9 Best Methods for Fix iPhone Photos Not Showing Location

by Aria Ford

Updated on 2024-03-18


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We live in an era where smartphones have become our go-to devices for capturing precious moments, and the iPhone, in particular, has revolutionized photography with its advanced camera features.

One of the interesting features the iPhone camera offers is the ability to tag your photos with location data using the built-in GPS technology. This lets you know exactly where each photo was taken, adding a personal touch and making it easier to revisit those memories.

However, there may be instances where the location data doesn’t appear when we view our photos. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this issue and provide you with nine effective methods to fix iPhone photos not showing location.

Part 1: Why Is My iPhone Photos Not Showing Location?

Your iPhone photos might not show the location due to different reasons. We’ve discussed the most common reasons below:

  • Location services disabled: One of the most common reasons for iPhone photos not showing location is disabled location service. You  need location services enabled to allow your camera to access your device’s GPS and determine location for your photos accurately.
  • Incorrect Privacy settings: Your iPhone’s privacy settings may be restricting the Photos app from accessing location data. This happens when you don’t allow the camera app to access your location.
  • Outdated iOS version: If you haven’t updated your iPhone to-0-00-0- the latest iOS version, the issue may be due to a bug or compatibility problem that has been addressed in a newer update.

Part 2: How To Fix iPhone Photos Not Showing Location

Now that we have identified some common reasons, let’s move on to the methods to fix the iPhone photos not showing location issue.

Method 1: Turn on iPhone Location Services

Activating location services is essential for accurately capturing and displaying the location of your photos. So, to begin troubleshooting, you should first check if location services is enabled on your iPhone.  Follow these steps:

Step 1: Head to your phone’s “Settings” and find “Privacy & Security” settings.

Step 2: Select “Location Services”.

fix iphone photos not showing location | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 3: Toggle on “Location Service”.

Method 2: Enable Location Permission for Camera App

If you’ve enabled location services without granting the Camera app to access your location, chances are your photos won’t still show location.  You need to follow the steps outlined below to enable location permission for camera app on your iPhone.

Step 1: In your iPhone “Settings” app, go to “Privacy & Security” and select “Location Service”.

Step 2: Choose the “Camera” app.

enable location permission | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 3: Select “Always” or “While Using App” to grant your device’s camera access to your location.

camera access to your location | fix iphone photos not showing location

Method 3: Check iPhone Dates & Time

Incorrect date and time settings can sometimes result in location-related issues. You need to ensure your device’s date and time is set to automatically update. See the steps below:

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app.

Step 2: Select “General” > Date & Time.

check iphone dates | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 3: Tap on the toggle next to “Set Automatically” to ensure your iPhone date and time is automatically set according to your region.

Method 4: Update iPhone to Latest iOS Version

Apple regularly releases updates to address bugs and improve the overall performance of the operating system. So, check if there are any available updates for your iOS and install it using the following steps:

Step 1: Launch the “Settings” app and go to “General”.

Step 2: Choose “Software Update”.

check iphone dates | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 3: Wait for your iPhone to check for a new update. If there is, please follow the relevant instructions to download and install the new software update.

Method 6: Reset Location & Privacy Settings

Resetting the location and privacy settings can also help fix any misconfigurations compromising photo location on iPhone.  However, keep in mind that this action will reset all your location and privacy settings, so you will need to reconfigure them afterward.

Step 1: Go to your iPhone’s “General” settings.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “Transfer or Reset” iPhone.

Step 3: Tap on”Reset” and choose “Reset Location & Privacy” settings.

reset location | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 4: Enter your iPhone “Passcode” to confirm the action.

Method 7: Reset All Settings

This is another way to approach iPhone photos not showing location. However, it’s important to note that this action will reset all your personalized settings, so make sure to back up your data before proceeding.

Step 1: Head to the “Settings” app and select “General”.

Step 2: Scroll to “Transfer or Reset iPhone”.

Step 3: Tap on “Erase All Content and Settings”.

erase all content settings | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 4: Choose “Continue” and enter your iPhone passcode to finish.

Method 8: Report Problems on Apple Map

If the issue persists, reporting the problem to Apple Maps can provide valuable insights and potential solutions to address the underlying cause of the location data display issue for your photos.

Here are the steps to go about

Step 1: Open the “Maps” app on your iPhone Step 2: Tap on the “info” icon at the top-right side.

report problems on apple map | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 3: Select “Report an issue”.

Step 4: Choose “Agree”.

Step 5: Select the “Problem” you want to report and choose the “Location” where you’re facing the issue. Then, add additional comments.

report problems on apple map 2 | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 6: Click “Submit” to complete the operation.

Method 9: Move to A Different Location

Another thing you can do to fix iPhone photos not showing location is to move to a different location.  Yes, this is because the iPhone usually utilizes GPS satellites to get location data. So, if it’s not available,  it can triangulate your location using cell tower location.

For instance, if you take photos in a tunnel or any other place that has low sky visibility, then the problem could be that the cell tower signal data or the GPS satellite locations are not available. If this is the case for you, the solution is basically to move to a different location where your iPhone can actually get your location data.

Helpful Trick: How to Fake Location on iPhone Photos with Advanced Software

Are you looking to change your location on iPhone photos without having to leave your current location? If yes, then you need to fake your location with the iWhere iPhone Location Changer app. This is one of the most effective iPhone GPS location spoofing app that enables you to simulate location on iPhone in any situation. iWhere allows you to change iPhone photo location, Find My location, social media account location, dating profile location, and lots more within a few clicks.

Also, iWhere boasts many powerful features like importing and exporting GPX files, collection of location history, saving favorite spots, and lots more. And it supports more than one location spoofing mode, including the multi-stop mode, one-stop mode, and joystick mode.

Key Features

  • Modify your device’s GPS location at home without jailbreaking to prevent tracking.
  • With the best joystick for playing AR games like Pokemon Go and Monster Hunter Now, switch positions in the game at will.
  • Allows you to customize your speed and automatically plan your moving route, making your location move more realistic.
  • The GPS location can be modified in just 3 seconds, and all location-based software is adapted for this function.

How to Use iWhere to Fake iPhone Photos Location

Step 1: Start the iWhere iPhone Location Changer on your computer. Then, click “Start”.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 1 | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer and click on the “Modify Location” button to proceed.

iWhere iPhone Location Changer 2 | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 3: To choose a location that you wish to appear in your iPhone photos, use the “+” and “-” buttons at the bottom right corner to zoom in/zoom out the map to view different spots on the map.

  • Once you find a suitable “Spot”, type it into the “Search box” at the top-left snd click “Confirm Modify”.

Confirm Modify | fix iphone photos not showing location

Step 4: The location of the photos you take on this basis will be the modified virtual location, and no one will track your life through the location of the photos.

modified virtual location | fix iphone photos not showing location


Ultimately, the article above has covered everything you should know concerning the iPhone photos not showing location problems. From its cause to the best solutions to fix it. The solutions we provided are 100% proven to fix iPhone photos not showing location problems without compromising your device’s regular operations. All you need is to follow them correctly.

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