outsmart smartphone tracking and uncover hidden spyware.

Part 1: Reasons You Spouse Might Want to Spy on Your Phone

The thought of your spouse snooping on your phone is of course deeply unsettling. But before you learn how to stop your spouse from spying your phone, it’s important to understand their potential reason for doing this.

Here’s are some reasons why your spouse might feel the need to invade your privacy:

  • Suspected Infidelity: If there’s been cheating in the past, your spouse might be on high alert, looking for signs of it happening again. Even if it’s not true, past betrayal can make them suspicious. They might check your phone for peace of mind or evidence for divorce.
  • Monitoring Your Relapse: If you’ve struggled with addictions, like drinking or gambling, your spouse might want to make sure you’re staying on track. Trust can be fragile in these situations.
  • Secret Finances: Money problems cause tension. If you’re secretive about spending or avoid financial discussions, they might snoop to find answers.
  • Twisted “Self-Improvement”: Some spouses believe spying will help them be better partners by understanding your likes and dislikes through your messages.
  • Control Issues: Overly controlling individuals may see spying as a way to track your whereabouts, thoughts, and plans. 

control issues | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Part 2: Possible Ways Your Spouse Can Spy on Your Phone

Spyware Apps:

These are the most dangerous tools in a jealous spouse’s toolkit. Apps like mSpy, FlexiSPY, and XNSPY can be purchased at a meager cost and secretly installed on your phone. Once in place, they can track a frightening amount of information:

  • Location History: Where you’ve been and when(the entire historical data).
  • Text Messages & Calls: Including the content of messages and call logs; some are powerful enough to report even the deleted ones.
  • Social Media Activity: Monitoring messages and posts on various social media apps.
  • Camera & Microphone: Some advanced spyware can even turn on your camera or microphone without your knowledge — allowing your spouse to see the real-time footage of you and your surroundings.

Camera | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Tracking Apps:

Designed with good intentions, but these apps also have a history of being used by people to spy on their spouse. For instance:

  • Find My iPhone/Find My Device: These are essential for finding lost devices, but if your spouse knows your login, they can track your location in real-time.
  • Life360: This is marketed as a family locator, but can become a tool for constant, obsessive monitoring.

family locator | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Shared Accounts:

Convenience comes at a price. Sharing Apple IDs or Google accounts opens your private world to them, given both Apple’s iCloud and Google (literally all its apps) tracks a wealth of user information, which includes:

  • Messages: All your iMessages or other messaging apps connected to the shared account are accessible.
  • Photos & Videos: Everything in shared iCloud or Google Photos is at their disposal.
  • Browsing History: Even private modes often sync search history to the shared account.

Shared Accounts | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Hidden Keyloggers:

Less common but still dangerous, these programs record every keystroke. A tech-savvy spouse might install one, aiming to steal your passwords, read private messages, and more.

Hidden Keyloggers | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

5. Physical Access or Shoulder Surfing: 

The simplest methods, your spouse might simply be checking your phone when they are not around. Just be mindful where you leave your phone.

Part 3: How to Stop Your Spouse From Spying on Your Phone

Method 1: How to Spoof Your iPhone Location With the Best Location Spoofer

Where location spoofing is limited to single-click teleportation, iWhere takes things to different levels and gives you ultimate control over your virtual whereabouts. iWhere iPhone Location Changer recognizes that real-life movement isn’t always a straight line. That’s why it offers a suite of movement modes to convincingly simulate your whereabouts:

  • One-Stop Mode: Perfect for faking a simple commute or errand. Set your start and end point, choose a realistic travel speed, and let iWhere automate the journey while you focus on other things.
  • Multi-Stop Mode: Craft a believable itinerary with multiple stops along the way. Make it seem like you’re running errands, taking a scenic route, or even visiting friends.
  • Joystick Mode: Want precise control for a quick detour or a stroll in the park? The joystick mode gives you manual movement using familiar WASD keys for fine-tuned location changes.
  • Realistic Speed Variations: Avoid raising suspicions with iWhere’s adjustable speed settings. Move at walking pace, simulate driving with traffic stops and acceleration, or even set a brisk cycling speed – iWhere makes it believable.

Additional Features for Seamless Spoofing

  • Historical Routes: Reuse and modify previous routes for convenience and consistency.
  • GPX Import/Export: Integrate with other mapping tools for advanced route planning.
  • Ease of Use: iWhere prioritizes a user-friendly interface, so you spend less time setting up and more time deceiving your target.

Here’s How to Use iWhere to Stop Your Spouse from Spying on Your Phone:

If you suspect your spouse is tracking your every move, it’s time to take back control of your virtual itinerary. Here’s how to use iWhere’s Multi-Stop Mode to create a convincing, but false, path:

Step 1: Download and install iWhere. Then, launch the software and click “Start”.

Hidden Keyloggers | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Step 2: Choose “Multi-stop Mode” and connect your iPhone to the computer.

Hidden Keyloggers | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Step 2: A map will appear on the iWhere interface. All you need to do is to select the spots you’d like to use to spoof your location and choose “Use this site” to confirm the selection.

Tip: Carefully choose locations that create a believable story. For example;

  • Work detour: Add your favorite cafe or a store you often visit after work.
  • Lunch with a friend: Throw them off by adding a plausible meeting spot.
  • Meaningless stops: Include a random grocery store or pharmacy to seem like you’re running errands, not covering your tracks.

Plus, choose speeds that match how you’d normally travel (walking, driving, etc.).

believable story | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Step 3: Click the “Start Move” button, and iWhere will falsely broadcast the selected location as if you’re traveling this planned route.

start move | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Method 2: Mock Location On Android With Fake GPS App

start move | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

If you’re an Android user, don’t worry! Fake GPS Location Spoofer, while not as advanced as iWhere, can still effectively spoof your location. The good thing is it does not require you to root your Android device, and is available for Android 4.4 and up.

Here’s how to use Fake GPS Location Spoofer to alter your device’s location:

Step 1. Install Fake GPS from the chosen app and grant it permission to access your location and send notifications.

Step 3. Open “Settings” and tap “About Phone“. Find “Build Number” and tap it rapidly (usually 7 times) until you see “You are now a developer!“.

Step 4. In “Settings,” find “Developer Options“. Look for “Select mock location app” and choose the fake GPS app you installed.

Select mock location app | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Step 5. Open the fake GPS app. Search or manually pinpoint a desired fake location on the map. Tap “Start” or “Play” to activate the fake location.

activate the fake location | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

You can use Google Maps or another location-based app to confirm your device shows the fake location.

Method 3: Change Your Location With VPN App

VPNs are primarily designed for online privacy, but they can also help you change your general location, given they allow you to reroute your internet traffic using a different IP address, masking your real location. As a result, if you’re in a different city or region, a VPN allows you to mask your whereabouts from your spouse. Choose a VPN with servers in your desired fake location –  NordVPN is an excellent choice with its vast server network (including 6344 ultra-fast servers in 111 countries). However, it’s important to note that even reliable VPNs typically won’t let you spoof your location within your specific city.

Here’s how to fake your location using NordVPN:

1. Visit the NordVPN website and choose a subscription plan that suits you.

2. Download the NordVPN app for your Android device. Install and open the app.

3. Create an account if you’re new to NordVPN or log in with your existing credentials.

4. In the app, search for a server located in the city you wish to appear in. Tap on it to connect.

NordVPN | how to stop my spouse from spying on my phone

Method 4: Protect Your Phone With Strong Password

Protecting your phone seems obvious, but I have seen that it’s a crucial step that’s often overlooked. If your spouse can easily access your phone, changing your location is pointless. Here are some tips to create a strong password:

  • Avoid the obvious: Skip birthdays, pet names, and simple number patterns.
  • Combine uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.
  • Aim for at least 12 characters for stronger security.
  • Use a different password for each important account.
  • Consider a password manager to store and generate complex passwords.

Method 5: Be Sincere With Your Spouse

The above methods allow you to stop your spouse from spying you, but you will still not be addressing the underlying issue. Healthy relationships depend on communication and mutual trust, so consider an open and honest communication with your partner.

Some Tips on How to Approach the Conversation:

  • Choose a time when both of you are calm, relaxed, and free from distractions.
  • Be direct and ensure to avoid accusations. Explain how your spouse’s spying makes you feel (betrayed, hurt, anxious).
  • Ensure to hear your spouse’s perspective. It will not satisfy you, but try to understand why they felt the need to spy.
  • If rebuilding trust feels overwhelming, couples counseling can provide guidance and support.

However, note that if you ever feel unsafe or threatened, prioritize your well-being. Reach out to a trusted friend, family member, or a domestic violence hotline (in case the issue escalates) for support.


How do I know if my partner is monitoring my phone?

Here are some signs that your spouse might be spying on you:

  • Your Phone Suddenly Feels Sluggish: Spyware apps can hog your phone’s resources. If you notice unexplained slowdowns, lag, or apps crashing more than usual, it’s worth investigating.
  • Your Phone Battery Drains Faster Than Usual: Spyware, especially those tracking your location or recording audio, can be a major battery hog. For instance, if your phone needs charging more frequently despite no change in usage patterns, it is a good sign that your spouse is spying on you.
  •  Unusual Activity When Your Phone is Idle: Does your phone screen light up, apps open, or noises play without you touching it?  This is a good indication that either your spouse or someone else might have installed spyware in the background.
  • Phone Data Usage Spikes: Spyware and tracking apps constantly send collected information back to your spouse. So, check your phone’s data usage – if there’s an unexplained surge, it might be due to spying apps.

How can I stop my husband from tracking my phone?

  • Change your location: Use a fake GPS app (Android) or iWhere iPhone location changer (iPhone).
  • Utilize a VPN: Mask your general location for broader privacy.
  • Strong Passwords: Create unique, complex passwords for your phone and accounts.

And do not forget that open communication is the best way to handle situations.


Regardless of the reasons behind your spouse’s spying on your phone, your right to privacy is non-negotiable. You can use the above ways and can stop them spying on you only temporarily. The problem of spying originates if there are deep-seated issues in your relations. And honest and open communication can only lead to mutual respect — which is a must for a healthy relationship.

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